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1. Thunderstorm

2. Allegra

3. Toneisha

4. Zan

5. Micah

6. Megan

7. CammWess

8. Joei


9. Cedrice

10. Mandi C.

11. Roderick

12. Michael


13. Mandi T.

14. Arei

15. Mike


clearly I like this more than most others on idf. she barely gets into the first category (of interesting people). this was nice

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Just now, Dalton Eduardo said:

I'm right. Todd's gonna close the night.

RIP. at least then maybe toneisha will get CS over Joanna - but she better get WC winner. honestly if T9 goes as I hope (which likely won't happen), I won't even know what I want from the finale 

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