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The X Factor Rankdown

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Freddy Parker

Freddy was a contestant on X Factor 2016 where his mentor was Nicole Scherzinger. 

Freddy was just unmemorable when it came to who he was up against. He had a decent audition but then his performances were either mediocre or terrible. His song choices left a hell of a lot to be desired too. “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, “Killing Me Softly” and “Love Me Like You Do” aren’t really going to get you far or make a lasting impression unless we’re building a time machine and heading back to the first season of American Idol.


He was eliminated in the second week of the live shows after a very mediocre performance and sing-off performance.


Saving Kandy Rain (because they upset Cheryl)

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My cat literally just died and I just got finished burying him so forgive me if I frankly don't give a sh*t what anyone told you. This game does not matter to me right now.

Victoria went to the  emergency room last night due to stomach related issues. She has been there since last night.

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I barely remember anyone from this list, so god job on these nominations: They are the very definition of forgettable fodder. So who or what is 4Tune? They are a 4-member male group (shocking I know) that competed on season 2 (and the pre-lives of season 1), they sang boring songs, bc that’s what you did on early seasons. The only thing that I found interesting was this: “4Tune later complained that they had been eliminated from the show because of a personal vendetta between the judges.” Laughing my ass off at this, you are not that special. Anyway, bye!


Save: the other 4something

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FYD was a boyband from the seventh series of The X Factor UK, and they were mentored by $imon Cowell. In the first week, they placed 14th in the vote out of 16 contestants. Facing Katie Waissel in the sing-off, they ultimately were eliminated as only $imon Cowell chose to save them. Fitting, since $imon would constantly drag Katie as far as possible every other week. 😐 I don't really remember much about them, because the seventh series was extremely top heavy between Matt, One Direction, Cher and Mary. Am I at 100 words yet? Do I need to spam this write-up with photos of Tom Holland and puppies to hit my word count? Because I will do so.


SAVE: James Kenney

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Kharizma is an act I don't remember, so again no reason to not cut or save them. Sorry ladies, I know it's not ideal, but I really don't care or remember anything you did. Oh looking up wikipedia I realized that I didn't remember them because I didn't watch the second season of Australia, but that was a lame season anyway. The winner looks like a Johnny Depp wannabe except somehow even greasier. Anyways looks like these ladies finished in 10th place which is pretty bad, but at least they made it that far, so kudos to them for getting there. I'm not sure if they were sisters, but they definitely could be for sure, so if that's the case, the must've been fun. I can imagine partnering up with my brother and doing something crazy like go on X Factor or amazing race, so they must've been happy to get that opportunity.


SAVE: Daniel Debourg

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She didn't have a gif that featured her in it but I did get a gif that has Sharon Osbourne referencing Lorna Simpson so that will have to do. Here goes another rushed write-up because I seem to lose concept of time. I don't remember Lorna Simpson all that well. She was on The X Factor UK 10 and She was a part of the over 25s category. Lorna was mentored by Sharon Osbourne. She finished in 12th place overall. I just remember her song choices being so uninspired. "I Having Nothing" by Whitney Houston, "The Greatest Love of All' by Whitney Houston, "I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)" by Whitney Houston, "So Emotional" by Whitney Houston. MY GOD. :dead: You would have thought she was a tribute act or something. Whitney's sensational but Lorna was not on her level. She is now gone from the rankdown and I can resume work. Thanks.

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Entering "Time and Place X Factor" on YouTube didn't bring up anything about this group at first. I had to do a little bit of digging, and I finally found their performances when I entered the titles of the songs they performed (thanks to the X Factor Wiki for the info). Time and Place were a boy band put together by Iggy Azalea on the eighth season of The X Factor Australia. The four members all auditioned as soloists, but they did not advance on their own when Adam Lambert initially eliminated them at boot camp. They were brought back as a group, but they would've been better off eliminated. I was very underwhelmed by their performances. "You Don't Know Love" was honestly awful. The solos were weak and the harmonies were rough. Their next performance "Ride" wasn't as bad, but it still wasn't good. It was still very amateurish, and I bet you'd find better talent at a high school talent show. Anyway, Time and Place were eliminated Week 1 after placing ninth in the vote of a quadruple elimination. Anyway, their time is up as Time and Place no longer have a place in this rankdown.


And I'm saving Roberta Howett.

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