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Dee Watches Survivor (Currently On Kaoh Rong)


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The season had its great moments. The season mainly fell on the boring side though. The cast was pretty pleasant overall, which makes for a nice, easy viewing. But also for a very, very boring viewing. Stephenie and Bobby Jon returning was a great treat at the beginning of the season...until it was not a treat anymore? In the case of Bobby Jon that is. Wow he got on my nerves this time around LOL. I think this season lacked a lot of fun characters that make reality television worth watching. Lydia and Judd were LULZY and provided some great moments. But they did not suffice. Even the introduction of the Immunity Idol, which was played very well, was so...lackluster. Once again, Stephenie carried the hell out of this season. An actual Survivor legend. Her historic rise from super loser/underdog to Queen Bee of the season and slightly more villainous...*CHEF'S KISS* 


Say what you will, Stephenie carried this season on her back, with help from Judd. Good group of people, but a boring season. Stephenie deserved the win IMO.




1. Stephenie LaGrossa - Queen Bee. Returning for a consecutive season with a massive target on her back, she found herself continuously losing once again. Stephenie continued to be kickass in every single competition. She latched herself to the best alliance, and once the tribe switch happened, she played a super solid game. Stephenie was clearly calling a ton of the shots as part of the majority alliance, she orchestrated multiple blindsides when necessary, and cut just enough deals to take herself to the finals. When in all honesty, Stephenie should not have made it so far. Stephenie made a few cutthroat moves, and an angry jury was never going to vote for the dominant Queen Bee who plucked them all out of the game one-by-one. What a queen. Stephenie definitely became more villainous as the season progressed, going off on Lydia over the food comments. She called Bobby Jon "gay." Yet I could not bring myself to fully view her as a villain. I think she just played a brutal game and did not know how to develop a proper character for the Final Tribal Council. Probably because she never thought that she would make it there. Between all the tears, all the food she ate, all the blindsides she organized, and all the competitions that she nearly won, Stephenie is the person that makes Guatemala worth the view.


2. Judd Sergeant - Judd feels like the one person that brought any entertainment to the season. Honestly. The feud with Margaret at Tribal Council was a scene. Him getting f*cked up drunk and stumbling back to camp, eventually throwing up at shelter despite insisting he threw up somewhere in the jungle. Him lying about the Immunity Idol only to get caught looking in the trees. Him asking if Danni had ever been ice skating. LOL. By far his best moment though is his exit line. Or maybe his comments about ADD and Margaret at Tribal Council.


3. Rafe Judkins - I really appreciated how much Rafe valued the experience of being in Guatemala, embracing the cultural practices, the entire journey. AKA NOT EATING THE CHICKEN. But Rafe also controlled the game and surprised everybody with his physical and mental dominance in the immunity challenges during the post-merge portion of the competition. In all honesty, Rafe probably called most of the shots during this game. Period. I think he left Stephenie with a ton of the fallout, since he seemed more affable on the outside and during individual exchanges with others. Really a surprising character and player of the game. I cannot believe he essentially gave away his spot in the finals. 


4. Lydia Morales - Very LULZY. Not LULZY enough to fully stan, but somebody who I enjoyed chuckling at along the way. A genuinely sweet soul, and a smart enough player to attach herself to the right people needed to advance in the competition. Maybe the worst competitive player I have seen thus far on the show, but her spirit remained beautiful throughout the experience. I enjoyed watching her try her heart out, despite knowing that this competition would never benefit her. The constant singing and dancing at tribe. Watching her explain to Jeff how the chicken led to the Mayan Gods being upset with the tribe. LOL.


5. Cindy Hall - One of the best parts of the season is watching her say "f*ck everybody else and f*ck The Car Curse* and losing the competition for herself. CONSTANTLY TALKING ABOUT THE CAR. She was a surprising beast in the competition and she pretty accurately nailed her perception of everybody throughout the game. Just very likable. And her exit line is iconic.


6. Gary Hogeboom - I cannot accurately peg why I like him. But he just seemed like such a good guy. I love that he exposed Judd before leaving the competition. I really enjoyed watching him desperately keep his NFL career from the other players. He played the Immunity Idol at exactly the right moment. Just a good guy.


7. Danni Boatwright - I feel like it will be controversial to rank her this low, but she just was such a bore. Honestly. Pretty good in competitions, and managed to win the two immunities she needed to win. Her winning the advantage via the Auction literally handed her the win, which is both serendipitous and obnoxious. Really comes across like RIGGAMORRIS. But probably not. Sweet girl that definitely advanced to the end with the odds against her, starting at post-merge. However. Judd nailed it when he said that she just skated her way to the final. That was probably her only option, but she smartly snuggled up to Rafe at the right moment to secure her spot in the finals. IDK. Just not very impressed with her winner's journey. Never in control of the game. Never super dominant. Got lucky with the challenge advantage. But still solid.


8. Margaret Bobonich - Too good for these people. Took care of all of them and then turned on in a flash because of her personality. But she was sweet the whole time. Her taking on Judd during Tribal Council and forcing him to show his ass was awesome though, and enough to earn her a spot this high.


9. Jamie Newton - I would have lost my mind living with him, playing the game with him, etc. So obnoxious. So paranoid. But a good competitor, except when tasked to cut a rope. He definitely brought the drama to camp, and feuded with Bobby Jon in the most heterosexual white male pissing contest that I have ever seen. No thanks. At least he did bring something to the competition, and was able to somewhat redeem himself with the feast sacrifice. I also enjoyed his response to his blindside. I just could not stand him. LOL.


10. Bobby Jon Drinkard - He really had a fall from grace this season. I really expected him to return with a much more level-head and better strategy, but instead he engaged in a pissing contest with Jamie, damn near died in the jungle the very moment the season started, and played a really poor game. Meh. At least he was a focus of the season, so I cannot rank him any lower than this.




11. Amy O'Hara - Really down-to-earth and funny personality. I really grew tired of seeing her very swollen ankle, despite appreciating her perseverance through the pain.


12. Brian Corridan - Ugh. So much potential. I really loved how sassy he was and how hard he was playing the game. I really expected him to advance much further in the game based on the edit, but he was playing a losing game due to numbers.


13. Brian Bellinger - He can cut a rope really well?


14. Blake Trowley - His girlfriend at the time had big boobs and he was hit by a branch and nearly died. LOL.


15. Brooke Struck - Meh. She tried to make something happen, but it was never going to happen.


16. Brianna Varela - LOL at her doing nothing to help during the immunity challenge and thinking she would stay in the game.


17. Morgan McDevitt - Forgettable.


18. Jim Lynch - Poor Jim and his bicep.








1. Palau

2. Vanuatu

3. Guatemala

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Danni also purposefully hid her strategy in her confessionals because she was worried that production would ~influence~ the game in Stephenie's favour. The editors then had to work around that as well as dealing with trying to show why America's sweetheart lost. :haha:

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Judd also has a problem with recall :))


One of the few seasons where the guys>girls. I love Judd and Jamie! Margaret, Cindy, and Amy are all good too for the girls. And Gary for the guys.


Steph and Rafe in the top three


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14 minutes ago, Elliott said:

Danni also purposefully hid her strategy in her confessionals because she was worried that production would ~influence~ the game in Stephenie's favour. The editors then had to work around that as well as dealing with trying to show why America's sweetheart lost. :haha:


This is very interesting to hear. I am assuming she went on record at some point and admitted to this?

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Just now, Deeee said:

This is very interesting to hear. I am assuming she went on record at some point and admitted to this?

Yeah, but I'm not too lazy to try and track it down. :haha: I believe it was on a RHAP episode a while ago.

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