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AI S18 Ep 14 Top 20 Sing for Your Vote


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Just now, m1key said:

Ugh another ballad???

Honestly there has been a good split of both. You can't expect too much uptempo at home. Plus, Louis is not an uptempo singer.


I really don't like Louis. This is bad, but I hate hearing an accent when someone is singing.

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1 minute ago, Elliott said:

I still didn’t expect her to be turned into a belting song.

Sorry, I read too fast. Thought you said you didn't expect someone to do a Billie song. But honestly that is what you have to do with a Billie song on these shows. Her songs are so laid back and not really made for competitions ironically.

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1 minute ago, kclarkson1323 said:

Is Greedy really that unknown?

i think in general it isn't? It wasn't a single although I always wish it was. :haha: 


Really liked that Makayla sang "Greedy." That was a fun performance. :bobo: 


And lol Ariana is getting represented a lot tonight. :giggle:

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