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The Voice 18 ● Top 17 Performances ● Discussion


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4 minutes ago, ashwinner said:

1. Thunderstorm

2. Allegra

3. Zan

4. Megan

5. CammWess


6. Mandi T.

7. Mandi C.

8. Roderick

9. Michael


10. Arei

11. Mike


she falls into the ok, but a little boring (compared to before). her KO sounded a lot more energetic and powerful and im sad cause she could've done better :(


You're top 5 are spot on.....it gets really subjective after that anyway. 

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3 minutes ago, mjdolorico said:

........am I the only one who liked Megan? I mean, she is no Demi, but I like the rawness of her voice.

I love Megan’s performance. Mr. S1 Thinks she’s the best tonight. Raw and honest. 

I’m wondering if my Hulu stream sounds different from others’ video feed or TV.

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