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Who never lived up to their auditions from each season in lives


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3 minutes ago, thevoiceisthetop said:


s18 -  Mike Jerel

s17 - Marybeth Byrd

s16 - Celia Babini

s15 - Kennedy Holmes


we haven't even heard Mike sing live yet, and probably never will


And IMO Greatest Love Of All was Kennedy's best performance. My list would go something like this-


S17: Will Breman, Joana Martinez, Marybeth Byrd, Cali Wilson

S16: Jej Vinson

S15: Kirk Jay, Dave Fenley

S14: IDK..... Spensha? Pryor?

S13: Shi'Ann probably

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Imo these singers peaked at their auditions/battles and then just rolled downhill from there. I’m aware that some of them are better irl than their run suggests though.

S17 - Marybeth Byrd

S16 - Celia Babini, Selkii, Gyth Rigdon

S15 - Kirk Jay

S14 - Spensha Baker, Terrence Cunningham

S13 - Ashland Craft

S12 - Lilli Passero

S11 - Wé McDonald

S10 - Mary Sarah

S9 - Korin Bukowski

S8 - Meghan Linsey, India Carney




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S17: Ricky Duran - Honestly wasn't a bad audition, but went WAY downhill from there, if he wasn't Team Blake, Semifinals elimination or 4th at best.

S16: Jej Vinson - Not a bad audition as well, but lmao at his downfall.

S15: Kirk Jay - Same thing lmao, one of the best blinds I'd say, either he was nervous or he just never was a good live singer to begin with.

S14: Terrible blinds overall, but probably.... Terrence Cunningham - beautiful vocal, I thought he won already lmao, but it showed his falsetto was too much to handle... and used WAY too much.   

S13: great blinds overall I'd say... maybe Brooke Simpson or Chloe Kohanski, but their voices could have just been injured due to overuse. Finale song choices could have been better too...

too lazy to do other seasons right now.  

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I'll start with Season 7

S7 - Taylor Phelan (His audition is really good and something different for me but he went downhill because of his KO)

S8 - Deanna Johnson (Her audition was good but after that she was mehhh for me) India Carney for me on the other hand is my favorite so she's not Run To You and Hurt are so good.

S9 - Barrett Baber (I liked his audition but after that I lost interest in him)

S10 Mary Sarah and Ryan Quinn (They're audition are so good for me but after that they can't show or top their blinds)

S11 Wé McDonald and Aaron Gibson (Same as above, they didn't shine for me)

S12 Felicia Temple (I liked her BA but she went downhill after it)

S13 Ashland Craft and Moriah Formica  (I love their Blinds but they didn't exceed our expectation after that, specifically Ashland became boring)

S14 Britton Buchanan and Johnny Bliss (Both auditions caught my attention but they become too consistent and didn't give something different about them)

S15 SandyRedd (She's really good at her BA but she went downhill after that and we all know it)

S16 Celia Babini (Her BA is something new to me that time and I liked it but she went downhill also) and

Domenic Haynes (My Favorite Blind Audition of All Time but after that he didn't show something new to me) 

Jej Vinson (For me he's really good at BA and Battles but after that he has poor song choices which America didn't like)

S17 - Will Breman and Joanna Martinez (I liked both of their BA but I'm not impressed by their succeeding performances)


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Lol not sure why Kennedy is there. I kind of feel like that is objectively false...

Also SandyRedd's battle was pretty incredible so acting like she just fell off the face of the earth after her BA is kind of interesting. I would include Jej in that category too.


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13 hours ago, indii said:

S17: Will Breman

S16: Jej Vinson, Oliv Blu, Celia Babini

S15: Dave Fenley

S14: Terrence Cunningham, Pryor Baird

S13: Jon Mero

Jon Mero's BA is not good for me. I don't get why it's 4-chair turn

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