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American Idol Rankdown 2.0

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Jordin and Blake are both good and fighting over them is silly when Melinda outclassed them week after week!

Advancing Kelly Brianne Clarkson so @Steven_ can't magically cut her again!

*me trying to figure out why everyone is arguing over Archie/Brooke/Carly outranking one another instead of just focusing on Derek saying he didn’t like S7*

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1 minute ago, Alex95 said:

Lmao I was trying to be nice to Elliott and not eliminate Garrett :dead:

He's a goner with these nominations anyway so at least I can give him a better write-up than anyone else would :/

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Aaron Kelly


I think I cut Aaron in the first game too. I've got nothing against the guy, he just brought nothing to the show so he's a rather easy cut. Aaron was on S9 and honestly we can just purge the whole season outside of maybe Crystal though she shouldn't be endgame either. I think he was supposed to be a country singer...? Idk I very easily could've just made that up. He auditioned with "The Climb" and a sob story of being adopted by his aunt and uncle. I didn't think his audition was good at all and I would've cut him there lol. I remember his performance of "I Believe I Can Fly" the best for some reason...for the wrong reasons. I am relistening to it and it was a truly bad performance. I was about to say I was surprised he didn't get sent home for it, but Tim Urban was still around for some reason at that point. According to WNTS his best performance was "You've Got A Way". If that truly is his best performance...yikes. I don't like country music so it should be no surprise that I don't like this performance lol. He connected with it pretty well emotionally though. Him and Andrew both making top the top 12 over Alex Lambert is a travesty (why wasn't Andrew nominated in this mass elim of S9?!)


Saving Joshua Ledet (I had it typed up waiting for Sola to post the noms lmao)

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Well he's obviously a goner with these nominations, so since I'm actually a fan, I'll just channel my inner @*Chris and do the write-up myself. 😘 /control freak Elliott


Garrett Jacobs is a semi-finalist / finalist depending on if you consider the Top 14 finalists or semi-finalists from that season. He was notably put up against Laine Hardy for the final spot in S16's Top 24. Oops, sorry. I meant season 1. Since they were both from Louisiana, they had a similar vibe musically; at the time, I was fine with Garrett making it through since I liked him more in season 16, but nowadays I like Laine more. THE STRUGGLE. Anyway, Garrett had four performances in the voting rounds of his show - a cover of Shawn Mendes' Treat You Better (I try not to remember it, even as a fan), his duet to Lucky (not the Britney Spears song), a cover of Phillip Phillips' Raging Fire, and then finally a performance of Have You Ever Seen the Rain?


Though he didn't make the Top 10, he stayed active on Twitter and whatnot since he was close friends with eventual runner-up Caleb Lee Hutchinson and notably called people out when they were trying to make homophobic comments about Ada Vox, so that was nice to see. :wub: Shortly afterward, I met Garrett for the first time when we both had VIP tickets to Clark Beckham's EP release show. :giggle: Since Clark is Garrett's favourite alumni, we both bonded over that, and I even offered to take a photo of them together for Garrett. :giggle: He released a couple of singles after that, and then did his very own solo acoustic set at CMA Fest in 2019, which Andrew and I got to see. He premiered a bunch of new songs there and it was awesome getting to see just how much he'd grown in just the year since his season. He also recognized me afterward. ❤️


He's one of the few semi-finalists whose career I've tried to follow, and I'm glad to see that he didn't let his early elimination curb his decision to pursue music. I've been a fan of the music he's put out, and he's remained just as nice and appreciative the first time I met him as he is now.


Here's his music. 😘




SAVE: James Durbin

Edited by Elliott
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Out of these nominations, Uché is the individual I feel most comfortable cutting - sorry to any of his fans. Anyway, Uché was a contestant on the 17th season of American Idol - I thought he was talented but I didn't really care for 2 of his performances while I really enjoyed 2 of his performances; I remember being excited that he was doing "Figures" by Jessie Reyez who is an underrated Canadian singer - his performance of the song was pretty good, and I enjoyed it. He unfortunately did not make it through, so he gave a performance in the Wildcard to a Bruno Mars song which I did not care for - I do not like the song so the performance was just there for me. However, he really delivered when it came to Diamonds even though it was not as good as the superior performance of Diamonds from a previous season. The following week, he gave his last performance which was a performance of "I 2 I" which was okay - it would not have been the first song that I would have chosen when it comes to Disney but he was creative with the choice which did not work out for him in the end. Anyway, Uché is quite talented but if we already eliminated Jeremiah from this rankdown, we can also eliminate Uché.


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Ben Briley

Why do I not remember anything about him? It took me five minutes to look through Wikipedia to even find what season he was on. I could’ve sworn he was on season fifteen since that’s clearly the most forgettable season but turns out he wasn’t! Ben was a contestant on season thirteen of American Idol and made it to the third week of the live finals. I’m going to blame the weird semi finals format as to why I have no idea who he is. I did just watch “Bennie and the Jets” and that was pretty bad. I don’t think I like this guys tone. He strikes me as someone Elliott would stan for but I think Elliott has bigger favourites here and I don’t want to choose one of those out of politeness.


Saving Amber. 

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Paul McDonald




Honestly if I could cut all 4 remaining I would (but then I would have to do the write ups, so I will take this as a blessing lmao). Anyway, Paul McDonald was a contestant on season 10, and he made it close to the halfway mark before getting the boot. He mostly did soft rock/folk stuff, but nothing that was memorable or good... wait this Old Time Rock & Roll performance is terrible, but the rest is just meh. But let’s put it in context: he outlasted Pia, so that keeps the with the overall theme of questionable decisions. Whatever, another one down, more to go.


Save: Sam Woolf

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