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AI S18 Ep 15 On With the Show: Homeward Bound

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Just now, pepperman said:

who do you think they're more upset about losing, Gabby or Alejandro??  

Imagine being upset either of them lost.


Can't relate.

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remember when arthur wanted to do some complicated arrangement during hollywood week and the band said no? they should've kept saying no

Im not sure an eliminated contestant has ever gotten more screen time than Margie lol

MR. MARGIE MAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 minutes ago, holinessss said:

i'm trying to pay attention to the sky color when they tell them they're through versus when they perform, can't tell...but the different angles of julia/grace's performances were different from the result shot

ok, i believe they all performed/recorded then got reactions later or vice versa - regardless it wasn't right after the result (jonny's necklace was placed differently lol)

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2 minutes ago, Elliott said:

omg judges Alejandro lost get over it 🙄

Yeah it's lowkey disrespectful lmao...It is kind of like how they namedrop Gabby but at least she has a top 20 single to justify it

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Just now, Elliott said:

Obligatory post that there is a significant lack of Hootie covers performed on Idol. :ph34rwave:

Has a Hootie & The Blowfish song ever been covered on Idol? At least on the live shows? :unsure: 

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Just now, ScarletDevilCCX said:

Marketability. They've also been pushing Gabby while pretty much ignoring both of the two who beat her. 


But that's only now that Gabby has a top 20 song.


Marketablity is only an issue if they're actually marketing them which they aren't

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