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DWTS International Rankdown


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Monika Pyrek kończy 35 lat. Zobaczcie, jak się zmieniała - Sport


Monika Pyrek is a pole vaulter who competed at the Olympics & World Championship. She's also the winner of 12th season of Taniec z Gwiazdami which is the Polish version of Dancing With The Stars. Prior to the start of the rankdown, I watched all of her routines - I was a bit underwhelmed by them, I personally find that it's hard to believe that she was seen as a frontrunner with some of the routines. Here are some notes that I took of the routines I was able to watch;


  • Quickstep: It is a strong routine for the first week. (Score: 35/40)
  • Waltz: This Waltz falls on the boring side but she did a decent job. (Score: 32/40)
  • Samba: Not a bad routine but the movements didn't come as naturally as I would have hoped. And I recall comparing it to other Samba esp. from DWTS, and it fall flat compare to those. (Score: 36/40)
  • Cha Cha Cha: It was good but it was lacking some speed. (Score: 40/40)
  • Rumba: Nearly a perfect score, one of her strongest dance in my opinion (Score: 37/40)
  • Paso Doble: A good paso - her outfit reminds me of an outfit wore by Alaska on RPDR. And it was to Bad Romance but it felt more like it was inspired by Madonna than Gaga - I thought it was lacking some stuff for a routine this late in the competition. (Score: 36/40)
  • Argentine Tango: Excellent footwork, good dance. (Score: 40/40)
  • Tango: I don't recall if this was the finale tango or not; It was  good but it was missing a little "je ne sais quoi" for my taste. (Score: 40/40)


Overall, she was clearly loved by the judges with an average score of 37.2 which was not the best of the season. At the end of the day, she don't really old a flame compare to the dancers remaining.


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Anita Dobson


Lily did nominate a few people I was considering for my round and one of those people were Anita Dobson, so might as well cut her, I guess. :haha: But awww, I found Anita to be an absolute sweetheart. Anita Dobson is an actress, known for her role as Angie Witts on the BBC soap EastEnders, who participated on Strictly Come Dancing Series 9 and was pattered with Robin Windsor. Gosh I feel like I cut so many Robin partners. :lmao: But a good honor to Anita, is that I do believe she ranks as Robin’s highest ranked celeb partner in this game so well done to her there. Anita made it to 7th and lasted 8 weeks. Let’s take a look at her run….


Week 1: Waltz to “Three Times a Lady” scoring a 28 (7/7/7/7)

Week 2: Salsa to “Jump In the Line” scoring a 28 (7/7/7/7)

Week 3: Jive to “You Can’t Stop the Beat” scoring a 27 (6/7/7/7)

Week 4: American Smooth to “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” scoring a 32 (8/8/8/8)

Week 5: Tango to “Devil Woman” scoring a 31 (7/8/8/8)

Week 6: Charleston to “I Got Rhythm” scoring a 31 (7/8/8/8)

Week 7: Argentine Tango to “Cirque de Soleil” scoring a 33 (7/9/8/9)

Week 8: Samba to “Come On Eileen” scoring a 27 (6/7/7/7)

Week 9: Cha-Cha (with Brendan Cole) to “Uptown Girl” scoring a 30 (7/8/7/8)


Anita had a pretty good run. She was one of the older ladies of the series but I felt she kept up quite well with the younger contenders. The thing is for me, I did like her as a 6th favorite of her series and just didn’t connect with her as much as the Final 5 of that series. And I did find her a little overscored at times too as she was a little tentative and fragile in her Latin dances. Her ballroom dances ere mostly my faves from her. But still, I do think she was a very good dancer and should have outlasted Robbie Savage for sure. At least she did so in this game, so yay. I will post some of her dances.







Saving: Jake Wood



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Tai Hara

Former Gold Coaster Tai Hara has his work cut out for him with ...

Tai Hara is best known for his role as Andy Barrett on Home and Away (Yes, I am cutting another Home and Away cast member, but he is the easiest to do a write-up on). He appeared on Season 14 of Dancing with the Stars in Australia and was partnered with Jorja Freeman, who was a first time pro. From what I can remember about Tai is that he was a good dancer, however the show was overridden by the fact that they had more than one hot guy on the series and more than one Home and Away cast member on the show (Lynne McGranger was the other one, who I cut in the early rounds). He had some good highlights in his Argentine Tango and Urban (Hip Hop), which were both in the semi-finals and his team dance with Lynne and Matt Cooper. He also had some lows like his Jive, Cha-cha and Foxtrot. Overall he was just in the middle and because he was in the middle of the pack, is why I have have decided to cut him.


SAVING: Ore Oduba

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The main presenter of The One Show and not the host of Infowars, this Welshwoman finished in fifth place in season 9 of Strictly. She was partnered with James Jordan and they were the fifth-best couple of the season and left at the right time. Although, three weeks prior to their elimination, they did top the leaderboard. As I have said before, these types of shows are about peaking at the right time! Some highlights include their Wembley Week Tango, their Movie Night Pretty Woman American Smooth, and their semifinal Waltz. However, I think this is a fair place for her to fall in this rankdown - however good her high points were, they were always eclipsed by Harry, Chelsee, and Jason.


SAVED: Angelina Kirsch

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An Australia television personality known for his gig as a host on different game shows, Larry Emdur appeared on the 15th series of Dancing With The Stars: Australia in 2015. On the show, he was partnered with Alana Patience - they made it all the way to Week 7 where he finished in 5th place. He danced a total of 9 dances where he ended up with an average score of 22.33 - it was the 5th highest score of the season so his placement was on par with the actual finish. He was not a celebrity that I specially care about - he didn't have anything special. And now here's some quick highlights of his time in the competition;


  • Cha Cha Cha (Week 1): A score of 28 out of 40.
  • Jive (Week 2): A score of 23 out of 40.
  • Tango (Week 3): One of his better dance of the competition - a score of 32 out of 40.
  • Paso Doble (Week 4): 21 out of 30. 
  • Viennese Waltz (Week 5): My personal favourite of his - it scored 26 out of 30.
  • Foxtrot (Week 6): 24 out of 30.
  • Fusion (Paso/Tango): 21 out of 30.
  • Quickstep (Week 7): 20 out of 30.


In other words, he was a bit inconsistent - whenever he received a high score, he was taking a few steps back the following week.



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Ore was saved last round, so he should be immune this round.


Ooh and something else I wsa wondering, since I had 4 never nominees and 4 previously nominees. With someone immuning one of my never nominees - doesn't that mean the replacement nom has to be another never nominee? Or does it not matter? :unsure: 

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2 hours ago, rpryor03 said:

Immunity on Emma Barton, replace with Ore Oduba.

Choose someone else! You nominated Ore last round. iIf they were saved in the previous round, they are ineligible to be nominated this round.


1 hour ago, *Wallace said:

Ooh and something else I wsa wondering, since I had 4 never nominees and 4 previously nominees. With someone immuning one of my never nominees - doesn't that mean the replacement nom has to be another never nominee? Or does it not matter? :unsure: 

Nah. I’m being nice and allowing people to choose whoever as a replacement nominee as long as they’re not listed as “safe” in the first post.

Edited by *Amanda
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Just now, *Lily said:

I might need an extension, just while the situation with the noms this round is figured out, and the time difference might mean I miss the 24 hour mark. :haha:

You can have one, since I’m not sure how long it will take to hear back from Richard.

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