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Films of the Decade Rankdown (Elliott's Battle Posted)

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May I say that the plot of your date was more interesting than the plot of Man of Steel?   im also very drunk 🙂 

Knives Out  I actively dislike this movie. I think it was intentionally misleading in the trailers. I do not like that. Ana De Armas was fantastic in the movie. They should have promoted her

On a much more positive note, my sister, her husband and my nephew all tested negative.    Thank you all for the love and support as I was freaking out. Having discussions about horror movie

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The Invitation




Because Megan is so kind, I took her up on her offer and cut The Invitation which unbeknownst to me but very knownst to Megan was the movie that she wanted most gone this round so it's a win-win.Not that The Invitation is a bad a movie, and the director Karyn Kusama is a very underrated director, this movie is just one of the weakest in a very strong group of nominations. It's a 2015 horror film that stars Logan Marshall-Green, Tammy Blanchard, Michiel Huisman, and Emayatzy Corinealdi. The story is about a man who receives an invitation from his ex-wife to a dinner party where he also brings his current girlfriend. The ex-wife brings up their shared trauma of the death of their child and the man realizes there may be more frightening ulterior motives. It's a good movie and got a good reception but it's a bit of a slow burn even though the movie only clocks in at 100 minutes. So some of the pacing feels a bit weird. Overall watch it if you have the chance.


Saving: Kumiko, Treasure Hunter

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I like Fruitvale Station, but I am #TeamTaika so I have to save WWDITS. Fruitvale Station is a 2013 drama film based on the real life events of the murder of Oscar Grant at the hands of a BART police officer. Starring Michael B Jordan and Goddess Octavia Spencer, this movie is really powerful both in the acting performances and in the way the story is told. This was released back in 2013 which feels like a millennium ago at this point but its story and message couldn't be any more timely than in 2020. It received a 94% score on RT and grossed a respectable $17.4 million. This movie is also noted for being the directorial debut for Ryan Coogler, who has gone on to do movies such as Creed and Black Panther. I've seen half of this move and this reminds me that I need to finish it.


Saving: What We Do In The Shadows

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Just now, #jeah said:

I didn't get any safety requests!

Megan made a safety request for Furitvale Station. That automatically means I made a request for Fruitvale Station.


Unless we are discussing Disney characters or the film version of Cats, what @totes4totes says usually is how I feel. :dead:


Luckily I am ten shots deep, full Of mimosas, and chilaquiles so I am in an incredible mood :dead:

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Easy A
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
Beasts of the Southern Wild

Laurence Anyways
American Hustle
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Edge of Tomorrow

Kingsman: The Secret Service
The Hateful Eight
Captain America: Civil War

First Man
A Quiet Place
A Star is Born
Avengers: Endgame


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On 9/9/2020 at 11:30 AM, Elliott said:




Am I cutting this movie solely because I'm f*cking tired of hearing Shallow? Absolutely. Plus I figure @totes4totes will probably cut this anyway since Bradley Cooper is in it, so it's not like it'd survive this round regardless. :haha: Starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, A Star is Born is the fourth such film of this name and story, following the 1937, 1954, and 1976 adaptations. They all centre on an unknown singer who gets discovered by an established singer. In this case, Lady Gaga plays the unknown singer and Bradley Cooper plays the established singer. Initially serving as her mentor, the characters eventually marry, though he suffers from an alcohol problem. The relationship is strained, and I'm sure we can all predict where the film ends. Made on a budget of $36 million, it eventually grossed $436 million at the box office and was well received critically. It also had a successful soundtrack which resulted in Shallow being played every five f*cking minutes on the radio. 😐


SAVE: Easy A

Recycling is good for the environment.

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