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Disney Characters Rankdown


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Beauty and the Beast (1991)











DEE: 16

ALEX: 18






tumblr_mqct979Ozi1qkcmwwo3_250.gif source.gif belle-beauty-and-the-beastgif.gif

Is Belle my favourite Disney character of all-time? No, but out of this Top 25, she is easily my favourite. And it should be no surprise that she finds herself at #1 on my ranking - after all, I did write a novel about how much I love "Beauty & The Beast" during the Disney movie rankdown. As a character, Belle is one of the poster child for Disney - easily one of the most recognizable Disney princesses after all these years & her popularity has never went away (e.g.: you still see thousand of kids dressed in Belle's iconic yellow dress during Halloween & at the Disney parks). At the time of the release, Belle as a character was groundbreaking - she was a huge improvement over the other princesses considering the development of Belle as a character (e.g.: her interests, not wanting to fall in love, and her intelligence to name a few).  Anyway, there's not really much to say what hasn't been said about Belle - I truly believe she is one of the best things to ever happen to Disney & she will be a character that will be loved for many years to come.


With that being said, here's a throwback to my favourite song of the movie except it is from the Broadway version featuring Susan Eagan #icon:










I don't think it's any secret that Belle is my favorite Disney character of all time seeing how Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie of all time. Belle is the female protagonist of Beauty and the Beast. She was introduced into 1991. She is the daughter of Maurice and lives in a small French village. Belle is treated like an outcast because she loves to read and doesn't fawn over Gaston. Belle wants more out of life than living in this poor provincial town. Maurice gets kidnapped and she becomes the Beast's prisoner as she trades places with her father. Belle is not like the other princesses imo. She looks behind the Beast's tough exterior and falls in love with him and in turns breaks the curse of the castle. She sings several songs in the movie such as "Bonjour", "Belle", "Belle (Reprise)" and "Something More". There is a remake with Emma Watson that we don't talk about. Belle has been my favorite Princess as a child and it has carried into adulthood. Here's to hoping for a high ranking.









LOL Victoria came to me and was like "do you want to make a deal" and I was like "I already ranked Belle second. LOL." So I just want to make it clear that I truly love Belle. This is none of Victoria's influence. I'd say it's probably the one ranking where Dee and I really disagree but I have a feeling this final ranking will be our most different yet. LOL. 


I've always really loved Beauty and the Beast. After Mary Poppins and the Three Caballeros, it was my favorite Disney movie as a kid and one that I watched quite a bit considering it came out the year I was born. There was a period of time where I didn't love it because my high school did this for my junior year musical and I was in stage crew and I think I mentioned that before. But it's been nearly 12 years since and I am over my trauma. (But I've got to say that I was probably the only one angry 100% of the time on that set) (For reasons of incompetence by the stage manager) (Who was a freshman idiot that if I could I would have punched him in the face) (And yes I did make like two people cry that year. WHAT OF IT).


But on to Belle. I mean, let's be real. Belle is the Disney Princess who explicitly reads books. And she wants more from life. Belle's entire thing is discontentment and wanting more. And as somebody who grew up in Arizona and then moved to Missouri, and is now in Wisconsin I feel that. I did have a time when I hardcore related to Sylvia Plath and was like "yes, if I was born in the 50s I too would stick my head in the oven." And if I were the only woman in town that read books then yes, I too would fall in love with the first man that just left me alone to read. I mean, yes he did kidnap her father. But also he saved her from wolves with his bare claws and gave her a library and she didn't have to deal with Gaston or the other judgey townspeople. I'm sorry. Belle is 100% in the right in falling in love with The Beast.




Belle is a bit of the archetype of the modern Disney princess. Instead of the princesses that came before her (Sleepy Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella) she doesn't spend the movie waiting for a prince to save her from her circumstances. Even Ariel takes a more passive role in her film, mostly because she cannot speak and has to make a prince fall in love with her. And this was entirely intentional based on the criticism Disney had received for their past heroines. And it works and it's not just lip service. Belle's defining moment in the beginning of the film is a heroic and compassionate act when she trades her freedom in exchange for that of her father's. And the relationship that grows between Belle and The Beast is one of the most well-portrayed in Disney. She rightfully hates him at first and he's the one that has to prove his worth to Belle to make her fall in love with him. 


Obviously female Disney characters have grown since Belle. There are still plenty of examples left of "strong female characters" (I hate that phrase) in this rankdown and for Disney, but Belle was really the first in their animated canon to have the same kind of agency and independence we now almost expect from a Disney heroine. She's a trailblazer. And for that she ranks #2.









“With a dreamy far-off look, and her nose stuck in a book… What a puzzle to the rest of us is Belle.” Belle is my favorite of the Disney Princesses. I always felt a connection to the character due to her love of reading and the fact that she never quite fit in. As a young bookish girl who had a difficult time making friends in elementary school, that always resonated with me. Plus, on a more shallow note, I feel like she had the best clothes of all of the Disney Princesses (I mean, the yellow dress?? Come on!).


Anyways, we meet Belle living in a small French village, but longing for more out of life. She wants romance and adventure, the kind she finds in her beloved books. Aside from her books, Belle really only cares about her father, Maurice, who is a bumbling inventor. She continually rebuffs the advances of arrogant pretty-boy Gaston wanting more than just aspiring to marriage. She is concerned when her father doesn’t return from a trip, and instead his horse returns riderless. After a search, she finds him trapped in the dungeon of a mysterious castle. His captor bargains with Belle, and she offers to stay there forever in her father’s place. Then she realizes that her captor is a hideous beast. That’s not the only peculiar thing she discovers about the place, as it turns out all of the household objects are enchanted! Things don’t start well for Belle and the Beast, though she does get a lovely serenade over dinner from the enchanted objects. After a botched escape attempt and rescue, Belle and the Beast begin to grow closer. While the way their relationship develops is questionable now looking back at it, as a child “Something There” was always one of my top Disney songs. Also, the dance to Beauty and the Beast will always be an iconic Disney scene (again, yellow dress!). Belle ultimately leaves because her father appears to be in danger, but when the Beast winds up being threatened by an angry mob Belle realizes her feelings for him. In the end, love saves him and he is transformed to his original state. And they live happily ever after.


Again, Belle will always be one of my favorite Disney characters. To me she always stood out in the sea of original princesses.








Belle is one of my favorite princesses. First, look how elegant and royal she is. heart.gif.c504acb42b19a5dcec1a32eb64b25cb0.gif But Belle comes from a humble life and is just a girl that loves her father and books. I love that Belle is such a bookworm and can relate to that. heart.gif.c504acb42b19a5dcec1a32eb64b25cb0.gif




I also love this gif because my mom always says how she dreams of having a library with a sliding ladder. I like to text her this gif sometimes when we talk about books. :haha: Anyway,  Belle is beautiful, smart, and selfless. The way she takes her father's place in the castle just breaks my heart. :broken: Although she hates Beast at first, she is open to seeing people for who they really are, hence her falling in love with him. There are so many great qualities that Belle has and she is definitely one of Disney's most classic and beloved characters.






LBR she changed the face of Disney princesses for the better. There are definitely some proto-efforts thrown here and there in pre-BATB movies, but Belle felt like she wasn’t a complete mannequin of a character (there are points in the movie that aren’t completely there for her) but she’s imo the true starting point of Disney princesses not being complete airheads. So even if she isn’t perfect, thank you for starting a legacy that is at least more rootable than what we got with Snow White, Cinderella and Aurora. Idk how the princesses are gonna place against one another, but if she ends up on top I wouldn’t be mad.







From the movie Beauty and the Beast (1991)



Voiced by Paige O'Hara (b. 1956)


Originally a Broadway actress

Honored as a Disney Legend in 2011


Belle is an icon! One of the 12 Official Disney Princesses, and one of five in our Top 25. She absolutely deserves her place in this Top 25. Belle reads books, y'all. Tell all the little boys and girls that if they want to be cool like Belle they need to read books. Because reading is what?? Fundamental. We need to just agree that whether or not Beauty and the Beast is your favorite movie, it's objectively an amazing movie. EVERY SONG IS A COMPLETE SERVE. And the animation is great. And the characters are amazing. Including Belle.


Belle isn't swayed by Gaston, Belle stands up to everyone on behalf of her father, Belle goes in the woods to save her father, Belle offers to trade places with her father as prisoner, Belle holds her own against Beast. Belle takes no sh*t from anyone. And she sings awesome songs. She ends up in a place with talking furniture and just rolls with it. She's intelligent, adaptable, charismatic, and she hates the whole dumb town AND THEY ARE STILL OBSESSED WITH HER. THE NAME ON EVERYONE'S LIPS IS ROXIE HART BELLE. Gaston wants to marry her just by looking at her. Legend.









This is not a write-up that I really want to do because Belle is one of the only characters that I protected all game, yet also wanted to eliminate simultaneously. LOL. But I am such a good friend, and so is Victoria. So here we are. I am actually supposed to rank Belle 15th, but I am incapable of placing her any higher than this. To be honest, I almost put Belle 17th so that I could do the right thing and place Mary Poppins above her, but I am trying to stick as close to my word as possible. :dead:


Beauty and the Beast is just not my movie. Belle is not a special character to me at all, though I recognize how iconic of a character she is to so many Disney fans. But I do not see what is so special about her. So instead of being too negative, I will keep this write-up short and sweet. I know that a few of you will be writing novels for her, so I will leave all the heavy lifting to you. I think she has a potentially huge shot at winning, since so many of you are BATB fans and Victoria is going to try and cut as many deals as possible to get her to win. That possibility is depressing. The end.






Belle's fine. A pretty boring and safe winner. I wish Belle was a bit messier. She's way too perfect for my liking. Belle auto advanced to the top 25 and everyone was over the moon. A pettier Alex should be ranker her in like 24th place. But I'm not the same petty Alex. This is still probably about my honest ranking of her in this top 25. She's good, but doesn't completely excite me tbh. If she wins congrats to her but meh.


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This was such a fun rankdown, and I loved all of the surprises in the end game. :wub:


I would have been thrilled with any of my Top 5 winning as they were all favorites of mine for various reasons. It was awesome to have a reason to watch/rewatch so many of these amazing movies (and get the most out of my Disney+ subscription :haha:). 

This whole thing really showed me how much Disney has been such a huge part of my life, and so many of my rankings wound up having so much more of a sentimental meaning to me and were less about the movies themselves.:heartbounce:

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Fantastic Rankdown @Steven_ :wub:


So happy to have been part of this game and definitely had so much fun playing, even if it was stressful from Day One! Funny to see how much you actually care about Disney characters. I failed this final round, but that is okay. Because I was never going to rank Belle well. :dead:


Good job to Victoria, Chris, and Megan.

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Alex, Chris, Dee, Denise, Derek, Kaley, Megan, Nico, and Victoria:


Thank you for participating! The Disney Characters rankdown was one I've been wanting to do for a long time, so I'm glad it's finally been done. This was a very fun one to host, and I appreciate the contributions from all of you. And thanks to non-rankers for following along as well (especially Wallace, Gigi, Priscilla, and Lily for sending rankings too). Although this rankdown lasted several months, it was fun looking back on Disney characters from the movies we grew up with (as well as more recent films). I hope you all enjoyed playing!


Thanks again! 




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Wallace update:


  1. Jasmine (Aladdin) - QUEEN #1
  2. Genie (Aladdin) - ICON #2
  3. Simba (The Lion King) - ICON #3
  4. Alice (Alice in Wonderland) - Love her #4
  5. Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story) - Icon #5
  6. Mulan (Mulan) - Powerful & strong #6
  7. Stitch (Lilo & Stitch) - Adorable & fun #7
  8. Lilo (Lilo & Stitch) - Adorable #8
  9. Moana (Moana) - Powerful & adorable #9
  10. Ariel (The Little Mermaid) - Very pretty #10
  11. Megara (Hercules) - She’s really cool #11
  12. Belle (Beauty and the Beast) - Beautiful #12
  13. Mike Wazowski (Monsters, Inc.) - Fun #13
  14. Elastigirl (The Incredibles) - Cool #14
  15. Ursula (The Little Mermaid) - Maybe my favorite villain. #15
  16. Quasimodo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) - Like him #16
  17. Mary Poppins (Mary Poppins) - Iconic figure but not my fave. #17
  18. Beast (Beauty and the Beast) - Like #18
  19. Yzma (The Emperor's New Groove) - Interesting #19
  20. Scar (The Lion King) - Great villain but not a fan #20
  21. WALL·E (WALL·E) - Don’t know but cute #21
  22. Russell (Up) - Don’t know #22
  23. Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmatians) - Not a fan #23
  24. Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas) - don’t know #24
  25. Miguel Rivera (Coco) - don’t know #25
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Ranker Alex Chris Dee Denise Derek Kaley Megan Nico Victoria Public
Alex   9.12 6.4 10.32 7.44 8.72 9.36 5.44 9.92 9.92
Chris 9.12   10.88 6.56 9.52 8.08 5.6 10.72 5.84 5.76
Dee 6.4 10.88   10.48 6.64 8.16 8.56 5.84 11.44 11.52
Denise 10.32 6.56 10.48   10.08 8.4 8.48 9.84 6.88 4.4
Derek 7.44 9.52 6.64 10.08   7.04 8.24 6.16 9.6 9.52
Kaley 8.72 8.08 8.16 8.4 7.04   7.04 7.84 8.4 7.68
Megan 9.36 5.6 8.56 8.48 8.24 7.04   8.96 8.8 7.6
Nico 5.44 10.72 5.84 9.84 6.16 7.84 8.96   9.76 10.56
Victoria 9.92 5.84 11.44 6.88 9.6 8.4 8.8 9.76   6.24
Public 9.92 5.76 11.52 4.4 9.52 7.68 7.6 10.56 6.24  
Average 8.5156 8.00889 8.88 8.3822 8.2489 7.929 8.0711 8.3467 8.54222 8.133
STDEV 1.7107 2.14418 2.267 2.0799 1.4781 0.591 1.1624 2.0888 1.88246 2.401
Edited by totes4totes
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Superrrr happy that The Genie ranked #2. :spaz: Although….. Derek & Nico the highest The Genie rankers even though they were responsible for Aladdin’s elimination? I don’t know how to feel…. but am glad they love The Genie to  rank him so high which I am grateful for. ❤️ I never thought The Genie had a chance of winning but since he came so close, I really wish he did. He’s such a fun, hilarious and iconic character and definitely amongst one of my all-time favorite Disney characters. Love all of the commentary here  and whoa at Alex’s comment of: “A lot of that is thanks to Robin Williams who, I believe, gives the greatest vocal performance in animated film ever. Williams is straight up Oscar worthy in this movie.. :omg: “Friend Like Me” will always be THAT song!


🙂 @ Chris and Megan with those rankings. But lol I expected this al along/all week so at least I’m not surprised. :haha: I mean if I didn’t expect it, I would be disappointed so that’s not the case here haha.

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3 hours ago, FrogLenzen said:

Knew it was coming but still hurtsssssss



#bless at your #2 vote. ❤️ He was obviously my #2 vote too!

3 hours ago, 1234567890 said:

Belle won? :omg: :spaz:

You knew she would. 😘 Congrats to your girl though. ❤️ 

3 hours ago, QueenKalie said:

Congrats Dee on the Belle win!


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Congrats to Belle on winning. Wow she really dominated with those #1 and #2 votes.  :omg: Anyway, she’s a really good character, beautiful and lovable/rootable character, but not really a big favorite of mine. But I’m happy for Victoria getting her favorite to win as she’s a big/hue lover of Disney, so slay for that! ❤️

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I've been following this thread here and there, and while out of the Top 25 I was hoping for a Genie win, I can't say I'm disappointed to see Belle at the top. She's my second favorite of the Disney Princesses behind only Jasmine.


If I had one major disappointment, it was Mickey Mouse not being part of the Top 25. I was also disappointed at Aladdin not being there either.

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