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Films of the Decade Rankdown (Elliott's Noms Next)

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The Lorax






The Lorax is a movie that I've watched before, I even believe I saw it on the movies. But I literally have no recollection of what this movie about, seriously, I don't remember anything about it. I guess it wasn't a really good movie, cause usually great animated movies stay in you for a long time. But do you know who had great memory? My friend Wiki!!


The Lorax is a 2012 animated music fantasy comedy film based on the Dr. Seuss novel of the same name. The movie is about the deterioration of the environment and the Lorax, a being, that speaks on behalf of the tress and confronts the Once-Ler, who is causing the environmental destruction. The voice cast of the film included: Danny DeVito, Ed Helms, Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, Betty White, Rob Riggle, Jenny Slate, Nasim Pedrad, Stephen Tobolowsky, Elmarie Wendel, Danny Cooksey and Chris Renaud. The movie has a Tomatoescore of 53% meaning that the movie sucks. Although some critics enjoyed the movie and gave it good reviews like this one: "Dr. Seuss' The Lorax is cute and funny enough but the moral simplicity of the book gets lost with the zany Hollywood production values.".  I choose to believe it sucks nonetheless. The movie made $350 M against a budget of $70 M which made it a box office success I guess. 


LMAO I just realized that I haven't watched this movie at all and was just confusing it with Horton hears a who! :dead:


Saving: Rango per Alex's request 





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I haven't seen either movie, so I'm just going with this one because it seemed like people wanted it cut more. Unless I've been reading all the posts about this series wrong. Anyway, The Secret Life of Pets 2 is an animated film that is the sequel to The Secret Life of Pets. I also haven't seen that one. It had a budget of 80 million dollars and made 430 million dollars, which was less than half of the first film. Patton Oswolt replaced Louis C.K. for one of the characters. It received mixed reviews from critics. I don't know if a third one has been greenlit or not, but I assume probably not unless the merchandise from this film has sold well.

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Be dramatic: @1234567890 @Deeee @Elliott @totes4totes @NGM @Steven_ @*Chris @#jeah @aliasocfan


Charlie St. Cloud is a 2010 American DRAMA film

Country Strong is a 2010 DRAMA film

Frankie & Alice is a 2010 Canadian DRAMA film

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close is a 2011 American DRAMA film

People Like Us (known during production as Welcome to People)[4] is a 2012 American DRAMA film

The Paperboy is a 2012 American DRAMA film

The Vow is a 2012 American romantic DRAMA film

Jobs is a 2013 American biographical DRAMA film

Love, Rosie is a 2014 romantic comedy-DRAMA film

The Judge is a 2014 American legal DRAMA film

It's Only the End of the World (French: Juste la fin du monde) is a 2016 DRAMA film

The Girl on the Train is a 2016 American mystery thriller DRAMA film

A Dog's Purpose is a 2017 American comedy-DRAMA adventure film

The Greatest Showman is a 2017 American musical biographical DRAMA film

The Leisure Seeker is a 2017 comedy-DRAMA film

The Aftermath is a 2019 DRAMA film

The Goldfinch is a 2019 American film DRAMA

Tolkien is a 2019 American biographical DRAMA film




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Country Strong 


Hopefully TGS also gets eliminated (can you tell how musicals are so not my thing? lol) but I would rather delete the early 2010s attempt to make Gwyneth Paltrow look like a singer (is this cutting Glee again in spirit? an interesting question I won't delve into). Anyway, the film revolves around Paltrow playing Kelly, a country star that's struggling with alcoholism and wants to revive her career. The movie is kinda seeing the failed attempts at doing that, and all the problems she has had during her life (tbh they should have shot for a darker movie, the story they are trying to tell and how the Kelly character is made kinda asks for it). That and the execution are kinda what let's it down. Anyway, out it goes.

Save: Tolkien

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49 minutes ago, 1234567890 said:

animation love GIF by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

How did both Rio films not make the list? :dead: #PoorRio

Not every film can make a rankdown, Victoria.

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