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Predict the Playoffs results (After Tonight´s show)


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PV, CS, Wilcard, you know the drill.

After tonight´s show, things might change a bit...



PV: Todd (Rasp that the audience loves, church and family man, he´s got it all. Literally all that Blake has to do is give him the Joe Cocker version of " You are so Beautiful" perfect song for his rasp, have him dedicate to his wife while she stands lovingly at his side in tears, the perfomance ends with a kiss with all of their kids cheering. Guaranteed win LOL) 


CS: Toneisha (After her PERFORMANCE tonight and Blake´s reaction, she´s 100 % getting his save)

W: Joanna (She´s more popular that Joei, and people are still mad at the later because she took out Levi)



PV: Megan (Young girl, powerful voice, can do country as well as pop. In)


CS: Micah (I thought Cedrice at first, but after watching the show tonight, I have a feeling that she will save Micah, the odds were against him with that song, but he delivered and Kelly picked him, not to mention he´s her only guy and she had said multiple times that she sees him on the finale.


W: Cedrice (Mandi T got montaged. Enough said)




PV: Thunderstorm (Still the frontrunner, new coach´s team now, exceptional tone, and can benefit quite a lot from singing at his home, his voice and a guitar is all he needs)


CS: Allegra ( Great tone as well, needs to work on her diction to avoid a Mia Z esque elimination but she´s creative and also will benefit from performing at home, since she´s quite musical like Thunderstorm)


W: Arei/Roderick (Both have recieved a lot of positive feedback from their KOs, and are clearly seasoned performers, so I honestly don´t know who will get more votes. Still, I don´t think neither will win the Wildcard)




PV: CammWess ( A LOT of positive feedback from his KO, he continues to sing like that, he´s in)


CS: Zan ( She´s fantastic as well, but seeing the general reactions, she got overshadowed by Joanna in the KOs, so given that one of his R&B singers is safe, John will likely save her)


W: Mandi C. (Many people think that John might save her, but tbh he didn´t seem that enthusiastic about her tonight, either way she´s getting more votes than Mike i think)


I think Joanna will win the Wilcard. Minivan is fond of her, but she´s on the most stacked team, which hurts her chances at PV.



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