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DWTS International Rankdown


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Group Nominations:


Saved Last Round:

Saffron Barker

Jorgie Porter

Tim Campbell

Danell Leyva



Wikipedia Pages

Videos, Part 1 - Strictly, New Zealand 8, Brasil 1, Bailando - Pam Anderson, Mira Quien Baila 5, Poland, Russia, Belgium, Ukraine (Oksana)

Videos, Part 2 - Danse avec les stars (France)

Videos, Part 3 - Ireland 1 & 2

Videos, Part 4 - Let's Dance (Germany)

Videos, Part 5 - Ireland 3 & 4

Videos, Part 6 - Australia, Ireland 1 & 2 Full Episodes

Videos, Part 7 - Bailando (Paula Chaves), Mira Quien Bailar (Amara La Negra), Norway, South Korea, Ukraine Pt. 2

Videos, Part 8 - Wildcards (Dancing On Ice, Australia, Strictly, Ireland, New Zealand, Brasil, France)




Just now, *Amanda said:




I am trying to hold out on the rounds that are rankdown staples until we have a 5th ranker, so our next cycle will play out the same way as the previous one. Group nominations will take the place of the 5th ranker again.



1. When it is their turn each ranker will nominate 8 celebrities.

2. On a first come, first serve basis, the remaining 3 rankers will cut and save 1 celeb each.

3. You have 30 minutes from your initial cut post to produce a 100-word write-up in order for the cut to be valid. After 30 minutes are up, the celebs will be up for grabs again.

4. After all 3 cuts have been made, the three rankers will vote to save one celeb. The celeb with the least amount of votes will be cut and the nominator is responsible for their write-up.

5. During the group nomination round, each ranker will PM me 2 celebs for nominations and all 4 of you will cut and save from that pool of nominees.

6. You cannot nominate any celebs saved in the round right before yours.

7. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EDITING OF YOUR INITIAL CUT/SAVE POST FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER. If you need to fix something, quote it in a new post with the change.

8. You have 24 hours to make your cut/save. I WILL start enforcing this rule much more strictly so we can actually finish the rankdown. If you need an extension, please ask me. Otherwise, the nominator gets to stage a takeover when 24 hours have passed.






1. Group Nominations

2. @*Wallace

3. @*Lily

4. @Stephhyy

5. @*Chris


Immune for Group Nominations:

Saffron Barker

Jorgie Porter

Tim Campbell

Danell Leyva


Please PM me the two celebrities you want to nominate for the group nominations round!




Since all of the rankdowns are starting to wind down, it's time to introduce a new one into the mix. This rankdown will focus on contestants hailing from international versions of the television show Dancing With the Stars. The rankers will decide which 250 or so international contestants will be included in this rankdown and then rank them as we do in all other rankdowns.





*Chris (Nico Archambault)

*Lily (Motsi Mabuse)

rpryor03 (Craig Revel Horwood)

Stephhyy (Kym Herjavec)

*Wallace (Tristan MacManus)


The Rules:

-We will have a predetermined amount of rankers that will embark on a mission to collectively rank every celebrity chosen to be in this rankdown.

-At the beginning of the round random.org will determine the order the rankers will nominate.

-Whoever is chosen to nominate first will nominate a predetermined amount dancers and the other rankers will have 24 hours to save one dancer and eliminate one. To eliminate and save once the nominations have been revealed, it's first come first serve so get to it fast!

-Since this is a ranking you should have a writeup prepared for whoever you're cutting to explain your reasoning (they don't have to be too long, I expect just a minimum of 100 words).

-After decisions have been made on those dancers, the next ranker on random.org will do the same thing, nominate a predetermined number of contestants (you can not nominate anyone who was just saved in the last set of cuts though) and the other rankers will save one and eliminate one.

-We will cycle through all the rankers until they have nominated and then the round will end.

-At the beginning of each new round I will reveal a pre-planned twist to the round, and we will also create a new nominating order from random.org

-Once the nominations are posted you will have 24 hours to make your cut and save. If you do not make your cut in time (unless you tell me you're going to be away) you will get a strike and whoever made the nominations can make the cut and save. Three strikes and you're out and I get to name a new ranker in your place.

-If you wanna get your cut in right when you see the nominations and wanna take time for your write-up, you can post who you're cutting and saving and then you'll have half an hour to make a new post with your write-up. However, the contestants is back up for grabs if you take too long to edit. When I say half an hour, I mean 30 minutes. If you make your cut and save at 12:15, you have until 12:45 to post your writeup. Another ranker cannot swoop in and take your cut and save until 12:46! YOU CAN RESET YOUR TIME ONLY ONCE IF YOU ARE WORKING ON YOUR WRITEUP FOR A LONG TIME

-Make sure all your nominees are within the confines of the twists and the rules of the game (i.e. no one who has already been eliminated or was saved last round are among your nominees). If this rule is broken, I'm afraid the round resets and you will have to completely renominate.



To Play:

-You don't have to have seen every season/version of DWTS but I expect you to have seen a decent amount of seasons of it. Wikipedia and Youtube/Dailymotion are your friends. Utilize them.

-Every time I have seen this game get played people will inevitably go for the big dogs and it WILL get cutthroat. If this does not sound like your kind of game don't sign up. DEALS ARE ENCOURAGED.

-I expect you to be active enough that you can write about 100 words about 1 contestant every 24 hours. If you don't think you can log on once days to do at least that, don't sign up :bleh:. If you plan on going on vacation or being away for a while, just let me know and I can get a substitution for you while you're away.

-There will be an application you have to fill out so I can make sure I don't have 7 or 8 rankers who all have similar opinions. However, I do plan on choosing rankers who have seen the most seasons to participate or first come, first serve.

-You don't have to even be super active on the boards to play! If you're a more mysterious poster, that might make it easier for you to hide your faves and help them sneak through the cracks.


The Application:


IDF Username 

Real Name (If comfortable disclosing) 

Versions/Seasons Watched - 

Will you be active at least once a day for duration of the game? -

Please list the celebrities you would like to see in this rankdown. Include which version and season they appeared on.

Edited by *Amanda
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149. Kellie Bright

150. Joe McFadden

151. Saara Alto

152. Wes Nelson

153. Clelia Murphy

154. Grant Denyer

155. Ganna Rizatdinova

156. Darren Gough

157. Samuel Johnson

158. Jamelia

159. Zöe Lucker

160. Pamela Anderson (DALS 9)

161. Leo Miggiorin

162. Anna Patricia Gámez

163. Jessica Taylor

164. Jana Pallaske

165. Olivier Dion

166. Ada Nicodemou

167. Pascal Hens

168. Greg Rutherford

169. Susanna Reid

170. Dev Griffin

171. Zaraah Abrahams

172. Davood Ghadami

173. Emma Weymouth

174. Gabby Logan

175. Chloe Lattanzi

176. Michelle Williams

177. Aidan Fogarty

178. James Jordan

179. Natalia Mogilevskaya

180. Danny John-Jules

181. Jake Quickenden

182. Penny Lancaster Stewart

183. Laura Daniel

184. Perry Kiely

185. Nadya Dorofeeva

186. Beth Tweddle

187. Laura Whitmore

188. Toni Pearen
189. Lilia Podkopayeva

190. Christine Bleakley

191. Mollie King

192. Ektor Rivera

193. Angelina Kirsch

194. Manu Vatuvei

195. Chris Bath

196. Chris Hollins

197. Jess Quinn

198. Maytê Piragibe

199. Clinton Randall

200. Matt Dawson

201. Claire Sweeney

202. Barbara Meier

203. Letitia Dean

204. Matt White

205. Sami El Gueddari

206. Jade Barbosa

207. Rachael Finch

208. Alex Fevola

209. Ray Quinn

210. Samantha Mumba

211. Judge Rinder

212. Holly Brisley

213. Judith Williams

214. Lesley Garrett

215. Kyly Clarke

216. Mat Rogers

217. Olympia Valance

218. Paula Chavez (Bailando 6)

219. Laila Rouass

220. Natalie Cassidy

221. Lenni-Kim
222. Cherie Lunghi

223. Jake Wood

224. Ladji Doucouré

225. William Waiirua

226. Michelle Andrade

227. Katie Derham

228. Larry Emdur

229. Alex Jones

230. Tai Harra

231. Anita Dobson

232. Monika Pyrek

233. Thom Evans

234. Chris Ramsey

235. Rachel Riley

236. Michael Vaughan

237. Gemma Atkinson

238. Lisa Riley

239. Nicky Byrne

240. Patsy Kensit

241. Tamsyn Lewis

242. Jennifer Hawkins

243. Alison Hammond

244. Héloïse Martin
245. Peter Andre

246. Vick Hope

247. Sunetra Sarker

248. Jonnie Peacock
249. Sarah Lombardi

250. Claire King

251. Ingolf Luck

252. Nikki Webster

253. Aled Jones

254. Brian Joubert

255. Lincoln Lewis

256. David Hobson
257. Sheila Mello

258. Dierdre O'Kane

259. Mika

260. Aiden O’Mahoney
261. John Barnes

262. Jimi Mistry

263. Tameka Emperson

264. DJ Spoony

265. Robbie Savage

266. Catherine Tyldesley

267. Mark Benton

268. Jodie Kidd

269. Ben Cohen

270. Paula Chavez (Bailando 8)

271. Bianca Rinaldi

272. Graeme Swann

273. Kostya Tazyu

274. Elsa Esnoult

275. Lauren Steadman

276. Ed Kavalee
277. Justin Melvey

278. Julian Clary

279. Fiona Fullerton

280. Benjamin Piwko

281. Anh Do

282. Lynne McGranger

283. Glen Osborune

284. Paula Chavez (Bailando 7)

285. Des Bishop

286. April Rose Pengilly

287. Will Young

288. David Campbell

289. Heather Small

290. Ainsley Harriott

291. Brendan Fevola

292. Dan Ewing

293. Kate Silverton

294. Michelle Bridges

295. Steve Backshall

296. Jett Kenney

297. Kelly Cartwright

298. Ian "Dicko" Dickson

299. Thalia Heffernan

300. Rob Heffernan

301. Susan Calman

302. Deborah Meaden

303. Ashley Hart

304. Anastacia

305. Corneille

306. Yewande Biala

307. Jeremy Vine

308. Svetlana Khorkina

309. Lesley Joseph

310. Peter Stringer

311. Russell Grant

312. Dr. Ranj Singh

313. Victoria Pendleton

314. Kenny Logan

315. Denis Bastick

316. Oksana Marchenko

317. Colin Salmon

318. Tina O’Brien

319. Pamela Anderson (DOI 8)

320. Gavin Henson

321. Darren Kennedy

322. Gemma Collins

323. Christopher Parker

324. Constance Hall

325.Brian Dowling

326. Melvin Odoom

327. Seann Walsh

328. Fred Cooke

329. Adam Brand

330. Nancy Dell'Olio

331. Ed Balls

332. Chris Hemsworth

333. Ruth Langsford

334. Judy Murray

335. Charlotte Hawkins

336. Tânia Alves

337. Dave Myers

338. Kirsty Gallacher

339. Katie Piper

340. Dami Im

341. Lee Ryan
342. Pamela Anderson (Bailando 7)

343. Chizzy Akudolu

344. Will Bayley

345. Demi Isaac Oviawe

346. Bernard O'Shea

347 Paula Chavez (Bailando 9)

348. Gerrard Gosens
349. Mike Bushell

350. Richard Arnold

351. John Sergeant

352. Mary Kennedy

353. Marty Morissey

354. Mark Holden

355. David Graham

356. Quentin Wilson

357. Curtly Ambrose

358. Fr. Ray Kelly

359. Pauline Hanson

360. Ann Widdecombe

Edited by *Amanda
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Bailando por un Sueño (Argentina)


Season 6

218. Paula Chavez


Season 7

284. Paula Chaves

342. Pamela Anderson


Season 8

270. Paula Chavez


Season 9

347. Paula Chavez


Dancing With the Stars Australia


Season 1

Bec Cartwright

277. Justin Melvey

359. Pauline Hanson


Season 2

Tom Williams

212. Holly Brisley

252. Nikki Webster


Season 3

166. Ada Nicodemou

195. Chris Bath

288. David Campbell

298. Ian "Dicko" Dickson


Season 4

Toby Allen

154. Grant Denyer

242. Jennifer Hawkins

273. Kostya Tazyu


Season 5

Anthony Koutoufides

Arianne Caoili

241. Tamsyn Lewis

332. Chris Hemsworth


Season 6

Kate Ceberano

Fifi Box

Tim Campbell

355. David Graham


Season 7

Bridie Carter

256. David Hobson

281. Anh Do


Season 8

Luke Jacobz

Charli Delaney

188. Toni Pearen


Season 9

Kylie Gillies

204. Matt White

255. Lincoln Lewis

329. Adam Brand

348. Gerrard Gosens


Season 10

Rob Palmer

Tamara Jaber

207. Rachael Finch

208. Alex Fevola


Season 11

Manu Feildel

Haley Bracken

Damien Leith

292. Dan Ewing


Season 12

Johnny Ruffo

Danielle Spencer

Zoe Crammond

291. Brendan Fevola


Season 13


Rhiannon Fish

Tina Arena

Libby Trickett


Season 14

David Rodan

Ricki-Lee Coulter

215. Kyly Clarke

230. Tai Harra

282. Lynne McGranger

286. April Rose Pengilly

303. Ashley Hart

354. Mark Holden


Season 15

Emma Freedman

Matthew Mitcham

Ash Pollard

216. Mat Rogers
228. Larry Emdur

297. Kelly Cartwright


Season 16
Courtney Act

Jimmy Rees

157. Samuel Johnson

217. Olympia Valance

294. Michelle Bridges

296. Jett Kenney

324. Constance Hall

357. Curtly Ambrose


Season 17

Celia Pacquola

Christian Wilkins

Claudia Karvan

175. Chloe Lattanzi

276. Ed Kavalee

340. Dami Im


Dancing With the Stars Belgium


Season 2

Julie Vermeire


Dancing Brasil


Season 1

161. Leo Miggiorin

197. Maytê Piragibe

206. Jade Barbosa

257. Sheila Mello

259. Mika

271. Bianca Rinaldi

336. Tânia Alves


Season 5

Daniele "Dany" Hypólito


Danse avec les stars (France)


Season 1

M. Pokora

Sofia Essaidi


Season 2



Season 3

Emmanuel Moire

Amel Bent



Season 4


Brahim Zaibat


Season 5

Rayane Bensetti

Nathalie Péchalat

254. Brian Joubert

305. Corneille


Season 6

Loïc Nottet

Priscilla Betti

Véronic DeCaire

165. Olivier Dion


Season 7

Laurent Maistret

Camille Lou


Season 8

Agustin Galiana
Tatiana Silva

221. Lenni-Kim


Season 9

Clément Rémiens

Iris Mittenaere

Terence Telle

160. Pamela Anderson

244. Héloïse Martin


Season 10

Clara Morgane

205. Sami El Gueddari

224. Ladji Doucouré

274. Elsa Esnoult


Let's Dance (Germany)


Season 9

Victoria Swarovski

164. Jana Pallaske

249. Sarah Lombardi


Season 10

Gill Ofarim

Vanessa Mai

192. Angelina Kirsch


Season 11

202. Barbara Meier

213. Judith Williams

251. Ingolf Luck


Season 12

Ella Endlich

167. Pascal Hens

280. Benjamin Piwko


Dancing With the Stars Ireland


Season 1

Aoibhin Garrihy

Denise McCormack

Dayl Cronin

260. Aiden O’Mahoney

285. Des Bishop

299. Thalia Heffernan


Season 2

Jake Carter

Anna Geary

Erin McGregor

Alannah Beirne

258. Dierdre O'Kane

300. Rob Heffernan

346. Bernard O'Shea

353. Marty Morissey


Season 3

Mairéad Ronan

Johnny Ward

Cliona Hagan

153. Clelia Murphy

310. Peter Stringer

315. Denis Bastick

321. Darren Kennedy

328. Fred Cooke

345. Demi Isaac Oviawe


Season 4

Lottie Ryan

Ryan Andrews

Gráinne Gallanagh

Sinéad O'Carroll

177. Aidan Fogarty

306. Yewande Biala

325. Brian Dowling

352. Mary Kennedy

358. Fr. Ray Kelly


Dancing With the Stars New Zealand


Season 7

196. Jess Quinn


Season 8

183. Laura Daniel

193. Manu Vatuvei

198. Clinton Randell

225. William Waiirua

283. Glen Osbourne


Skai vi danse? (Norway)


Season 8

Ben Adams


Taniec z Gwiazdami (Poland)


Season 12

232. Monika Pyrek


Танцы со звёздами (Russia)


Season 3

308. Svetlana Khorkina


Season 9

Adelina Sotnikova


Mira quién baila (Spanish)


Season 5

Dayanara Torres

Danell Leyva

162. Anna Patricia Gámez

192. Ektor Rivera


Season 7

Amara La Negra


Dancing With the Stars South Korea


Season 2



Strictly Come Dancing (United Kingdom)


Season 1

Natasha Kaplinsky

201. Claire Sweeney

214. Lesley Garrett

323. Christopher Parker


Season 2

Jill Halfpenny

Denise Lewis

253. Aled Jones

278. Julian Clary

356. Quentin Wilson


Season 3

Colin Jackson

Zoe Ball

156. Darren Gough


Season 4

Mark Ramprakash

Emma Bunton

Louisa Lytton

199. Matt Dawson

250. Claire King

264. DJ Spoony


Season 5

Alesha Dixon

Matt Di Angelo

Gethin Jones

Kelly Brook

174. Gabby Logan

182. Penny Lancaster Stewart

203. Letitia Dean

261. John Barnes

314. Kenny Logan


Season 6

Tom Chambers

Rachel Stevens

Lisa Snowdon

Austin Healey

190. Christine Bleakley

222. Cherie Lunghi

268. Jodie Kidd

289. Heather Small

351, John Sergeant


Season 7

Ricky Whittle

Ali Bastian

Jade Johnson

159. Zöe Lucker

194. Chris Hollins

219. Laila Rouass

220. Natalie Cassidy


Season 8

Kara Tointon
Matt Baker

Pamela Stephenson

Scott Maslen

176. Michelle Williams

240. Patsy Kensit

262. Jimi Mistry

318. Tina O'Brien

320. Gavin Henson

360. Ann Widdecombe


Season 9

Harry Judd

Chelsee Healey

Jason Donovan

Holly Valance

229. Alex Jones

231. Anita Dobson

265. Robbie Savage

311. Russell Grant
330. Nancy Dell'Olio


Season 10

Louis Smith

Denise Van Outen

Kimberley Walsh

Dani Harmer

236. Michael Vaughan

238. Lisa Riley

239. Nicky Byrne

313. Victoria Pendleton

317. Colin Salmon

350. Richard Arnold


Season 11

Abbey Clancy

Natalie Gumede

Sophie Ellis-Bexter

Patrick Robinson

Ashley Taylor Dawson

169. Susanna Reid

235. Rachel Riley

267. Mark Benton

269. Ben Cohen

279. Fiona Fullerton

302. Deborah Meaden

337. Dave Myers


Season 12

Caroline Flack
Frankie Bridge

Simon Webbe

Mark Wright

Pixie Lott

223. Jake Wood

233. Thom Evans

243. Alison Hammond

247. Sunetra Sarker

295. Steve Backshall

334. Judy Murray


Season 13

Jay McGuinness

Georgia May Foote

Anita Rani

Helen George

149. Kellie Bright

158. Jamelia

227. Katie Derham

245. Peter Andre

290. Ainsley Harriott

307. Jeremy Vine 

338. Kirsty Gallacher


Season 14

Ore Oduba

Danny Mac

Louise Redknapp

Claudia Fragapane

Daisy Lowe

168. Greg Rutherford

187. Laura Whitmore

211. Judge Rinder

263. Tameka Emperson

287. Will Young

304. Anastacia 

309. Lesley Joseph

326. Melvin Odoom

331. Ed Balls


Season 15

Alexandra Burke

Debbie McGee

Aston Merrygold

150. Joe McFadden

172. Davood Ghadami

191. Mollie King

237. Gemma Atkinson

248. Jonnie Peacock

301. Susan Calman

333. Ruth Langsford

335. Charlotte Hawkins

343. Chizzy Akudolu


Season 16

Stacey Dooley

Ashley Roberts

Faye Tozer

Joe Sugg

Charles Venn

180. Danny John-Jules

246. Vick Hope

272. Graeme Swann

275. Lauren Steadman

293. Kate Silverton

312. Dr. Ranj Singh 

327. Seann Walsh

339. Katie Piper

341. Lee Ryan


Season 17

Kelvin Fletcher

Emma Barton
Karim Zeroual

Alex Scott

Saffron Barker

Michelle Visage

170. Dev Griffin

173. Emma Weymouth

234. Chris Ramsey

266. Catherine Tyldesley

344. Will Bayley

349. Mike Bushell 


Tantsi z zirkamy (Ukraine)

Season 3

189. Lilia Podkopayeva


Season 5

179. Natalia Mogilevskaya

185. Nadya Dorofeeva


Season 6

226. Michelle Andrade

316. Oksana Marchenko


Season 7

155. Ganna Rizatdinova




Season 3

171. Zaraah Abrahams

210. Samantha Mumba


Season 4

163. Jessica Taylor

209. Ray Quinn


Season 7

Jorgie Porter


Season 8

186. Beth Tweddle

319. Pamela Anderson


Season 10

181. Jake Quickenden


Season 11
Melody Thornton

151. Saara Alto

152. Wes Nelson

178. James Jordan

322. Gemma Collins


Season 12

184. Perry Kiely

Edited by *Amanda
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9 hours ago, DWTSFan2001 said:

I'm in!

Yayyy welcome along! 😄  


2 hours ago, Elliott said:

Amanda whenever she starts a new rankdown and all the replies are I WON'T PLAY BUT I'LL FOLLOW ALONG:




21 minutes ago, *Amanda said:

My goal is to have 5 rankers since  think more than 5 likely won’t happen. :haha: 

Didn't the International SYTYCD game have 5 rankers? The Strictly game had 5 too. But hopefully we an get Ariel and Richard involved.


20 minutes ago, *Lily said:

I can’t wait to see who does better in rankdowns, US DWTS Pamela Anderson or French DWTS Pamela Anderson.


13 minutes ago, Elliott said:

What about Argentinian DWTS Pamela Anderson?



5 minutes ago, *Chris said:

If the French one are including, maybe I’ll have to sign up! 

I'm sure you can suggest some dancers from the French version. :yes: That's a DWTS version I check through wiki and always wanted to watch but never got to doing so. 

  • Like 1
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1 minute ago, *Wallace said:

I'm sure you can suggest some dancers from the French version. :yes: That's a DWTS version I check through wiki and always wanted to watch but never got to doing so. 

Go and watch some of Loïc Nottet's dances on YouTube. You won't be disappointed.


They had a really bad series in 2019 though, none of the celebs were good. Only a few of the pros are decent as well.

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3 minutes ago, *Lily said:

I only know a few people from DWTS France but I like what I’ve seen of them! I definitely wanna watch more.

Same. :yes:


1 minute ago, DWTSFan2001 said:

Go and watch some of Loïc Nottet's dances on YouTube. You won't be disappointed.


They had a really bad series in 2019 though, none of the celebs were good. Only a few of the pros are decent as well.

Oooh i heard of him. 😮 I'll consider this.


2019 seemed to be a bit of a rough year it seems. :haha:  Yikes that no one was good from that year.

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6 minutes ago, *Wallace said:

2019 seemed to be a bit of a rough year it seems. :haha:  Yikes that no one was good from that year.

Could have been better if they hired pros who knew what they were doing - as a result, one of the few good ones has 4 wins.


Some of them have been called out over using choreo from SCD & DWTS USA.

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28 minutes ago, DWTSFan2001 said:

Could have been better if they hired pros who knew what they were doing - as a result, one of the few good ones has 4 wins.


Some of them have been called out over using choreo from SCD & DWTS USA.

Oo yess, Denitsa! :wub: I really liked her on SYTYCD Canada and know she's like the pro with teh most successful run on that show. :haha:


LOL I heard of this and saw some routines that were rehashes of other DWTS US and SCD routines. :dead: That is quite yikes and uncreative. :haha: 

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