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DWTS International Rankdown

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"ugh first? 😐  Why does the Randomizer hate me? GAH, okay, nominations will be up sometime tonight once I figure out what to do with this information."   There, @*Wallace, I saved you the tr

For the trainwreck lovers, I am adding in this guy.        

Sorry for the delay everyone!   I have reached out to Richard on twitter. Once I find out whether or not he is able to continue on in this, I will figure out a plan to move forward. Hopefull

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Aidan Fogarty



Aidan Fogarty appeared on the most recent season of DWTS Ireland, where he went on to be one of the finalists in the competition. I didn't completely follow this season, I watched some of the dances of the stars I knew more about (Yewande, Sinead) as well as ones who seemed like ones to watch and did well (Lottie, Grainne). So my knowledge of Aidan isn't too great compared to other stars in the season, however I do remember hearing that he was kinda the outsider of the competition when it came to the final four and looking at his scores I can see that. I think next to stars like Fr. Ray, he obviously was by no means the worst :haha: And overall he did ok with his scores! But the top three of that season all topped the leaderboard at some point whereas Aidan seemed to have that sort of middle-of-the-road journey with his scores. I will aim on coming back to this with some links to dances and I can comment more on them, but just having a look it seems like ballroom was particularly his forte, scoring highly particularly in dances such as the Tango, the American Smooth and the Viennese Waltz. I'll hope to elaborate more on Aidan's journey when I get a chance to but as for now, he was one of the DWTS Ireland contestants I know less of and so kinda made this an easier cut for me at this point in the game.

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Michelle Williams



Well it’s time for us to let Michelle go at this point. Michelle making it to the Top 180 based on her Strictly run, is veryyy generous. :dead::haha: I was hoping to do a write-up for her so I am happy I get to do so. Michelle Williams is an R&B singer and a member of Destiny’s Child, who competed on Strictly Come Dancing Series 8 and was partnered with Brendan Cole. I have been a big Michelle fan, for well… two decades now ever since she joined Destiny’s Child in 2000. So I definitely followed her career with the group and some of her solo career (although i don’t follow her career as much now). Michelle is a special Strictly contestant to me because she was the contestant that got me hooked into watching  and loving Strictly Come Dancing. I initially only watched it for her dances but sadly she was underwhelming as a dancer that I eventually decided watching the full competition around Week 4 or 5, where I was able to gain proper favorites from the stronger dancers. That’s not to say  I didn’t enjoy watching Michelle, since I do love her and was wanting & rooting for her to grow and do well. I will break down her dances below:


Week 1: Cha-Cha to “Stone Cold Sober” scoring 24 (5/6/7/6)

Week 2: Foxtrot to “It Had to Be You” scoring a 26 (6/7/7/6)

Week 3: Rumba to “Wicked Game” scoring a 24 (4/6/7/7)

Week 4: Tango (with Ian Waite) to “Killer” scoring a 27 (6/7/7/7)

Week 5: Jive to “The Time Warp” scoring a 29 (7/6/8/8)

Week 6: Waltz to “Right Here Waiting” scoring a 30 (6/8/8/8)

Week 7: Paso Doble to “American Woman” scoring a 24 (4/7/7/6)


Michelle’s run as a whole was hit-or-miss. I think her run was judged harsher on her because of being a pop star from one of the biggest girl groups of modern times. But I always knew Michelle wasn’t ever a natural and trained dancer. But then there’s also the Brendan factor, where…. he comes off impatient and can be difficult to work with. Michelle was quite stiff and not so good in the Latin dances like her Cha-Cha, Rumba and Paso Doble - although of those dances, I did kinda like her Rumba and wouldn’t have minded another point or 2 for that. She looked so beautiful in that dance too. :wub: Her Jive was a lot of fun and entertaining, which was easily her best Latin dance. Michelle fared better with the ballroom dances, all of which I did enjoy. I especially really liked her Waltz, and thought that was such a stunning and beautiful dance. ❤️ That was easily my favorite of hers.  


Michelle also didn’t fear well with the public vote having landed in the Bottom 2 on Weeks 3, 4, 6 and 7 - so she was only safe on Weeks 2 & 5. Ugh I felt so bad for Michelle landing in the Bottom 2 so much like that. It must have been hard on her and knocked her confidence some. :( But I do appreciate how she gave it her best, and I was surprised she lasted to Week 7 with all of those Bottom 2 trip. Here are some of her dances:







Saving: Charles Venn



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Chloe Lattanzi


There’s a lot of people in this group who I like well enough, even if some of them aren’t the best dancers. :haha: As much as I wanted to save Emma Weymouth for ANOTHER time...and there was the part of me which almost wanted to save Jamelia, I decided that Melody was the one who I both enjoyed the most and thought was a good skater. As much as I did wanna get more DOI people out...I just like Melody too much to do so in these noms :haha:


So I opted to cut Chloe as she is one of the people left who I like, but am less a fan of. I knew a bit about Chloe going into DWTS Australia, as she’s the daughter of Olivia Newton-John and has done some reality TV too I believe. All in all, I thought she was a decent dancer on the season, although I feel like I remember her kinda losing the momentum as time goes on. I believe she got injured at some point which was maybe why. So yeah looking at her scores, Chloe peaked in the earlier weeks with her Charleston and Contemporary, then kinda faltered. She was one of the stronger dancers of her season however I do think 6th place was a fair placement for her.


Saving: Melody Thornton

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Gabby Logan appeared on the 5th series of Strictly Come Dancing, way back in 2007 - it was during this series that she competed against her husband, Kenny Logan. While Kenny was partnered with Ola, Gabby was partnered with Ola's husband also known as James Jordan. On the series, Gabby failed to leave her mark on the competition - she was not up to the other contestant's calibre. She was not a terrible dancer, but she was never able to impress the public & the judges - she made it all the way to Week #4 until she got eliminated. This is an excellent spot for her, I am still surprise that she managed to sneak through the cracks & made it all the way to this point of the rankdown.


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Very tricky battle as I like them both and they are both on par for me based on their runs.....


Vote to Save:


Emma Weymouth - 

Greg Rutherford - Wallace

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On 9/30/2020 at 4:06 PM, *Amanda said:

Emma Weymouth has been eliminated. @Stephhyy is responsible for her write-up.


On 9/30/2020 at 5:15 PM, *Amanda said:

In the meantime, please PM me the names of the two celebs you want to be nominated for the group nominations round.


Can’t Nominate:

Charles Venn

Melody Thornton 


Greg Rutherford 


@*Chris @*Lily @Stephhyy @*Wallace

Still waiting for @*Lily @Stephhyy 

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Emma Weynouth

Viscountess Emma Weymouth 'cried all day' after Strictly exit

Emma is a businesswoman, chef, model and philanthropist who competed on last year’s series of Strictly Come Dancing. She was partnered with Aljaz and they came in 9th place out of 15 couples. I don’t know how she has made it this far in this rankdown, but I nominated her in this round as she had one of the weaker average scores. Her highest dance was her Viennese Waltz, which scored a 36 out of 40, however I watched her Samba, which was her last dance before she got eliminated and from her facial expressions, she seemed nervous and was looking for Aljaz for support.

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