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Films of the Decade Rankdown (Winner Posted)

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Coco Hopefully I picked a movie that is well liked but not absolutely loved. I guess we will see. If there is any way to make this a lesbian movie, please comment. I will make sure to add it

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57 minutes ago, .Rei said:

I'm scared for Victoria as I believe she is the most likely to cut my favorite film left in this rankdown

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I don’t even know the film you’re referring to but the power I feel right now is immense. :dead:

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21 hours ago, FrogLenzen said:

I cant wait for the cuts to start in like 22 hours!!!!



21 hours ago, Elliott said:

If I had a month, I would actually try to watch all the films I haven't seen.


...Which will wind up being the entire Top 20 at this rate.

LMAOO That would totally be me if I was in this game. :dead:  🙈

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Wonder Woman



I'm hoping someone else cuts Thor and while I could be chaotic and go for a threat to win, I'm not really in the mood for that. So this is a pretty good superhero movie (I would argue it's the only actually good superhero movie the DC Extended Universe pulled together), but I don't think it belongs in the final rankings. Released in 2017 and directed by Patty Jenkins, it tells the story of the "origin" of princess Diana of Themyscira, and how her life changes once she leaves the island to help the outside world in the war against Ares. Gal Gadot does a great job selling the character, and the movie has some really neat moments (the No Man's Land is particularly good). Anyway, a fine movie, but not a great one, and that justifies the cut for me.

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Drive is a 2011 action/thriller movie starring Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Christina Hendricks, and Oscar Isaac. It is about a Hollywood stuntman named Driver who has a night time job as a getaway car driver. He then falls in love with Carey Mulligan’s character and helps her ex in a botched robbery scheme that ends terribly wrong and puts the woman and her child’s lives in danger. I actually watched the first half of this earlier this year and was out off by the lack of heavy dialogue and slow pace, so I didn’t get to the part where it likely picked up. I am a huge Ryan Gosling fan so I did want to like this movie, and maybe I’ll give it another shot eventually. But out of the movies ive seen, it’s the one I feel most comfortable cutting loose before the final vote.

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Out of the remaining movies, The Handmaiden is the only movie remaining that I never heard of prior to this rankdown which made my decision for the final cut easier.  With that being said, I am incredibly intrigued to learn more about this movie especially after watching the trailer.  So what is The Handmaiden? It is a movie released in 2016 and it is considered to be an erotic psychological thriller. The movie was also directed by critically acclaimed South Korean director, Park Chan-wook, and it was inspired by a novel known as Fingersmith - small changes were made to the storyline to change the era to Korea while under the Japanese colonial rule.  >

It also seems that the movie was divided into three parts, which is quite interesting!  In Part 1 of the movie, we are in Japenese-occupied Koera where we are introduced to a con man whose mission is to seduce an heiress to eventually marry her & send her to an asylum to get her fortune. In Part 2 of `The Handmaiden`, we are introduced to flashbacks to where Lady Hideko was practicing some reading which ended up being some sadistic pornography - this is quite the plot twist. Also in Part 2, we find more about Lady Hideko's past as well her falling in love with Sook-He - it seems that she was hired by the con man to be a maid to the lady. And in the final part of the movie, it takes place at the asylum where a fire is set to be able to rescue one of the character of the movie - it seems that Lady Hideko & Sook-He will eventually be reunited by the end of the movie.

The movie was met with critical acclaim and even making $38 million worldwide which is quite impressive. As well, it received the prize for Non-English Film at the BAFTA despite not being recognized in North America. As well, congrats to their fan for bringing it this far - very impressive considering it made it all the way over movies that the majority of us have seen. 


Overall, it seems like super intriguing movie which makes me wanna watch although I somewhat spoiled myself by doing this write-up.

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Thor: Ragnarok (2017 dir. by Taika Waititi)




As a huge fan of the MCU, I truly do not understand how Ragnarok made it this far. Is it a fantastic movie? Absolutely. Is it the best of the Thor trilogy? 100% yes. Is it one of my favorite MCU films? For sure. But is it really Top 30 of the decade? Yeah. IDK about that one. If any MCU film deserved to rank this high, it was most certainly Black Panther. I could even understand an argument in support of Endgame, simply because the massive impact the film had on pop culture and the cinematic world as a whole. But kudos to Andy for bringing this movie so far. His Kiwi loyalty is strong! Of course the introduction of Cate Blanchett and Tessa Thompson to the series would result in this magical film. I would write more, but I am basically writing three small write-ups and depending on what Chris and Victoria do, we will see which one gets used!

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