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Rank every season of The Voice! From Season 1 Til Now!!


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Only posting best/worst ones for now.

Season 13(Addison, Brooke, Chloe, Red)

Season 5(Tessanne, Jacquie, Will)


Unstoppable seasons as well, Season 4 would be here as well if it wasn't for its tragic finale and winner. Sasha and Amber robbed.



Season 4(Michelle, Danielle, Swon Brothers)

Season 15(Chevel, Kennedy, Kirk, Chris)


Worst finales and with huge potential for the talents in the seasons.

Season 9 and 16 had Jordan and Maelyn carry each finale even if they were garbage(except Jeffrey) so whatever.

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Don't know enough of Seasons 1-3 to rank them.


Top Tier

1. S5 - Almost perfect in terms of talent and results, and far and away the best finale ever.


Great Tier

2. S4 - Great cast, especially the girls, but it had some tragic results (Amber, Sarah, Judith...)

3. S8 - Awesome cast, but it had an underwhelming finale with some tragic losses along the way. However, it has some of the best performances of the show (Make it Rain, HOTRS, What's Up, Ain't No Sunshine...)

4. S13 - By far the best out of the latter seasons. A very varied cast that for the most part delivered. Red, Shi'Ann and Adam being in the Top 12 hurts it a little bit.


Good Tier

5. S10 - Based on the taped rounds it could be #1, but it went downhill (Nick, Daniel and Paxton are some of the worst contestants ever). Mostly in this spot thanks to Alisan and Hannah.

6. S7

7. S9 - Similar to S10, but the performances overall were barely worse. Jordan, Jeffery and Amy saved it from being on the lower tiers.


Meh Tier

8. S6 - A bit lackluster, but it had Josh (one of the better winners), Christina, Sisaundra and Kristen as standouts. The format was a bit wacky with the 2 battle rounds and the taped playoffs.

9. S17 - Compared to the 3 seasons that came before it, it actually had more than one great singer (Rose, Katie and Ricky) so it wasn't as bad as those mentioned. 

10. S12 - Pretty boring, but it wasn't bad.


Trash Tier

11. S15 - Kennedy and Makenzie were miles ahead everyone else, and they got robbed anyways. Those two made the season better than the 3 that are below.

12. S14 - Even if it had an ok finale, the live rounds were painful to watch (excluding Kyla and Britton)

13. S11 - Tragic.

14. S16 - If it wasn't for Maelyn, this season would have been unwatchable.











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Season 13 (Great winner, strongest cast overall, and kinda unpredictable)

Season 9   (Great winner, great cast, but we knew from the start that Jordan was going to win, which made the season less fun)

Season 17 (Strong cast, mediocre winner)

Season 10 (Great winner, mediocre cast overall)

Season 18 (Strong cast, bad format) might change later

Season 12 (Boring even though the cast wasn't bad)

Season 11 (Same with 12, but with weaker cast)

Season 14 

Season 15  (Robberies everywhere)

Season 16  (Tragic season)


Didn't watch S1-S8

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Best Format: Season 8 - A four-person finale and no big bloodbath round.

Best Auditions: Season 5 - I enjoyed a number of these and several made their way onto versions I still listen to today.

Best Knockouts: Honestly, it's a three-way tie between Seasons 5, 7, and 9; when I made my list of favorite KOs, those were the ones that kept coming to mind (even if not all made it onto my list of bests).

Best Battles: Season 8 - So many battles that were really, really good.

Best Playoffs: Season 4 - There weren't any performances I straight up disliked, which is something that normally happens with the show.

Best Finale: Season 5 - I liked different performances from each of the finalists at different points throughout the season, and the only weak point was the 3 finalists vs. 4 finalists thing.


Worst Format: Season 16 - the Cross Battles + no limits within teams on how many could move on = Adam losing all but one of his team members off the bat and Blake having more than half of every round post-playoffs.

Weakest Auditions: Season 1 - when you have to host a "second chance" round to fill out your teams, your audition rounds might be weak.

Weakest Knockouts: Season 11 - there weren't any particularly awful knockouts, but none of them were really mind-blowingly good either.

Weakest Battles: Season 1 - without Season 1, we'd have never gotten to Season 18, but it has no battles I remember while every other season had at least one.

Weakest Playoffs: Season 10 - I love Alisan, but a season where Paxton, Nick, and Daniel all made it through for multiple weeks after is one where I question the sanity of the voters.

Weakest Finale: I don't want to continue sh*tting on Season 16, but Gyth coming in runner-up after steeply declining in the live shows was a freaking joke.


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Season 13 (The show‘s peak. Fantastic cast and great final 2)

Season 9 (Stronger in the pre-taped rounds, but this season was absolutely fantastic. Madi, Ellie, Amy, Jeffrey, Ivonne, Andi & Alex, Korin, Lyndsey, Emily Ann, the list goes on...Only reason this isn’t at the top is because of Braiden)

Season 4 (Great season, deserving winner, and I liked the vast majority of the cast)

Season 5 (Probably the best finale. Loved everyone in the Final 3)

Season 8 (Good season, loved a lot of the Top 12 but Sawyer winning brings this down significantly)

Season 10 (Alisan saves this from being much lower)

Season 3 (Enjoyed this season, although there were some really bad artists that made it much further than they should’ve)

Season 17 (Great finale besides 1 person, and that 1 person went and won it all. Pre-taped rounds was so much better than lives)

Season 12 (I really enjoyed this, and I found myself rooting for the country singers more than any other genre, which is a vast turnaround from every other season, because I usually root against the country contestants. This would be Top 5 if it wasn’t for Chris winning)

Season 2 (Eh, only enjoyed a few contestants and none of them won. Not horrible though)

Season 14 (I guess I don’t hate this as much as some people did, mostly because I liked Brynn a lot more than most do, however this season was still lackluster. A lot of people went home way earlier than they shouldve)

Season 15 (Easily the worst finale, but a few people that saved the season, mainly MaKenzie)

Season 16 (The cross battles were the worst decision they’ve ever made. Blake has the weakest team and ended up dominating the season. Great winner, though)

Season 11 (This was really bad. Not much to enjoy about this. Whoever casted this season needs to be fired.)

Season 1 (Every performance sounded rough this season. Plus a subpar winner doesn’t help)

Season 7 (Absolute garbage. I can’t think of a single good thing to say about this season. Almost unwatchable. If there was no Matt, this would easily be the worst season.)

Season 6 (I disliked basically everything about this season. The coaches decisions were awful, America got rid of their best contestants way too early, awful format.)

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Season 13

Season 5

Season 8

Season 9

Season 4

Season 10

Season 18 - This is being the best season since season 13. There's no one I don't like in the top 17, very talented overall. (I feel bad for the participants and the coaches because of the whole Coronavirus issue, but in this case they are doing their best in terms of format, except for the few live shows (which is not the fault of the program) 

Season 17

Season 12

Season 15 (I feel that putting it higher than the others is an unpopular opinion, but the KO's were very good overall, and let's remember that there were many talents in the top 13 like Kym, Mackenzie, Kennedy, Sarah, Chevel, DeAndre, Kirk. But yes, the final was one of the worst, although I don't dislike the winner.)

Season 3

Season 14 

Season 11

Season 6 

Season 2

Season 1 

Season 7 

Season 16 - I need to explain why?

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I’ve only watched season 8 skipping to season 11 until now 


season 13 (decent winner){perfered Addison or Brooke} but it had a really good cast 

season 15 (decent winner I guess great cast)
season 8 (trashy results really great cast) and kept the contestants around for a good while

season 11( IMPRESSIVE CAST) disgusting outcome and results {my poor queen Ali should’ve won)

season 12 (love the winner /uninteresting cast)

Season 14( gave kyla all that glory just to slap her in the face ) {alicias team was dangerous that season}
season 17(poor winner ) decent finale I guess and cast was ok I like season 18 better by the talent 

season 16( REALLY GOOD CAST but the format and the fans and the coaches all freaked up this season ) but had one of the best winners in the voice history 


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