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AI S18 Ep 15 On With the Show: Homeward Bound

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remember when arthur wanted to do some complicated arrangement during hollywood week and the band said no? they should've kept saying no

Im not sure an eliminated contestant has ever gotten more screen time than Margie lol

MR. MARGIE MAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Didn't care for that Dillion  performance... blah.


Lol I've just come to accept that my tastes is wayyy different from the ABC audience of American Idol. :lmao: 

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6 minutes ago, Elliott said:

sis you ain't Syesha Mercado

I was thinking of Syesha too. :wub: 


5 minutes ago, joe14 said:

The fact that none of the powerhouse girls made it. They really canceled each other out.


I'm always here for a shocker though. Maybe Francisco didn't make it lmao

So sad as they were amongst my favorites. :( But I knew that would be the case.

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1 minute ago, Elliott said:

Judges: Puts through 11 women and 9 men

America: Puts through 4 women and 6 men



Lol oh. I thought it was a 10/10 even split. Shows how I barely have been paying attention. :lmao: 

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Just now, holinessss said:

RIP divas idol is officially the #queenslayer (mixing up universes)

Crazy we got Sophia and Julia who kind of fill the same role and none of those girls. 

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