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AI S18 Ep 15 On With the Show: Homeward Bound


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1 minute ago, holinessss said:

jonny needs to dump margie, he'd be at 200k followers by now

lol Margie has over a million IG followers and was a fan favourite. If anything, their relationship is helping him out. :dead: 

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Just now, BJ_Lock said:

Literally who is approaching Bobby Bones in public and asking him about Jonny West?

You know he is lying cause no one is in public.


More Magie May...just what we need

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This is pretty great honestly. Jonny, Julia, and Jovin have been the best tonight.


Dang, y'all are hard to please around here. As a whole last week was rougher and it seemed to have a more positive reaction on here lol

Edited by joe14
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1 minute ago, kclarkson1323 said:

That was rough he was better last week

Yeah I was thinking that too. He was much better last week


Just now, Elliott said:

omg judges Alejandro lost get over it 🙄

Ughh it's so annoying. :rolleyes: 

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