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Confirmed Duos for Duo Round


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Confirmed Duos (not sure who’ll be featured)

Makayla Phillips, Cyniah


DemiRae, Michael Wingate


Jimmy Levy, Nick Merico


Aliana Jester, YZthasinga


Elyjuh Rene, Kimmy Gabriela 


Isabel Osorio, Geena Fontanella


Faith Becnel, Jovin Webb


Shannon Gibbons, Mama Yaya


JustSam, Sheniel


Dewayne Crocker, Jordan Jones


Olivia Ximines, Isa Pena


Kayla Ember, Talin Everett


Jonny West, Margie Mays


Genevieve Linkowski, Travis Finlay 


Amelia, Devon Alexander


Lauren Jean, Mollie Isaacs


Madison Lewis, Sofia Schuster


Cameron Havens, Ren Patrick


Bilaal Avaz, Griffin Holtby


Lauren Mascitti, Leon Macjen


Alex Georgia, Kat Lopez (obvious. They are a couple)


Francisco Martin, Louis Knight


Jeb Vonderbruegge, Alyssa Fair


Lauren Spencer, Makayla Brownlee

Natalie Jane, Marcus Tinsley


Peyton Aldridge, Madison Paige


Robert Taylor, Tito Rey


Evan Kuriga, Dillon James


Zack Dobbins, Courtney Timmons


Franklin Boone, Jordan Moyes


Landen Starkmen, Perrin York


Hannah Sattler, Chloe Channell

Grace Lundy, Kyle Tanguay


Hailey Verhaalen, Riah Butler


Grace Leer, Hannah Prestridge


Sarah Isen, Sophia Wackerman


Alexa Burroughs, Julia Gargano

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1 hour ago, AngelaKD said:

Do we know how many were eliminated during Round 1 and therefore how many duos there potentially are?

I know that going into solo round on Monday there will be 70. And after Monday we will have our top 40

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