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Lauren Mascitti or Grace Leer?


Lauren or Grace?  

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  1. 1. Who should win the vote?

    • Lauren Mascitti
    • Grace Leer

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16 hours ago, frederick said:

That is horrible if THAT is why people don't like her. How sexist and gross.


Yeah. I hope that isn't the reason. I thought she did something unforgivable (like a crime) in her past or something.


Honestly, neither of them are in my top 10; I don't have a huge stake in either of them, but I think they're both very talented. I wouldn't mind either one making it in, although, again, I slightly Lauren's body of work as a whole.


I don't really like being made to choose between two of them at this point; I'd rather they have committed to a choice, or just made a Top 21 if they flat-out couldn't choose. But I keep forgetting this is a reality show. There's gotta be some unnecessary drama somewhere... :haha:

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Based on the Aulani performances, Grace deserves the spot without a doubt. Overall however, Lauren is more memorable IMO. Her original song, “God Made A Woman” was one of the highlights of Hollywood Week. I honestly thought she was a producer favorite so I’m surprised she’s part of this twist. 

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