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Jazel Farrant 🥁 9 year old drummer from Australia

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Nice gift from Taj to his sister. She can sure put it to good use❗ Paulina of The Warning was 10  when she won Hit Like a Girl 🥁 & at 16  was the Face of the contest AND invited to be a Judge that same year.  She has had a lot to say about the quality of young female drummers and how exciting it is so see more & more and how many there, actually, are and having them being noticed & recognized.  Jazel is another shining example.  May heaps of Folks be(come) aware.  She & Taj playing together will be a real treat❗ Going to be so cool to see what the 2 of them do as time passes.

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10 minutes ago, istersay said:


 It's an interesting coincidence Jazel is doing the same song that put The Warning* on the World map when they were her age.  That's her shiny new kit.  It sounds good❗

*I won't embedded it here, but, if you are interested it's HERE.

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