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TOP 17 After performances: What will the results be?


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21 hours ago, VintageVoice said:

Team Nick

PV: Thunderstorm

CS: Allegra

WC: Michael


Team Legend

PV: Zan

CS: Mandi

WC: CammWess


Team Kelly

PV: Micah

CS: Megan

WC: Cedrice


Team Blake

PV: Todd

CS: Toneisha

WC: Joanna

3 out of 4 teams ain't bad, I'll take it.

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22 hours ago, ashwinner said:


PV - Thunderstorm

CS - Allegra

WC - Michael



PV - CammWess

CS - Zan

WC - Mandi



PV - Megan

CS - Micah

WC - Cedrice



PV - Todd

CS - Toneisha

WC - Joanna


WC Winner : Joanna


IMO, y'all are putting too much stock in John going for Mandi. He chose her in KOs because Thunderstorm messed up, not necessarily because he loves her so much (although likely a combination of both). Once again, no one can truly predict the unpredictable coaches, and I just wanted to offer a different perspective (although since Mandi has received a lotta praise for her performance even on IDF, maybe she will get CS?). 

This is absolutely correct! Nice job

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1 hour ago, realityshownerd said:

This is absolutely correct! Nice job

Thanks! I messed up Megan and Micah but yeah, today was more expected (read: the coaches didn't make bad decisions :haha:)

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