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RuPaul’s Drag Race - General Discussion Thread


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10 hours ago, *Wallace said:

X Factor write-ups are killing me. :dead:I just finished watching S10. Hoping to post my thoughts tomorrow. 


But you all can guess who my favorites (or least faves) may be. 😘 :shiftywave:

My guess is Kalorie Karbdashian Williams!

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Aquaria: Aquaria was probably the contestant that grew the most on me throughout her run. I expected her to be Violet 2.0 ala one of those young Fashion/looks Queens who focused more on the runway looks and not too strong on the other aspects of the challenges + someone on the Bwordy side. I did feel this way about Aquaria at the start but it was very short lived as she proved herself to be a great competitor. There was the whole Aquaria vs. Miz Cracker feud on the show which I thought i would be annoyed by but it was short-lived so I am glad they squashed that as Aquaria was allowed to focus on the competition. Although she had a feud with The Vixen too. I do think Aquaria’s strong point were definitely her runway looks - she always delivered such high quality/class and exciting looks and she never had a bad look. I want to say she was the overall best and consistent on that front. Aquaria did surprise me with how strong her dance ability was on the PharmaRusical episode even though she didn’t deliver much of an old lady character that was required for her character. To no surprise, she nailed and had 3 stunning runwayy looks on The Last Ball on Earth challenge and deserved that win. She was funny on the Look at Me I’m a Sexy Baby segment on The Bossy Rossy episode - which surprised me again there. :haha: She was kinda overshadowed by Eureka but held her own more than anyone else could. RuDragCon was one of her weaker episodes. She surprised me and did a really great Melania Trump on Snatch Game - she felt that she isn’t as hilarious as some of the other Queens but played a character to her strengths. I don’t think she should have won this challenge over Monet or Eureka but oh well - I felt her runway look helped her get this win. Sh provided great dancing/performing on the Cher musical but others did better. She had a small role as a robotic-type character named Dyslexia(?) on the breastwork acting challenge but was really hilarious on that. :haha: She did a really great job transforming Kingsley as a drag queen with the look and make-up but felt Aquaria didn’t work on his confidence or their storyline as a team here. She delivered more amazing outfits and looks on The Evil Twin Ball - and wow RuPaul even said those outfits were Top 10 runway all-time best outfits. :omg: Aquaria won it based on the outfits but I wish she had a stronger storyline behind those. Then I felt she really shone with her performing and dancing on the American song/dance finale challenge. She also delivered two strong lip sync performances. With winning 3 main challenges and never being in the Bottom 2, I had a strong feeling she would win and I was content and good with that happening.


Asia O’Hara: Aww I really liked Asia throughout the season. Asia was like the Mother Hen of the group looking out and being there for everyone as much as possible (even though that came to her determent on The Last Ball on Earth 3 looks challenge). But besides that i loved how caring she was and was the only one to really try to understand The Vixen.  I think she had this Motherly vibe to her because of losing her parents at 27 which was so sad. :( I did think Asia was a strong competitor and seemed to be one of the ones to beat. She was a standout and great on the PharmaRusical and hilarious as the ugly character on the Madam Butterface app challenge. I think I found her funny on the Why Are You So Obsessed with Me? segment of the Bossy Rossy episode even though she was kind of a mess missing her cues. :haha: She was alright on the RuPaul’s DragCon episode but then…. her Beyoncé impersonation on Snatch Game was terrible. She made Bey a mean and angry mother…. and not funny at all. 😐 I was shocked she didn’t land in the Bottom 2 that week. I was happy as an Asia fan but that aside… I was surprised. Asia did have another bad week on the Cher Unauthorized Musical episode where she didn’t have a strong Cher impression and forgot some of her words in the most notable way. 😐 At least she delivered a strong lip sync battle. I think that Bottom 2 trip was what she needed as she was hilarious as Parah Salin in the Breastworld movie challenge. She also did a great job transforming Raymond Braun as a drag queens sister on the Social Media Kings to Queens episode. Then I thought she nailed The Evil Twin Ball runway and storyline challenge. She was my chosen winner (over Aquaria) there - her evil character was amazingly perfect! :omg: I did think she was rude on the comments of why Miz Cracker should go so that was disappointing but glad Asia apologized for her words there. I thought she did well n the finale episode. But then she gave such a disappointing and confusing lip sync performance to “Nasty” - where she was…. releasing these butterflies rather than performing? It was all so disappointing as I had moments f rooting for her to win the competition. But still Asia was one of my favorites overall - and had more good moments than bad.


Blair St Clair: Aww I thought Blair was one of the most innocent, nicest and sweetest contestants of the show. I don’t know how anyone could hate Blair. But also Blair as his boy self, looks so young like 10 or 12. It was really funny when RuPaul even commented on that to Blair. :haha: Blair did do well on her time on the competition and I loved the innocence flair she brought. I thought she did really well on the Tap That App episode on the End of Days app. Her acting really shone and was so fun to watch there. I think she did well on the Last on Earth episode. Sadly on her last two weeks she got overshadowed - once by Monique in the “I Married a Catcus” episode and then Miz Cracker & The Vixen overshadowed her on the Team Hair RuPaul Con episode  - even thug that was in a bad way. And their digs/jokes came off as rude and like kicking a sweet puppy. Not cool even though that wasn’t the intention. Ooh her story of being raped was so heartbreaking. :broken: I was sad she left so early on Episode 6 because i thought she was a solid competitor and did so well the other weeks (sans her final week). I thought she had much more to offer and I wished she lasted longer.



Dusty Ray Bottoms: I wasn’t too fond of Dusty Ray’s drag style but she did fine’ish. Dusty wasn’t really a standout to me. With the four episodes she was on, the runway looks seemed to be hit or miss to me. I remember Michelle hating the spots on her face which was her signature look so that was #yikes. But she had that really good look with her black & white suit jacket as her look. She was a standout and did really well on the PharmaRusical episode, as she should with her Broadway background. The gay conversion story Dusty talked about and went through was really sad and heartbreaking but it’s great he got out of that and in a happier place now. Sadly, The Last Ball on Earth episode with having to do 3 looks wasn’t good as her outfits weren’t strong or standout enough and she was no match to Monet in the “Pound the Alarm” lip sync so I was fine with Dusty going at this point.


Eureka: I’m scared to say my thoughts on Eureka as I feel I may be in the unpopular opinion group about her. 🙈 I didn’t really care much for Eureka in Season 9 but she completely won me over and I became a big fan of hers on Season 10. I get she can be A LOT to take but… I really enjoyed her. Eureka did have a bit of a shaky start as she was still recovering from her injury and I felt bad for her when her confidence was knocked down and she was having a number of meltdowns on the PharmaRusical episode, which landed her in the Bottom 2. I was happy she did well on that lip sync battle and stayed. After that, Eureka was proving to be a really strong competitor  and I was liking her more each week. She was hilarious and a highlight in the End of Days Tap That App group challenge. She did well on The Last Ball on Earth 3 looks challenge but wasn’t a total standout. But after that she was having strong week after strong week! She was hilarious as that big baby on the Look at Me I’m a Sexy Baby segment on the Bossy Rossy Show episode. She was a fantastic moderator and nailed the RuPaul Drag Con episode and I love how she created that catchphrase of proportioning - which really caught on. :haha: Then she had me in stitches and was freaking hilarious as Honey Boo Boo on Snatch Game. :dead: After 3 really strong weeks, Eureka really worried me on the Cher Musical episode. Eureka’s story of having a traumatic experience singing in front of his father’s friends as a child and abuse happening was really sad. :( Then she was a surprising disappointment on the Breastworld acting challenge, which is something she should have nailed. :unsure: But i’m so glad she survived that Lip sync battle alongside Kameron as I really feared she was going to go. That would have sucked as I felt she had so much to offer. OMG LOL Eureka & Frankie Grande being paired together on the Social Media Kings to Queens make-over episode…. that is A LOT as a pairing. :dead: But i liked their dynamos and they worked so well together. I really enjoyed her looks and storyline from The Evil Twin Ball challenge too. She scared me with her dancing rehearsals on the American finale episode but she turned out a good performance. Her dancing was still a weak link of that group but she performed with great lively energy. I could say the same with her finale live show lip sync performances. Then of course she was in a lot of drama with The Vixen which was a big storyline of hers. Hmmm this was interesting. I never thought Eureka was completely innocent but I did feel she tried to make amends and apologize for how abrasive/loud she could come across - and I appreciate she was trying to squash their beef. But then stuff from the reunion show with Eureka ~poking the bear~ to make The Vixen react the way she does was…. eeks worthy and made me question her intentions. It made me weary but I was a fan of Eureka the whole competition so I’m not going to drop her instantly like that. I was kinda rooting for Eureka to win (even though Aquaira was a strong/solid winner too) so i was a bit bummed that didn’t happen but i wasn’t upset or furious.


Kalorie Karbdashian Williams: I wanted to like Kalorie so much more than I did. :( Kalorie seemed really nice with a good backstory of losing weight and gaining confidence in her body. Her first runway look with the money dress on the design challenge wasn’t good and I personally would have eliminated her over Vanessa that week. Then her next runway look wasn’t good and she didn’t do well or stand out in the PharmaRuMusical. Nice and likable person but not the strongest competitor.


Kameron Michaels: Hmm I feel a little confused when it comes to Kameron Michaels which I will try my best to explain. It was interesting how the running theme with Kameron was how she never talks and is so quiet. I can get and relate to that as I am naturally quiet and shy in real life - so that made me want to root for Kameron. But for reality TV, the quiet types aren’t so fun or too fascinating to watch which I am okay with. But I felt Kameron’s run was too under-the-radar and I didn’t really find or feel she was finalist material at all. :ph34rwave: I do think it was interesting having such a muscular man on the show and wondering how that would transfer him into drag. I think I kinda felt he looked too manly at times but as the season progressed I did get more of a Drag Queen feel from her. I also think  she was quite strong and great with her runway looks - not at like Aqauria or Miz Cracker’s level but she had some good looks. But in the more acting/performing based challenges, she was more middle of the road for me. She was meh as the business woman in the Fibstr app challenge. But she did well on the Last Ball on Earth 3 looks challenge. She surprised me doing better than Monét on the My Freaky Addiction is Ruining my Life segment on the Bossy Rossy episode. Although her performance wasn’t too memorable as a whole. She did do a great job with the Team Body Proportionizing RuPaul Drag Con episode where she was paired with Eureka and Monét. She did well and had some good moments as Chyna on Snatch Game - not a standout but not a disaster. Kameron finally broke out of that middle-of-the-road act as she nailed it on the Cher Musical episode. She really shone in that and I felt this was the only challenge where she was a main standout. Then for the rest of the season she was lackluster and not so good in the following challenges - she struggled a lot and had bad acting with the Muffy character on the Breastworld movie episode, delivered an underwhelming makeover and performance on Anthony Padilla. I thought they got along well but their look and runway was boring. Then Kameron didn’t really bring much or dig in on the Evil Twin Ball challenge and had two looks that looked the same. She landed in the Bottom 2 all those times and won all of those lip sync battles - which also surprised me. I do think she’s a strong lip sync performer and does shine while performing. I got some of the wins…. but I don’t get this whole lip sync assassinator vibe from her? I don’t know…. maybe I am missing here? Or maybe I was just over Kameron and wanting her to go over her competitors? I did like her song lyrics and performance on the America finale episode. She did do great there. Ugh I was disappointed she beat out Asia on the “Nasty” Final lip sync. Now this performance I do think Kameron won that battle but I am still not fond of this new finale format as it seems to erase past challenge performances out of the equation - and contestants Kameron benefits from this. Sorry if I came off too harsh, I do like Kameron but felt she should have gone earlier.


Mayhem Miller: Aww I was really enjoying Mayhem Miller at the start of the season and I thought she would have be a frontrunner so I was sad to see her struggle on in the competition. Mayhem did really well winning the first design outfit challenge on the 10s Across the Board challenge. It was touching how emotional she got after that win. Sadly it was those acting/comedic based challenges that would be her demise. She was really bad and forgettable in that Tap That app… and yeah her performance was cringeworty and she was so nonexistent in her ad so that was really bad. :( I think she lucked up in having a design challenge so early The Last Ball on Earth episode. She did well that there. Sadly she did not excel on The Bossy Rossy Show episode. She was overshadowd by Miz Cracker and didn’t really connect with her. I wouldn’t have minded Mayhem lasting a little longer but she was coasting by. I did like Mayhem’s personally and wouldn’t mind seeing her get another chance.


Miz Cracker: Aww i really enjoyed Miz Cracker and thought she was a strong and consistent competitor. I did think the Cracker/Aquaria drama was weird and came off as an after thought a few episodes later lol (but I know it got cleared up between them earlier on from the reunion show). Miz Cracker did seem to start off quite well in the earlier challenges and received great comments - but she wasn’t ever that standout winner or best f the week for a large part of the season. I did think she shone and had some great outfits on The Last Ball on Earth challenge. I did grow to lie Miz Cracker more in some o the acting-based challenges such as her performance in the psychiatrist in the Save me from my Deadly fear of Pickles segment from the Bossy Rossy episode. She was great in that. She didn’t do well on the DragCon episode with the rest of her group on that Team Hair group but she managed to be the only one safe from it so that was good for her. She did well as Dorothy Parker on the Snatch Game but it wasn’t outstanding enough to really stand out - for good or bad reasons. She did alright as 90s Cher but again wasn’t a major standout. Same thing could be said for her role on the Breastworld movie challenge. That episode should have been much stronger from her. But it seemed she was putting a lot of pressure on and psyching herself out. I was really happy when Miz Cracker won that Social Media Kings to Queens episode with her amazing drag transformation of Chester See. Their chemistry as a duo was so funny and hilarious. :haha: So happy for Cracker there as I felt for her always coming up so short. Ugh sadly she got back in her head on The Evil Twi Ball episode. I felt bad with how she was struggling with how to go about this challenge and portray the Evil Twin character.  Ugh and then I was really annoyed with how she was eliminated after only one Bottom 2 trip with one lip sync while Kameron got to stay over Cracker. Ugh I felt Cracker was the stronger competitor overall so that was a disappointing result.



Monét X Change: Monét had quite of a rollercoaster journey here but unlike others on a consistent side, I did find Monét to be fun and fascinating to watch. I really enjoyed Monét’s big and bright personality. She started off well winning that 10s Across the board mini challenge with the past seasons Queens. That was fun there. After that I did feel Monét was middle-of-the-road the next few weeks. Sadly she was on a low in the competition landing in the Bottom 2 with her Episode 4’s The Last Ball on Earth 3 looks and Episode 5’s The Bossy Rossy show My Freaky Addiction is Ruining my Life segment. It was surprising how she was struggling that episode and her usual humor wasn’t catching on there. :( With those lows, she did deliver two fantastic and entertaining lip syncs to “Pound the Alarm” and “Man! I Feel Like a Woman.” :omg: She delivered and lip synched for her life there! After that I felt she was stepping up her game and getting better. Her group did great with the Team Body Proportionizing Drag Race Con challenge. Then her Maya Angelou was perfection and freaking hilarious on Snatch Game. :omg: She had me cracking up every time she spoke. :dead: Did that WAYY better than Chi Chi the previous season. Ugh I really wish she had won that challenge as i thought she deserved to. :/ But i guess her runway look made her lose. Monét continued stepping up her game by delivering a great Cher on the Cher Musical and was a standout on the Breastworld movie segment episodes. Aww I did feel kinda bad for Monét getting called out and mocked for her short wigs. I felt like that was her signature look and style and props to her owning up to that. She would remind me of Nene Leakes with those looks. Although I get why the judges wanted bigger hair from her. Then once she does deliver that in the Social Media Kings to Queen episodes with Tyler Oakley…. then she gets negative reviews on their runway look and goes. :dead: Yikes at how that happens. Her last lip sync to “Good As Hell” was a lot of fun. I was kinda pulling for Monét to stay over Kameron but Kameron had the better track record so it was an understandable decision. I still enjoyed Monét and her growth. I don’t think I was expecting her to win the Miss Congeniality award but congrats to her!


Monique Heart: Monique was fine and I liked her well enough but I felt i expected more from her overall. I did feel for Monique when her runway looks would get such bad criticism. I also felt bad when she was explaining how she had to make all of her outfits with such a short amount of time on the work room. And it being because of the lack of money. :( I did remember liking her Queen of Hearts outfit from first episode. She did crack me up on the Tap That App episode where she was acting but became her own director calling the takes and cuts cues. :lmao: Carson saying she’d rather be a director than actress. My favorite moment from Monique was her performance on the “I Married a Catcus” segment. She was hilarious and really stole the show from Blair in that act. :haha: I thought she did well on the Team Make-Up group on the RuPaul Drag Con episode. I can’t remember if I thought she was the best of her group but she was better than Aquaria there. I was looking forward to her Maxine Waters from Snatch Game but sadly that was a disappointing performance. :( I don’t necessarily think she should have Bottom 2’d that week - think it should have been Asia. I didn’t expect her to go but she gave a really bad lip sync of “Cut to the Feeling” with not knowing the words and some messy & awkward dancing. So that was a disappointing end to her run. :(


The Vixen: I would say The Vixen was probably the most complex contestant of this season. The Vixen was someone I also had…. very dynamic and complicated feelings on too. Sometimes I would really root and feel for The Vixen with all she was going through but other times she would just be too much and too argumentative for me to handle and enjoy. Then there were times where I really felt for her - with all of the racial and sexuality stuff and oppression she would go through. I do think The Vixen was an intriguing contestant and I appreciate the political Chicago nature she brought to the show and you can tell she’s been through a lot with where she’s from. I do wonder how her Black Girl Magic show is. I was really annoyed with her drama with Aquaria and Eureka. It seemed she was never willing to make amends with them and would just be rude and nasty towards them on multiple occasions. Like her whole throwing Eureka under the bus to the judges was so messed up and unprofessional - well her reasoning of why Eureka should go. But as a competitor she was kind of a mixd bag on the show. The Vixen started off really strong on the PharmaRuscial episode. I was surprised she won that since her leadership seemed not the best for the team but she and the team pulled out a great performance. I feel like her runway looks were hit or miss too - I can’t remember what really stood out but I did like most of her looks. The Vixen did seem to struggle with the acting challenges: She wasn’t too good on the Why Are You So Obsessed with Me? segment on the Bossy Rossy episode. She didn’t do well and on the Hair group on the RuPaul DragCon episodes especially with her rude and snippy she came across to her teammates on stage. Then…. she didn’t really do much as Blue Ivy Carter on Snatch Game. Then on the Cher Musical episode…. I thought she danced & performed well but she had no Cher mannerisms and seemed to be performing as The Vixen which was not apart of the challenge. So yeah I felt she left at the right time - or maybe she should ha ve gone earlier. But then again maybe not because she did slay it on all of her lip sync battles - I feel like “I’m Coming Out” and “Cut to the Feeling” were the lip syncs that stood out most to me.


Vanessa Vanjie Mateo: MISS VANJIE! :bobo: MISS VANJIE! :bobo: I do love how her name of MISS VANJIE was a running gag for everyone this season. :dead: It was so hilarious. She certainly left her mark!  Ah Vanessa is apart of the Alexis Mateo club house? We have to stan. 😘 Although I am sure Elliott was happy she left first. :rolleyes: But UGH I was super sad and disappointed that Vanessa was the first eliminated Queen. I found her so hilarious and she had so many funny quotes from her only episode. :haha: Ugh I wanted to see more from her. Yeah sadly her runway outfit on a design challenge was bad and messy. I thought her personality could have carried her on but it didn’t… Such a bummer. She could be one of my favorite first boots at least.


Yuhua Hamasaki: I thought Yuhua started off promising with the first two episodes. I did like her caution tape inspired dress and thought that was a fun look or the first episode design challenge. She did really well and was funny in the PharmaRusical episode. But then she was pretty bad on the Tap That App ad where she was apart of Madam Buttrface app. She was looking too pretty/not ugly enough and did terrible on her parts. Ooh I was also annoyed with how snippy and defensive she got at the judges when they would critique her performances and runway outfits. It was every week and she lacked charm when she did so. I was fine with her leaving when she did.



  1. Asia O’Hara
  2. Eureka
  3. Aquaria
  4. Monét X Change
  5. Miz Cracker
  6. Kameron Michaels
  7. Blair St Clair
  8. The Vixen
  9. Mayhem Miller
  10. Monique Heart
  11. Vanessa Vanjie Mateo
  12. Dusty Ray Bottoms
  13. Yuhua Hamasaki
  14. Kalorie Karbdashian Williams


I would say the Top 3 are my main faves although i don’t really have a clear #1. I like 4-7 too. Actually I like 8-11 and I only didn’t care for 12-14 at all. But ugh I feel conflicted on a lot of them like 6-7 and especially unsure on 8-10 are all interchangeable to me.

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17 minutes ago, *Wallace said:

Ah Vanessa is apart of the Alexis Mateo club house? We have to stan. 😘 Although I am sure Elliott was happy she left first. :rolleyes: 


Sis I love Vanjie. 😘 At least Alexis was good for something!

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24 minutes ago, Elliott said:

Eureka at #2????????????


unimpressed viola davis GIF

LMAOOO this is why I was scared to post. 🙈 Please tell me there are other fans. :lmao: 


22 minutes ago, Elliott said:

Eureka lusting over Frankie Grande was one of the most offensive things I’ve had to suffer through. 



19 minutes ago, Elliott said:

Sis I love Vanjie. 😘 At least Alexis was good for something!

Oh. Well I am shocked there.  :lmao:  But Alexis is good for MANY things. 🙂 

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23 minutes ago, Elliott said:

Kameron sixth?????

Monique Heart tenth????


unimpressed viola davis GIF


Wally’s not allowed to watch Drag Race anymore.



I voiced all of my thoughts but.... I don't remember anything special Monique did. :ph34rwave:


Y'all got me into watching this. Now I must finish it. 😢 


15 minutes ago, Densu said:

Wally, you in danger gurl

Lmaooo why? :ph34rwave:


13 minutes ago, Elliott said:

I’ve already decided I’m not reading his AS4 thoughts. 😘

Why nott? Although ugh you can't answer without spoiling me. :lmao: 

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Omg I have so many seasons to catch up on with my thoughts here. :haha: 

These season 10 rankings - a lot I can tell I’ll agree on and some which... I don’t as such. I’m sure that’s easy to guess. :dead: But excited to read in full! 

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Butterfly-gate was for sure an unfortunate moment and shouldn’t have been done. I hated how she received such a horrific amount of hate for it though, truly she is one of the kindest most hard-working queens and it sucks that pretty much everything she’s done gets overshadowed by the butterflies instead.


Asia’s possibly in my all-time top 5 so I’m just glad to see Wally can join the Asia fan club of course :wub: (Might have to leave him alone in the Eureka fan club though... :dead:)

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Just now, Elliott said:

At least Asia’s butterfly incident will keep people from trying to do the most with their reveals now. 😘 



Yea the ruveals are overdone. If thats all you have to offer lipsyncs it needs to be re-evaluted.  (like how many times in a song you can splits/death drop).

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