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Dee Watches Survivor (Currently On Kaoh Rong)


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3 hours ago, Deeee said:

The entire progression of Janu leaving to exile then sort of having a successful night by herself then coming back having burnt all her bridges...only for Stephenie to become the target and somehow kick enough ass at tribal to push Janu into fully embracing her decision to quit...and somehow surviving.


Wow. This sh*t got me staying up until 4 AM. I need some sleep. Stephenie scalped me. I will finish the season when I wake up. Lol.

Stephenie has one of my favourite character arcs. ❤️ 

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8 hours ago, Alex95 said:

Ugh yes I forgot about that other tribe. With "fan favorite Jeff Wilson" :dead:. Micro should've always been a full All-Stars season, idk why they changed it to fans vs. faves.

Excuse you, without Fans vs Favourites, we never would’ve gotten Natalie asking Parvati how it resonates with her in the bedroom.

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6 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

Janu on Exile is an all-time fave episode. So powerful.

The three-episode stretch between Bobby Jon getting eliminated and Janu’s exile/quit is top tier Survivor, imo. Probably my favourite group of episodes, even if my all-time favourite episode comes from a different season. :haha:

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1 hour ago, Elliott said:

The three-episode stretch between Bobby Jon getting eliminated and Janu’s exile/quit is top tier Survivor, imo. Probably my favourite group of episodes, even if my all-time favourite episode comes from a different season. :haha:


I would agree with this. good tv.


1 hour ago, Alex95 said:

Janu on Exile is an all-time fave episode. So powerful.



Jenna's episode in All-Stars for me is the most powerful episode.

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9 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

Breast cancer. Not one of the ~biggest characters~ ever but definitely one of the sweetest (and she’ll bring the fire soon and it will be AMAZING #spoiler)


This is so heartbreaking to hear. 

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What an iconic season. Honestly. There were so many compelling episodes. So many compelling storylines. Janu on Exile. The disheartening dominance of Koror over Ulong. Stephenie and her entire journey through the competition. The dissolution of the Koror Five alliance. The insane dynamic between Tom, Katie, and Ian. Jenn effectively outing Ian. The entire Buoy immunity challenge and Ian's self-sacrifice. The Final Five Tribal Council. Coby being an iconic b*tch and proving his worth to himself and a team for the first time. Angie completely redeeming herself. SO SO SO GOOD. My one major complaint: the edit of the competition clearly spelled out Tom winning from the very beginning of the competition. That seemed like an inevitable conclusion from Day One, which made watching the season unfold a bit lackluster. Awesome season. Much better than Vanuatu, but I will say that Vanuatu had more compelling characters than Palau did.




1. Stephenie LaGrossa - DUH. DUH. DUH. ICON. Stephenie literally carried the entire season on her back. I do not think that I have ever seen such a compelling individual journey on this show before. Watching her personal struggles with constantly losing, what losing did to her morale, sneaking her way through until the very end of her tribe, her journey back to Ulong camp by herself, taking herself to Koror, somehow integrating herself into Koror well-enough to survive two eliminations, her heartfelt plea at Tribal Council when she knew her ass was grass. Such a strong, positive, and consistent spirit. I was truly heartbroken when she was eliminated, but I think she proved herself to be one of the strongest forces that Survivor has ever seen.


2. Caryn Groedel - What an icon. The way that she read everybody for filth at the Final Five Tribal Council and shut Katie up with ease. I just really enjoyed her presence. I think she played a solid game, though I wish she had capitalized on the prospect of an alliance with the women to overthrow Tom and Ian when she had the chance. Truth teller. Surprisingly great competitor. I loved that she managed to act well enough for the Gregg blindside to take place. Just super fun to watch play, honestly.


3. Coby Archa - Such an iconic b*tch and confessional queen. I really did not expect him to come with such a touching storyline. His desire to be part of a team, not quit on the experience like he had quit on everything else, his desire to prove himself to "the boys." Coby never compromised himself for the competition, and I loved watching him expose everybody on Koror to Stephenie the second he had a chance to do so. Coby went out on his own terms, and I really respect that he had no qualms about the way he played the game. I think he really tried to give Stephenie an upper hand in the competition. I also loved the way he read Katie for filth at Final Tribal Council, even though he voted for her in the end. He saw beyond all the bulls*t and really tried to befriend and stick by the outcasts. His adoption story and naming the baby "Janu" had me in actual tears.


4. Janu Tornell - The way she woke up suddenly and decided to have this transcendent, spiritual experience while also reading Katie for filth. OMG. Janu was a non-factor for so long. I think we saw her lay in a hammock for approximately 95% of the competition. Janu often complained of the living situation, screamed at rats, complained about her back being in pain. But the way she came alive after Katie ridiculed her, then was integral in winning the reward challenge the week that she left, her trip to exile because she just could not handle the competition...but only to have this powerful experience on exile. Wow. What an episode. Then she returns to Koror only to say "f*ck the niceties" and finally handed Katie her ass...Plus her iconic decision to quit at Final Tribal!!!! WHAT AN ICON. This ranking might be too high for her, but f*ck it. She is a goddess. 


5. Bobby Jon Drinkard -  Just like Stephenie, I was really invested in Bobby Jon's personal journey as he struggled to keep the Ulong Tribe alive as best as he could. The Ulong Tribe really seemed dependent on Bobby Jon, and you could tell by the end of his journey just how withered away he was by the competition. He kept his head in the game and tried to stay positive after every single loss, but eventually could not handle the crush of defeat. His breakdown at the Ulong camp was really interesting, and his loss to Stephenie was really a pivotal moment in the game. Maybe this is too generous of a ranking for Bobby Jon, but I cannot understate how crucial he and Stephenie were to the success of this season.


6. Tom Westman - Solid winner. Through and through. There is pretty much no way to argue against him earning the f*ck out of his win. Dominant from the very first day. He shepherded the entire Koror team, and though he often came across a bit chauvinistic and high-on-himself/holier-than-thou, he was never a nasty individual. Tom is pretty much the sole reason for a sickening dominance and the maintenance of a massive alliance well-beyond the halfway point of the game. Tom comp beasted the post-merge portion of the season, and really took on an interesting role as he clearly recognized that his days were numbered in the competition without consistent wins. Yet, his social game was so slick that he somehow maneuvered around the constant threats of elimination from his former alliance and snatched the title at the very end. He had a very compelling fallout with Ian during the final days, but still kept his wits about him and always remained pretty level-headed and kind in his approach. He killed sharks. He smashed Final Tribal. I just had an issue with the way the season was edited very clearly in his favor from the beginning, so I think his time on the show ended up less-enjoyable than it should have been.


7. Ian Rosenberger - WHAT AN IDIOT. Okay. So Ian played a pretty masterful game up until the point that he played a disastrous game. LOL. Too many deals made, too many broken promises, too many easy lies to detect. After he single-handedly had a hand in developing the Koror team and dominating the competition hand-in-hand with Tom. WHY WOULD HE QUIT AFTER 12 HOURS ON THE BUOY. NO EXCUSES. But I must say that his moral dilemma of wanting to stay until the end vs. wanting to keep the respect of his peers was very intriguing. I also had fun watching Ian toy with the idea of knocking his friend Tom out of the competition, but not being able to pull the trigger. His chaotic ways really made the last few days on the island super watchable, but I never attached to him as a person. Very important character though.


8. Angie Jakusz - Maybe this is too high, but f*ck it because I really enjoyed Angie's character arc. From being picked dead last for the ill-fated Ulong Tribe to sadly leaving the competition a respected competitor, Angie maybe made the biggest impact on the early days of the competition. Watching her absolutely impress everybody during the challenges and earn herself a spot in the competition was awesome. I loved how grateful and happy she was to be part of a team and prove her worth and be accepted by the team. I was gutted after her elimination, since James and Ibrehem had really sh*t the bed on numerous occasions. Solid character.


9. Katie Gallagher  - Wretched human. LOL. But I cannot deny that she impacted the season in a huge, huge way. Katie attached herself to the right people very early on in the game, which should be a respected gameplay move. HOWEVER. Katie never really seemed to be pulling the strings, and sort of floated along until she really was forced into playing the game a little harder. A big alliance protected her for 95% of the competition, and then she basically relied on her friendship with Ian and his chaotic gameplay methods to skate by a little bit longer. Katie would have earned so much more respect from me had she capitalized on the many opportunities that she had to overthrow the strong men in the competition and make actual waves in the competition. But she decided to be lazy instead and let the cards fall where they may. I mean, she only made the Final Two because Ian sacrificed himself for friendship. She did not even have the balls to defend herself or act like a likable human being during Final Tribal Council. OMG. But...she offered plenty of entertainment, whether it be feuding with Janu, feuding with Caryn, her upset over her diminishing stronghold over Ian, making twine necklaces while everybody works. LOL. The unexpected villain of the season.


10. Jenn Lyon - RIP SWEETHEART. Not an exciting player by any means, and mainly in the background of the core five alliance on Koror. However, she obviously did have an impact on the game via her relationship with Gregg and her camaraderie with the right individuals. Her finest moment came when she outed Ian and pretty much set into motion his downfall in the game. If anything, Tom should probably thank Jenn for taking out his only true competition for the money. A genuinely sweet girl.


11. Gregg Carey - Probably should be higher than Jenn, but he just got on my nerves. He played an important role in the core alliance of Koror, and had a romance with Jenn that seemed like it would be impactful, but it really was not. Gregg was one of the strong men of Koror that aided in the tribe's dominance, and he is the person most responsible for Stephenie being eliminated. So I hate him. LOL JK. Though he was clearly insistent on taking her out and was so unwilling to deviate from plans,  he was actually eliminated in a major blindside. Maybe he should have never revealed that Tom would be his first target once the core alliance would have to dissolve. He came at Katie hard during Final Tribal, which was nice to see.




12. James Miller - Sweet little redneck who made me laugh on a few occasions. 


13. Ibrehem Rahman - He seemed like an interesting person, but he was very quiet. I also found it hilarious how intimidating he was in stature, yet how terrible he was in challenges. His journey on Ulong was far overshadowed by Steph and BJ. But he is f*cking delicious and I would allow him to have my body.


14. Wanda Shirk - AN ICON. PERIOD. POINT. BLANK.


15. Jeff Wilson - A Twink. JK JK. But his injury definitely hurt the Ulong Tribe and stopped him from what could have been a potentially far longer experience on the island.


16. Jolanda Jones - Bossy boots Jolanda winning the immunity that lasted for five minutes, driving everybody at camp crazy, and then being swiftly eliminated. LOL.


17. Willard Smith - His lie about being a mailman is hilarious. They portrayed him as grumpy, but we never got to see him be grumpy???


18. Kim Mullen - Who?


19. Ashlee Ashby - Who?


20. Jonathan Libby - LOL when he got upset because Angie came for him at the reunion. SO RANDOM. :dead:





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