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The X Factor Rankdown

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My cat literally just died and I just got finished burying him so forgive me if I frankly don't give a sh*t what anyone told you. This game does not matter to me right now.

Victoria went to the  emergency room last night due to stomach related issues. She has been there since last night.

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CeCe Frey (@CeCeFrey101) | Twitter rgnIgl7-_400x400.jpg



Solaris - 3/20

JC - 8/20

Zoey - 13/20

Elliott - 13/20

Tom - 17/20  

Victoria - 19/20

Public - 19/20

Steven - 20/20

Wallace - 20/20

Nico - 20/20





:haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha:  ; My favorite X-Factor US contestant.  She was easily the most interesting contestant on her season.  She kept things interesting right out the gate with her audition.  I put in months of getting CeCe to this point, so thanks everyone for not cutting her at the end.  She will probably get 20th place, and that’s fine.  At least she is here. She was painted as the villain on the show.  The reason she did the show was for her brother who passed away, which wasn’t something they displayed.  I will admit, CeCe wasn’t the strongest singer on her season, but she kept things interesting.  Each week she survived she brought the drama.  LA Reid and Britney had their hate on for her, and I lived every time she crushed their dreams.  At the end she was so close to being in that Top 4 (if only Diamond had placed last in the double.  It amazes me how she was able to survive 3 weeks of double eliminations though!  My favorite performances from CeCe are: Out Here on My Own, You Haven’t seen the Last of Me, The Edge of Glory and Part of Me.  Hoping she places above 20th place! 




Cece! I remember enjoying you on X Factor US although some of it was because you were uber entertaining and a hot mess at certain points. Plus you just exude entertainment and are adorable. Anyways, I know you are hated amongst a few of the other rankers, but I am not one of them. I would not put you in my personal top 20, but based on the options that we had left, I am not mad about you sliding your way in here. As you can see, in terms of the top 20 that we actually got, you rank pretty highly in my book. So congrats on winning your season in this rankdown AND making the top 20 against all odds!  ❤️ 





CeCe Frey was a contestant on X Factor US 2012 and appeared in the bottom two every other week. CeCe was a solid singer but really struggled with pitch and this sometimes made my ears bleed because of it. She was a good character to have around though and it's something the show needed. She was the delusional princess and I lived for that aspect of her. She's higher than the people I've ranked below because she made more of an impact with her personality than the others did with their performances, personalities and X Factor journeys. I'd love to know who was choosing her songs though because there was no real artistry shown through any of them. They were just.... random?




I remember liking The Edge of Glory. I don't remember anything else she did... or most of that season, to be completely honest. This is probably higher than a ranking of what she deserves, but Sola hasn't really p*ssed me off in this rankdown from what I remember, so I'll just go ahead and place CeCe here. I looked her on Facebook recently to see what she was up to and I didn't recognize her at all.  :dead: She seems to still be doing "music" at least!




Lol, CeCe. CeCe Frey was part of the awful XFUS season 2, where Simon cast more teen acts than normal. CeCe Frey was a part of the girls category, mentored by Demi Lovato. She was pretty well liked here on IDF in her season, although there were a few Emblem3 fans that didn't like her. I as well fall into the "didn't like her much" cateogry. I guess my favorite of hers in the lives was Lady Marmalade, because it was over-the-top kind of campy mess. All By Myself was also so bad that it was lolzy. The only good thing she did was in judges houses with her version of Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO. Hopefully she does not place too high!





So this is where Cece Frey ranks on my list. I'm not even going to go all into the drama that let Cece Frey sneak into the Top 20. Someone telling @Solaris that she was a potential person I would cut but I was least attached to and then Alexandra Burke was threatened even though the same person took out my number 1 without a care. :haha: Oh, did I bring up the drama? My bad. Cece Frey was like the Britney or Christina of the season. She was not a bad singer by any means looking back at her performances. She sang songs like "Unchained Melody" by The Righteous Brothers and "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston but she excelled she sang more pops songs like "Candyman" by Christina Aguilera and "Sexy And I Know It" by LMFAO. She was in the Bottom 2 Week 1 but was saved by Demi Lovato for her performance of "Out Here On My Own" by Irene Cara. Her performance of "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor landed her in the Bottom 2 again but was once again saved by the judges. During Week 3 she was actually declared safe for her performance of "All By Myself" by Céline Dion. The next week saw her in the Bottom 2 again but was saved by her rendition of "Because of You" by Kelly Clarkson. The next week she sang "Lady Marmalade" by Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mýa and P!nk. I loved that performance. The unplugged version of "The Edge of Glory" by Lady Gaga was good as well. The last song she sang on the was "Part of Me" by Katy Perry but she was eliminated this week. I'm glad she ended her journey with her pop routes. CeCe Frey finished in 6th place on The X Factor US Season 2. She was a part of the Young Adults category mentored by Demi Lovato. I liked CeCe well enough on the show but my favorite that season was Carly Rose Sonenclar, Fifth Harmony and Emblem3 more. CeCe didn't do much post X-Factor and to be frank doesn't belong in the Top 20 but that's the fun of these rankdowns. Anything can happen. :haha: I'm just surprised @NGM let ANY contestant from The X Factor US make it to the end so congrats on avoiding his mission! :dead:




Everyone pretty much described my thoughts on CeCe - I never understood the appeal of CeCe. The majority of her song choices were original, and she was unable to really deliver any outstanding performances beside "Edge of Glory". Her being the cockroach of her season and still making it as far as she did on the show & in this rankdown is kind of iconic - even more hilarious considering she's far from being a Top 20 worthy contestant. 




Sorry to the CeCe fans, but this is an easy choice for last place on my rankings. She seems like a nice person, but she is the weakest vocalist among this Top 20. I remember she was a polarizing contestant and people found her rootworthy as this underdog outlasting better singers. However, as I re-watch her performances, there's nothing I find to be particularly good. Remember her pitchy performance of "Because Of You?" Yikes, that was bad. Despite her singing being critiqued throughout the live shows, her fans carried her to the Top 6. Anyway, I believe a particular ranker here made as many deals as possible to prevent people from cutting CeCe, so that's how she ended up here. However, there are plenty of other X Factor contestants that would've been better choices of being a part of this Top 20.




If this rankdown had gone badly for me, I would probably rank her high for the meme upside that she has. As it is tho, I don’t really actively dislike anyone aside from her and Cher, so congrats on getting my last place! She rampaged through X Factor US season 2, trying constantly to do songs that were way too big for her (I never cared to find out if she was that deluded or if it was production messing with her, either way idc) giving just awful performances all the time. And a lot of them didn’t even have meme upside. And people point to her sing-offs as if she was some incredible artist that was changing the game, bitch where? WHERE? It’s a flop middle of the road pop girl. At least they overproduced her performances to hell so it’s funny to watch them, not to listen to them. On a different timeline she could be high bc I wouldn’t give a f*ck, but as it is, yeah bye






Well the impossible certainly happened….. CeCe Frey making the Top 20 of The X Factor rankdown game.  I never thought this would have happened. :dead: I kept CeCe alone throughout the game solely for Sola and apparently, it looks like we all did that. And huge congrats to Sola getting her here. However CeCe was like my least favorite contestant remaining once I eliminated Matt Linnen. So now that she’s made it here, I have to put her at #20. No taking or anything…. it’s all genuine and all honest feelings. I usually love a number of the pop girls on these shows but I was never that huge on CeCe and didn’t think she was too good. She kinda had that hot mess quality with some of her performances so  I guess that’s apart of her appeal.


CeCe is a contestant from The X Factor U.S. Season 2 where she was apart of the Young Adults category and mentored by Demi Lovato. She made it all the way to 6th place. Ooh and wow she was the longest lasting member of Team Demi which I forgot about. I know CeCe and Paige Thomas had this big rivalry on their time on the show. Throughout CeCe’s time on the show, she sang songs (and I’ll provide vide) such as:




From the earlier rounds…. yikes I forgot how rough and bad her “Unchained Melody” audition was. That wasn’t good… but she worked it with “Ain’t No Other Man.” It was like two different singers. “I Will Always Love You” was decent but not the best version of that song I heard. I didn’t care for “Secrets.” Her “Sexy and I Know It” was a creative song choice and arrangement and yeah that was one of her better performances for me.


Week 1: “Because the Night” 

- OK I thought this was kind of a mess. Seems like she was yelling this song.



Week 1 Sing-Off: “Out Here On My Own” 

- This was alright but better than her previous Week 1 performance.


Week 2: “Eye of the Tiger”

- OMGG what is it with these terrible song choices? Okay this was another performance I did not like and thought was a hot mess. This was more shouting and out of key singing. 


Week 2 Sing-Off: “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me”

- Obviously her much superior Week 2 performance. I felt that she brought the passion and emotion to this song. She’s connecting to it. But her belting here…. is really rough to listen to here.


Week 3: “All By Myself”

- OMGG this was the performance where Britney just said “Sorry, I just don’t get it” right? :dead: I remember that being so blunt but so true. tumblr_mdiisdjusT1qihp55o1_250.gif


But oooof CeCe does not have the voice for this song. This was not the right song for her and too big for her voice. I thought her vocals were all over the place and tough to listen to. I appreciate the emotion she brought at least.



Week 4: “Wind Beneath My Wings”

I thought this was decent on the first half of it where she was singing the softer parts. Then the belting….. got really rough and harsh to listen to again.  At least she brought the emotional connection here.


Week 4 Sing-Off: “Because of You”

Feeling mixed on this one. Some parts were alright and some parts not so much. Her high notes were still really rough to me but i do like the softer parts from her.


Week 5: “Lady Marmalade”

OMGG I remember this being the first lives shows performance of CeCe’s I actually liked. :dead: It took 5 weeks but finally. I mean we’re never gonna expect great vocals from her - but at least she’s got a fun fitting pop song. This was a really fun performance and I like how she performed this. 



Week 6: “The Edge of Glory” & “Part of Me”

This was my favorite week of CeCe’s by far in the competition. “The Edge of Glory” was by far her best performance. I liked the unplugged arrangement and I felt she delivered her best vocal performance here. Very beautiful. :wub: “Part of Me” probably wasn’t an objectively great performance but this was such a fun guilty pleasure performance. I felt she came off as a pop star and I did really like this one. :bobo:


Omgg whoa her vote totals were a mess - going from 12th to 5th to 9th to 5th to 6th. :lmao: Oh and some of these song choices are a mess. 😐 And after rewatching these performances, I am reminded of CeCe’s vocal flaws were more jarring than I realized and I liked her less than I remembered. :ph34rwave: Oh well I will just focus on her last two week of performances. I haven't followed her career at all but I hope she's happy and doing what she loves.


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14 minutes ago, NGM said:

i would have targeted her more heavily but i realized that Joe was a bigger issue so that kinda took the bulk of my time

I was surprised you never went after CeCe. :haha:  I wish you did over Joe though. 😢  But I get he was the bigger threat.



Once again.....well done to Sola getting CeCe to the end game. :yes:  It is pretty impressive as most of us rankers aren't fans of her. :haha: 

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30 minutes ago, *Wallace said:

I was surprised you never went after CeCe. :haha:  I wish you did over Joe though. 😢  But I get he was the bigger threat.



Once again.....well done to Sola getting CeCe to the end game. :yes:  It is pretty impressive as most of us rankers aren't fans of her. :haha: 

i mean i did nominate her a fair share of times, I judt went harder on Joe bc he was a bigger issue if he got to the final ranking. On the other hand, well, here you have CeCe lol

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22 minutes ago, ~Tom~ said:

Kevin is the big Cher hater not me. :haha: 


Yessir, not up her street and never have been.


I fondly remember my talks with Mirielle (nigelsuck0rz/KanyeWest) as she hated her too. ❤️ God, I miss her. She and I were preaching about Niall being the best of 1D YEARS before the rest of you people got a clue. :wub: 

Edited by The Ghost of Weedy Speedy
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2 hours ago, FrogLenzen said:

Heidi N Closet (@HeidiBrander) | Twitter

Out of respect for Dela Sola, I'm not going to reveal my ranking of Cece



1 hour ago, NGM said:

i mean i did nominate her a fair share of times, I judt went harder on Joe bc he was a bigger issue if he got to the final ranking. On the other hand, well, here you have CeCe lol

I understand. I don't like it but I understand. 😢 :haha:  


1 hour ago, Solaris said:



I was just trying to get her out of 20th place.  I succeeded!  

Well done! :haha:  


1 hour ago, FrogLenzen said:

6 out of 10 #20 rankings revealed and it's only the second contestant!

I'm curious who all still has their #20 remaining. 😮  


1 hour ago, Elliott said:

Me being one of those four. #pretendstobeshocked

With yours being Leona, your #20 better show up last. 🙂 

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20 minutes ago, FrogLenzen said:

Imagine a universe where they put Cece with Fifth Harmony instead of one of the others



19 minutes ago, Solaris said:



the group would have had an amazing lead singer if they did that.  



CeCe and an amazing singer? Does not compute. :unsure: 


14 minutes ago, The Ghost of Weedy Speedy said:


I fondly remember my talks with Mirielle (nigelsuck0rz/KanyeWest) as she hated her too. ❤️ God, I miss her. She and I were preaching about Niall being the best of 1D YEARS before the rest of you people got a clue. :wub: 

Awww I missed her too. :(  I wonder what she's up to now.

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1 hour ago, The Ghost of Weedy Speedy said:

I fondly remember my talks with Mirielle (nigelsuck0rz/KanyeWest) as she hated her too. ❤️ God, I miss her. She and I were preaching about Niall being the best of 1D YEARS before the rest of you people got a clue. :wub: 

We still haven’t.

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