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AI S18 Ep 14 Top 20 Sing for Your Vote


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1 minute ago, Elliott said:

All of the reverse shots of Olivia being her kitchen had me screaming :dead: 

That was great :rofl:

Just now, oodlesday said:

I wonder how much input they had on their sets or did they get sone kind if help.

From the looks of it I'd say its whatever they could throw together

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Just now, joe14 said:

I feel like the producers are choosing these songs and the chosen ones are in the second half so maybe we will start to see good song choices.


Yeah, they put almost all of the fodders first (Olivia, Franklin, Jovin, Nick, Aliana, Faith, and Kimmy to some extent).

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Just now, jjeem said:

They sound good cause they've been singing in those rooms for years now and they know how they sound there.


And no stage fright, that's like the worst thing ever. I can only deliver 80% at most when i'm on stage. And you could not hear the music that well when you are in a big stage with hundreds of people in the audience. 

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