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American Idol Rankdown 2.0

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I just remember her as her being an openly gay contestant in the show which is cool. She got to the finals. Her voice is nothing special to me in my opinion but I'm glad the judges found something in her. Her song choices seems to be okay most of the time (Lorde, Train, Allen, Allen Stone, Bob Dylan, Gladys Knight, etc.) but she obviously wasn't someone who would win American Idol. She was in the 13th season which is  season that I'd rather not remember. She was pretty forgettable and I can't think of anything else to write about her. MK's real name is Michelle Anne Nobilette. I think that's a hundred words now.

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Jordin and Blake are both good and fighting over them is silly when Melinda outclassed them week after week!

Advancing Kelly Brianne Clarkson so @Steven_ can't magically cut her again!

*me trying to figure out why everyone is arguing over Archie/Brooke/Carly outranking one another instead of just focusing on Derek saying he didn’t like S7*

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Again, I don't remember most of the things Ashthon did except how weird it is to have another 'H' after the 'T' in Ashton. And it was so hard to type it lol. Anyway, she was on season 10 which was a good season (except the final 2 don't @ me). I can't find her auditions and most of her Hollywood week performances. I don't really want to listen to her again because honestly I remember thinking she sounded weak for being the diva of the season. She did well singing And I Am Telling You but it was still not special compared to past contestants who has sang it before. She did not go through in the finals but she was chosen to be a wildcard. She performed And I Am Telling You again and she got through. Sadly, she's the first to be eliminated in the finals. I wish Kendra got through rather than her/Stefano.

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I remember him from that group performance with Lazaro :dead: Oh god. So I don't remember much from him because he was a bit of a meh contestant when the focus in season 12 was Candice and Kree. He made it to the top 10 which was the finals in that season. He was in the bottom in the top 10 and top 9. Top 8, he got eliminated and that was when he also performed that group performance with Lazaro and and Burnell. Wooh, that was a mess! He was so bitchy that night though which I loved 🤣 Anyway, he said in an interview after his elimination that Nicki Minaj was being unfair in her judging and criticism the night prior. Nicki of course defended herself :dead: Anyway, mess. At least he got to join the tour,

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Oh gosh. I remember him. He's quite the character and he was funny in a cringe way. He said he wanted to make David Hasselhoff cry which made the judges laugh. That was during his audition. Anyway, he had a nice tone so he gets through. He sang Kiss from a Rose. The judges seemed to love him and was kinda seen as one of their favourites. Anyway he also seemed to know a lot of American Idol trivia which he made us known in the top 24 week. He's more of a comedian to me to be honest who can sing. He got eliminated in the top 10 week in that weird ass theme "Artists who Inspired Gwen Stefani" 🤣 Oh I miss those weird ass themes that they do. Anyway, that's all for Chris.

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Sarina-Joi Crowe

She‘s one of American Idol’s biggest let downs ever. She tried out for so many years and then absolutely crumbled when it was her time to shine. She had a couple of decent performances at the start but her last two are up there with the likes of Jena’s. My ears were bleeding. 🤢 “Mamma Knows Best” was probably her strongest performance but it was so self indulgent and over the top. “You Really Got A Hold On Me” absolutely paled in comparison to Haley’s performance. Her voice was strained throughout and it was boring. “Love Runs Out” LOLOLOLOLOL this was an absolute train wreck performance. It was completely off pitch and hideous. But then we get to “Neon Lights” and it gets even worse. Her last two will go down in history as two of the worst. 

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giphy.gifMajesty Rose

I’m a bit confused because I remember nothing from her journey apart from her horrific take on “Let It Go” which I felt personally victimised by. I vaguely remember people saying she was amazing throughout the earlier rounds but why was that? I just watched a couple of her performances and her voice was so thin. She almost sounds like her voice will break at any second. That alongside her petrified look really sold those performances for me. 🙄  I suppose season thirteen was pretty horrific as far as talent goes so that must be the only reason she made it so far. Next!

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  1. Amber Holcomb
  2. Brielle Von Hugel
  3. Camile Velasco
  4. Dalton Rapattoni
  5. Dexter Roberts
  6. HeeJun Han
  7. Jasmine Trias
  8. Juanita Barber
  9. Julia DeMato
  10. Katie Webber
  11. Kevin Covais
  12. Michelle Sussett
  13. Nick Fradiani
  14. Rayvon Owen
  15. Tatiana del Toro
  16. Zoanette Johnson
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Jason Castro

Again.. who? Season seven was a fantastic season with a diverse cast. There was someone for everyone and yet I don’t remember this guy. I remember pretty much every other contestant, performances and placements and this stoner has vanished from my memory. OH! Memory! That absolutely terrible performance 🤢 That’s about all I can muster up for him. He has good hair? I might resent him because I just googled him and he outlasted Brooke and Carly. What’s he done since Idol? Let me tell you so that it bulks this out. He’s now married and he’s done some gigs and tours around America.

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