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American Idol Rankdown 2.0


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9 minutes ago, Elliott said:


-Then late last year, Cade tweeted something about Gabby's single and basically said his wife was the only successful one from the season/the rightful winner. Maddie got upset and said it was rude to say that considering they were all friends. Cade then re-posted his tweet but tied it into Jesus being responsible for Gabby's success, so then Catie got involved with the drama and taking Maddie's side. Then Ada started subtweeting Cade and Gabby in everyone's posts about it on Twitter on Instagram.

What. A. Mess.

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6 minutes ago, Elliott said:

-Someone dug through Maddie's likes on Twitter once and saw she liked a bunch of tweets from a Conservative pundit who had posted transphobic things (but Maddie didn't like those tweets). Maddie then started arguing on Twitter with people who asked her about it, and Ada stepped in to be like MADDIE IS ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS. SHE HAS NO ISSUE WITH GAY OR TRANS PEOPLE, AND YOU ARE ALL DRAGGING HER FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER.

Umm no. Her likes were transphobic and anti-women's choice. There was no miscommunication.


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1 minute ago, *Chris said:

Let’s not forget Gabby’s dad getting involved in the drama too! 

Yeah. Gabby herself was the only one who didn't actively get involved, so clearly her PR person is working wonders for her. :rofl: Too bad they weren't around when Gabby was picking her finale set list.

Edited by Elliott
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Sorry I forgot lol #TeamPutNominatingOrderOnTheFrontPage



Ejay Day

Adriel Herrera (SF)

Corey Clark

Lindsey Cardinale

Kevin Covais

Heather Cox (SF)

(SF) Von Smith

(SF) Nick "Normund Gentle" Mitchell

(SF) Tim Halperin

Jermaine Jones

(SF) Johnny Keyser

(SF) Garrett Jacobs

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My gosh. This guy. :lmao:Nick auditioned in season 8 under his alter ego named Norman Gentle. 🤣 I still don't know why he wore the headband and the wristbands for working out. He sang And I Am Telling You and Simon just didn't like it because he hated comedy. He had a banter with Simon telling him that Nick promised he wouldn't try to be funny and then Norman just replied with him being hurt "where you get kicked sometimes". Simon rebutted telling him he reckoned Norman would've liked it :dead: And then Norman replied, "You mean the way you like it when Seacrest does it? Whacha say now, Simon?!" :dead: I honestly died when he said that with my mouth gaping. The Simon x Ryan gossips before wooh lawd :dead: Anyway back to his audition, he sang Amazing Grace instead and he got through. His whole audition was just an entertaining mess I loved it ❤️ I don't remember much of his Hollywood week but he made it through to the live shows. He then sang And I Am Telling You... again! :lmao: I mean Norman can definitely sing but he was just there to be a comedian rather than pursue a real career being a singer. The whole performance was a mess that I LIVE for 🤣 



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Johnny Keyser





I didn't think Johnny made the semifinals?  How did he get in this game?  I don't remember a single thing he did.  Oh he was one of the options for a surprise semifinalists.  There is no place in this game for Top 40 placers, so he has to go.  I need to go look at whoever added him into the game and scold him.  He was on season 12.  The season with Mariah, Nicki and memorabl women.  The only memorable dude was Lazaro and he was for all the wrong reasons. His audition was try a little tenderness.  He sang Dreamin in hollywood week.  Anyway I don't want to do anymore research so  bye.



Save Adriel

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