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American Idol Rankdown 2.0

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Jordin and Blake are both good and fighting over them is silly when Melinda outclassed them week after week!

Advancing Kelly Brianne Clarkson so @Steven_ can't magically cut her again!

*me trying to figure out why everyone is arguing over Archie/Brooke/Carly outranking one another instead of just focusing on Derek saying he didn’t like S7*

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Just now, 1234567890 said:

You have to hang around black women specially black church going women to hear it. :dead:

I don’t know anyone who goes to Church over here so clue me up Phaedra.



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Jermaine Jones


Despite the fact that this is the third S11 contestant I cut in a row I swear I don't hate the season :dead:. It's not my fault y'all saved none of them. It's also not my fault none of them did anything particularly noteworthy to make it through the round. Rewatching his audition, he's really likable. I love his relationship with his mother and he really does have a nice voice. "Superstar" is such a boring song choice, but he sang it well. At the live shows he sang "Dance With My Father". Another boring song choice to be frank. He kinda just went the basic route for most of his choices. Maybe he would've taken more risks if he lasted longer. "Knocks Me Off My Feet" was another meh performance. He was just very meh the whole time. Then he got disqualified for allegedly hiding arrest warrants from production. I was under the impression for some reason this was a domestic violence issue or something. The more I'm looking into it now, it does feel like he got screwed. They want their ~moment~ and they saw an opportunity with Jermaine. It doesn't help that he's a large, black man so the audience would likely rally behind the producer's decision. He seems like a nice guy and I feel really bad for him. According to wikipedia Jermaine wanted to audition for The Voice. I guess he never ended up on the show, but maybe one day.

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Jorge Nuñez


Jorge was on the 8th season of Idol. Me only cutting from the seasons I like :wub:. Look I have Killing Eve backed up on my DVR that I want to get to so I'm not gonna make this all that interesting. He auditioned singing "My Way" in Spanish, but then Paula demanded an English audition lol. Simon defending Jorge's accident and singing in Spanish, we stan a woke icon :wub:. So is Randy, wow good for them not being trash for a change! During the semifinals he sand "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me". I absolutely love this performance and if I remembered it before I randomly nominated him, I probably wouldn't have. He's really feeling the song and singing it absolutely beautifully. This might be my favorite performance of this song on Idol...? Anyways he deservedly advances to top 13 after it. He sings "Never Can Say Goodbye" on Michael Jackson night. He wanted to represent Puerto Rico well on the show and now I'm sad I cut him and that he got cut that week :broken:. I don't think the performance was bad at all actually! A huge step down from his previous performance, but I highly doubt he was one of the two worst of the night. America was probably scared because he sang in Spanish. So now I lowkey wish he lasted longer, but he really is fodder in the grand scheme of things so he's a fine cut.

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Malaya Watson
MK Nobilette
Devin Velez
Heejun Han
Aaron Kelly
Jasmine Murray
Michael Lynche
Ashthon Jones
Chris Sligh
David Hernandez
Andrew Garcia
Skylar Laine
Michelle Sussett
Chris Richardson
Phil Stacey

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