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The X Factor Rankdown


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Zoey - 6/20

Solaris - 14/20

Steven - 14/20

Tom - 15/20

Elliott - 17/20

Wallace - 17/20

Nico - 18/20
JC - 20/20
Victoria - 20/20

Public - 20/20





Natalie was a contestant and placed sixth on The X Factor Australia 2015. Natalie is by far my favourite X Factor Australia contestant and gave me life every single week. I’m pretty sure that this is the highest anyone has ranked her since most see her as invisible but I’m just glad she was able to make it this far and I only had to give her immunity once when she wasn’t really a target. I HAVE FAITH IN IDF. Natalie delivered great performance after great performance and it was a disgrace how she finished in sixth place with people like Jimmy, Mahalia and Big T in the competition. "Alone" still remains my favourite X Factor Australia performance of all time and I doubt anyone will top that if the show was to be revived. Just watch it. 






I went back and forth between Natalie and Louis as my favorite all season.  I think at the end Natalie wound up being my second favorite.  Natalie was the 6th place finalist on X-Factor Australia Season 7.  I thought she might be our winner after the auditions.  She also started the live shows with a bang when she closed the show with Spectrum (Say My Name).   Other performances I really appreciated were: Break Free, Alone and Nothing Compares 2 U.  I thought she should have survived her sing off against Mahalia (as she wound up leaving the next week anyway).  Zoey did well getting Natalie to the finals though!




Natalie Conway is another contestant I was unfamiliar with beforehand, but I liked what I saw of her performances. I thought her initial audition was impressive. I liked the dynamics she showed in her voice with "Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)." From her performances in the live rounds, I wasn't crazy about some of her song choices. I like the song "Wrecking Ball," but I don't think it really worked for her. Nonetheless, she delivered vocally and was comfortable on stage too. It's too bad she only made it to sixth place since I liked what I saw from her. Kudos to her on making it to the Top 20 of this rankdown, and it'll be interesting to see where she ranks overall.




I have not really seen much of her season, but I know that Natalie was a favorite on here before her early elimination. She was in Season 7 of X Factor Australia as part of the Over 25s category, and was mentored by James Blunt. I hope he was better at coaching than he was at singing! She finished in 6th place after losing a sing-off to Mahalia Simpson in the girls category. She's a pop singer and kind of similar to Samantha Jade. I've watched a few of her performances like Alone, I Have Nothing, and Toca's Miracle and they were all good and it's also good having more X Factor Australia representation here. Curious to where she places. 




WHO ARE YOU? I refuse to write 100 words about her.

EDIT: Especially now that I know Wally wrote a novel for her.





Natalie Conway is one of the most surprising entries to make it into the Top 20 finals of The X Factor ran known. I am wondering how many of us Zoey worked her magic on us here. :giggle: She was someone who I was considering as a cut option (even if it wouldn’t have been an ideal cut but it was one of the few options I was left with) but decided against it for Zoey so hopefully she appreciates that. 😛 Natalie Conway is a pop/electropop singer who competed on The X Factor Australia Season 7. She was apart of the Over 25s category and mentored by James Blunt.


I do really like Natalie and consider her a fave of mine from her season. I would say she is my 2nd favorite of the season although I am not entirely sure. I also really liked Jess & Matt, but think Natalie is more of the singer I gravitate towards so thinking she had the edge of them to me.



From the earlier rounds performances, I thought “Everybody’s Free” and “Shw Me Love” were both great. 


Week 1: “Spectrum (Say My Name)”

- This performance started off quit low and deep on the first verse, which I wasn’t tooo fond of. But I do really like how she built this up once it got to the pre-chorus and chorus. 


Week 2: “Break Free”

- I loved her performance of “Break Free.” She showed off her pop star quality and potential here. She also provided great vocals and stage presence. :bobo:


Week 3: “Wrecking Ball”

- It was nice seeing Natalie doing a full on ballad on the finals for the first time in the finals here. I thought she sang the song beautifully and poured her heart and emotion into this.


Week 4: “Alone”

- The staging with the wind machine and pyro as the song progressed was SO extra and dramatic. :dead: Natalie sang this song really well and poured a lot of passion and emotion into the song. I loved how she built up the song with a lot of power vocals. How she performed standing on the piano was such star quality too. :dead: 


Week 5: “I Have Nothing”

- I don’t really remember this performance too well from Natalie. This isn’t one of my main favorites from her. This seemed so…. different from her past prormances and didn’t really feel like the artist she was trying to be. I thought she did well on some parts but other parts the song seemed a bit too big for her. Still she did sound pretty good as a whole.


Week 6: “Toca’s Miracle”

- Never heard this song before she performed it. But I thought she delivered another strong pop-star esque performance. I especially love how she was flying around in this. My problem was not really connecting to th song ut she still did really well.


Week 6 Sing-Off:  “Nothing Compares 2 U”

- This was such a heartfelt and beautiful performance. :wub: Really love her vocals here and the emotion she delivered. I don’t get how she lost the sing-off after this stunning performance.


Natalie had a pretty great and solid run on the show and was safe for the first 5 weeks. Then she lands in the Bottom 2 or the first time on Week 6 against 3-time Bottom 2 contender in Mahalia Simpson, and Natalie is the one that gets sent home via a deadlock vote and finishes 6th which was so disgusting. 😐 She deserved much better and should have at least made the Final 4 over Mahalia and Big T. I felt they let Natalie go too soon where she had so much more to offer. I never thought she would make it to the finals in this ranks down but I’m hoping the people that don’t know her grows to like her now but not as much as Cyrus.




I have close to zero positive thoughts on this particular season of X Factor Australia, so I’m just plain ranking both people left back to back. The only one I sorta enjoyed was Louise and only on very rare occasions lmfao. She was a part of the Overs, and made it all the way to 6th place. Thing is… she was super boring to me. Like, nothing was really that exceptional, and her voice, while solid, ran out of steam on some of the bigger songs she attempted. I mean that’s a minor concern on a season that had Mahalia and Big T bombing every other week, but still, just didn’t connect with her at all.




Natalie was on Season 7 of X Factor Australia and finished 6th. She was in the Over 25s category and coached by James Blunt. She lost the sing-off to Mahalia Simpson. Sorry I do not know you very well and never connected with you and therefore, I am going to put you last also partially strategically because I want your season castmate to win the season. I am sure you are wonderful and I know you definitely have a few fans among the rankers. Very happy for Zoey that you were able to make it to the final 20, but hopefully you finish lower than Cyrus.






I don't even know if the person in the gif above is in fact Natalie Conway and frankly I do not care at this point. Natalie Conway is ranked last because @Zoey didn't come to me for any deals for her and I still remember the time she voted against One Direction. I'm mostly joking, but the real reason is because I have no idea who this person is at all. I've never heard of her before this rankdown and I will probably forget who she is after this rankdown. I might even forget who she is as soon as I submit this write-up tbh. 🙂 I guess I should talk about her journey a bit. Natalie Conway is an Australian singer and participated in Season 7 of The X Factor Australia as part of the Over 25s category mentored by James Blunt. James Blunt? That is a name that I haven't heard in awhile. Upon viewing some of her performances her audition of "Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)" by Rozalla was good. I liked she did "Show Me Love" by Robin S. because I love that song and it shows she knows the bops. "Spectrum (Say My Name)" by Florence + the Machine was pretty good. It was the remixed version of Spectrum that was remixed by Calvin Harris. "Break Free" by Ariana Grande (feat. Zedd) was okay as well. "Wrecking Ball" was kind of pitchy but I love the song so I'll give her as pass. She sang "Alone" by Heart and she is no Carrie Underwood. "I Have Nothing" was also okay but give me Jennifer Hudson, Trenyce or Vonzell Solomon's version any day. She was eliminated from the competition in Week 6 and finishrf in 6th place after losing the sing-off to Mahalia Simpson when she sang "Nothing Compares 2 U by Sinéad O'Connor. Overall, she is a good singer but I prefer others and I never heard of her prior to this rankdown.




There's no denying that Natalie Conway is super talented, and she delivered some great performances throughout her time on XFactor Australia. With that being said, she is not a contestant that I automatically think about when I think of X Factor Australia, but if I am being honest, I didn't really watch her season. And considering the fact that a lot of people are not familiar with her - her placement in this rankdown is quite impressive, and Zoey should certainly be proud of her making it this far. 



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Lmao I refused to watch a second more of X Factor Australia after the horrors of Jay Waitford and that other kid who made the top 2 (who was barely better). Even Dami Im I wasn't too keen on, but I of course supported her because Dannii should always win over Ronan (🤮).


Did I miss anything other than this girl?

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1 minute ago, The Ghost of Weedy Speedy said:

Lmao I refused to watch a second more of X Factor Australia after the horrors of Jay Waitford and that other kid who made the top 2 (who was barely better). Even Dami Im I wasn't too keen on, but I of course supported her because Dannii should always win over Ronan (🤮).

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13 minutes ago, The Ghost of Weedy Speedy said:

Lmao I refused to watch a second more of X Factor Australia after the horrors of Jay Waitford and that other kid who made the top 2 (who was barely better). Even Dami Im I wasn't too keen on, but I of course supported her because Dannii should always win over Ronan (🤮).


Did I miss anything other than this girl?

The season after that has Reigan! Dean as well but he didn't make the final vote.

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12 hours ago, FrogLenzen said:

Dang Wally, that's a lot of words for 17

Lmaooo, wait to you see my write-ups on my actual favorites. :lmao: 


I had a strong feeling Natalie would be an easy #20. I do really like her, so well done to her getting this far! :yes: It was quite unexpected.


Happy for Cyrus getting the XFAU7 win.

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