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DWTS International Rankdown

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12 minutes ago, *Chris said:

I didn't realize Olympia was loved this much. #oops 

She was one of the better dancers of the season and was robbed in favor of male mediocrity as per usual on DWTS. Her Argentine Tango is particularly amazing, but I really love her Contemporary as well.

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"ugh first? 😐  Why does the Randomizer hate me? GAH, okay, nominations will be up sometime tonight once I figure out what to do with this information."   There, @*Wallace, I saved you the tr

For the trainwreck lovers, I am adding in this guy.        

Sorry for the delay everyone!   I have reached out to Richard on twitter. Once I find out whether or not he is able to continue on in this, I will figure out a plan to move forward. Hopefull

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Aidan O’Mahoney


Hmm I was conflicted on what do with my cut and save here. But I decided to make Amanda happy in cutting an overstayer and undeserved winner in Aidan O’Mahoney, so might as all do this now. Last cycle, I did want to leave the Irish dancers alone as they were dropping a lot - but now I think this is a fair point for Aidan to go. So let’s discuss him now.


Aidan O’Mahoney is a Gaelic footballer, who competed on the 1st series of Dancing with the Stars Ireland. Aidan was partnered with Valeria Milova and they won the competition together. Let’s go through their run.


Week 1: Salsa to “Fireball” scoring a 19 (6/6/7)

Week 3: Quickstep to “Little Talks” scoring a 16 (5/5/6)

Week 4: Paso Doble to “The Raiders March” scoring a 16 (5/5/6)

Week 5: American Smooth to “My Baby Just Cares for Me” scoring a 21 (7/7/7)

Week 6: Tango to “Easy Lover” scoring a 19 (6/7/6)

Week 7: Samba with Karen Byrne to “Mas Que Nada” scoring a 15 (5/5/5)

Week 8: Waltz to “Fly Me to the Moon” scoring a 22 (7/8/7)

Week 9: Charleston to “I Got a Woman” scoring a 28 (9/10/9)

Week 10: Cha-Cha to “Cake by the Ocean” scoring a 22 (7/7/8)

Week 11: Jive to “Drive it Like You Stole It” scoring a 20 (6/7/7) / Viennese Waltz to “Somebody to Love” scoring a 24 (8/8/8)

Week 12: American Smooth reprisal to “My Baby Just Cares for Me” scoring a 25 (8/8/9) / Salsa reprisal to “Fireball” scoring a 25 (8/8/9) / Showdance to “Holding Out for a Hero” scoring a 30 (10/10/10)


Admitally, I didn’t get to watch DWTSIrl1 and when I was planning to do so - the vimeo link removed all of its dances so that sucked. :broken: But I did follow the season via wiki check-ups and I saw Aidan’s consistent low scores and was wondering how long he could last and why he was still in there so long. I was hoping he wouldn’t win, but then…. of course he does. 😐 Aidan beat out talented and strong dancers in: Aoibhín Garrihy, Denise McCormack and Dayl Cronin. And I was definitely mad about that even without properly watching the season. So got to make sure those 3 outlast Aidan this time around. And robbed dancers like Des Bishop and Thalia Heffernan could have stronger runs than him. Heck Des even had a higher average than Aidan based off just 5 dances vs. Aidan’s 14 dances. :lmao:


But yeah Aidan’s scores were pretty average…. some really bad scores, some good scores and a few great scores. But he was definitely not winner’s worthy. I will close this out with some dances from Aidan.






Saving: Olympia Valance



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Mika is an actor and singer, who appeared on the first season of Dancing Brasil. He made it all the way to fourth place in the competition, getting cut just short of the final. Having watched clips of his routines I think he was a really strong entertainer and showman although sometimes this took over and made up for weaker technique in some of the dances, lol. Nevertheless, I enjoyed a lot of his routines! His Pirates of the Caribbean Paso Doble, Halloween Salsa, circus-themed Jive, and Quickstep (probably my favorite of his routines that I watched) were all standouts there in terms of entertainment and fun for sure. I just feel like the Samantha Mumba stan had to come out with this save, and as for the rest, I think they maybe had just slightly better runs from what I can tell.


Saving Samantha Mumba


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12 hours ago, *Amanda said:

My shout-out in that write-up. :dead: 

It was what you wanted. :giggle: :haha: 


39 minutes ago, *Lily said:

I just feel like the Samantha Mumba stan had to come out with this save, and as for the rest, I think they maybe had just slightly better runs from what I can tell.


Saving Samantha Mumba


Lol I was actually fine and at peace with letting Samantha go but at the same time, I have no issue with you saving her. :haha:  ❤️ 


I feel like i would really like Mika. I think I saw a few of his dances awhile back but yeah may watch more of them in the future.

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Deirdre O’Kane

Deirdre O'Kane celebrates her 50th birthday on set of Dancing With ...

Deirdre O’Kane is a stand up comedian was participated on Series 2 of Dancing with the Stars Ireland. She was partnered with John Nolan and they came in 3rd place, averaging a 24.2 for the season.


I haven’t watched this season but did see a few dances, however I will recap her journey here:

  • Week 2: She danced a Jive to Mayhem by Imelda May, scoring a 18 out of 30 (all 6’s)
  • Week 3: She dance a Tango to I Drove All Night by Roy Orbison & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, scoring a 19 out of 30 (6, 6, 7).
  • Week 4: She danced a Quickstep to Peppy and George from The Artist, scoring a 25 out of 30 (8, 8, 9).
  • Week 5: She danced a Salsa to La Vda Es Un Carnaval Remix to Celia Curz, scoring a 19 out of 30 (6, 6, 7). They were one of the last couples to be called safe.
  • Week 6: She danced the American Smooth with Vitali for Switch-Up Week to Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush, scoring a 26 out of 30 (8, 9, 9).
  • Week 7: She danced a Waltz to The Rainbow Connection by Sarah McLachlan, scoring a 20 out of 30 (7, 6, 7). They were the last couple to be called safe.
  • Week 8: She danced a Paso Doble to Tragedy by Steps, scoring a 24 out of 30 (7, 8, 9).
  • Week 9: She danced a Charleston to Sparking Diamonds by Nicole Kidman, scoring a 27 out f 30 (all 9’s). She also had a team dance this week, which scored a Perfect score of 30.
  • Week 10: She danced a Foxtrot to One from A Chorus Line, scoring a 22 out of 30 (7, 7, 8).
  • Week 11: In the semi-finals, she danced a Contemporary Ballroom to Zombie by The Cranberries, scoring a 27 out of 30 (all 9’s) and a Cha-Cha to Can You Feel It by The Jacksons, scoring a 22 out of 30 (7, 7, 8).
  • Week 12: In the finals, she redid her Charleston, scoring a 29 out of 30 (9, 10, 10), Quickstep, scoring a 29 out o 30 (10, 9, 10) and a Showdance (Freestyle) to Let Me Entertain You by Robbie Williams, scoring a 27 out of 30 (all 9’s).

She didn’t necessarily rob anyone (other than Alannah) this season, however I feel like her low scores in the last few weeks has justified why I feel like she can go now and I don’t think anyone would be too upset to see her leave.


I will post her Jive and Tango here:




SAVING: Alex Fevola

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Posted (edited)

Sheila Mello




Sheila Mello, a Brazilian actress (although she also has dance experience, THE DIRTY RINGER), was on the first season of Dancing Brasil, where she was partnered with Marcelo Vasquez and finished in fifth place. Over the course of the season, Sheila was there. She had some high scores on latin dances (like her Samba and her Dirty Dancing Salsa [yes, they did the lift!])  but fell on dances like hip hop and zouk (whatever that is, I couldn't tell you - but I can now, it's a caribbean dance style that originates out of Guadeloupe and Martinique, so I'm pretty glad we don't have to see any white people choreograph to it on DWTS).


Saved: Laurent Maistret

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Cut all of them?

I'll cut Brian as I am fine with letting him go at this point, and I want to do the write-up.

However, any preference who to save?

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David Hobson


David Hobson was someone…… I either nominated last time or almost nominated? I can’t remember exactly. But David was also going to be a potential nominee for my round, so i guess I have been sadly having him in mind to target. Let’s discuss and get to learn David Hobson.


David Hobson is an Opera singer who competed on the 7th season of Dancing with the Stars Australia and was partnered with Karina Schembri. David made it all the way to the semi-finals lasting 9 weeks and placing 3rd.


Week 1: Quickstep to “The Continental” scoring a 27 (6/7/7/7)

Week 2: Jive to “I’m a Believer” scoring a 27 (6/8/6/7)

Week 3: Foxtrot to “Witchcraft” scoring a 28 (7/8/6/7)

Week 4: Paso Doble to “Romeo & Juliet” scoring a 35 (8/9/9/9)

Week 5: Rumba to “La Paloma” scoring a 31 (7/8/8/8)

Week 6: Tango to “Ecstasy” scoring a 29 (6/8/7/8) / Bollywood to “Bollywood Remix” scoring a 28 (6/7/7/8)

Week 7: Salsa to “It Had Better Be Tonight” scoring a 27 (7/7/6/7)

Week 8: Waltz to “Gymnopedie” scoring a 38 (9/10/10/9) / Disco to “Play That Funky Music” scoring a 29 (5/8/10/6)

Week 9: Argentine Tango to “The Continental” scoring a 31 (6/8/8/9) / Samba to “Sweetheart from Venezula” scoring a 23 (5/5/6/7)


Looking through his scores and dances, he seems like a fairly decent dancer - with a few great moments and a few weak moments. But most of his dances seemed to eb in the 7’s and 8’s range. Although his Disco has THE most bizarre scores I’ve ever seen with 5’s and 6’s and then a 10? WHATT? :dead: He had a 30.0 average and was the 2nd highest average of his season - so we could say he was robbed by runner-up Anh Do. Even though David had a pretty and night on the semi-finals and based on that night alone, he was a fair cut. 


Here are some of David’s dances:





His Rumba was alright and his Waltz was beautiful and via scores his best dance by far.


Saving: Peter Andre



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Lincoln Lewis

Dancing With The Stars 2009 | Daily Telegraph

Lincoln Lewis is an actor in Home and Away and son of Australian Rugby League legend Wally Lewis. He competed on Season 9 of Dancing with the Stars and being on Home and Away, meant that he was partnered with Luda Kroitor. They came fifth place in the competition, with an average score of 20.7 out of 30. Wikipedia doesn’t have the weekly scores (as this season was too fast for Wiki to pick up). His highlight of the season was his Salsa, which was coincidently, his last dance of the season, due to the fact that they were two other contestants who were much weaker than him. However, I feel like this is a fair spot for him to go out on and I don’t think anyone else will complain.


SAVING: Jimmy Rees

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