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Allegra Miles Fan Thread


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9 hours ago, Dany said:

^ Yay Added


BTW you can get her latest single 4AM for free. Just go to her webpage https://allegramiles.com/ click on music and there it is. It will be in wav format :thumbs: Best Quality. Afterward you can go to your favorite store and buy the single to give her the 1$. :cha-ching: 




Oh Snap!  It's hard to find those old school wav files. They are vastly better sound quality than the version of mp3 files you can generally buy.  FTR: mp3 can be just as good but the version of mp3s they sell and stream are highly compressed so sound quality is compromised to make the file size small. 


Allegra voice is so beautiful on this song.  Maybe on any song.  

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8 hours ago, Dany said:

BTW the wav is a 32 bit foat /48 hz :spaz:  So if you convert it to flac your going to loose quality since flac is limited to 24 bit.

 Uhmm...technical points. 


That is actually a maybe.  32 bit float point encoders will almost always will select (float) a precision significantly less than 32 bit.  Often in the 25 to 18  bit range because the recording does not demand any more precision.  FLAC is always fixed point.  


FLAC is far more efficient than WAV.


At lot of studios do use WAV because that $80,000 WAV hardware encoder they bought is 1996 still works great...and it is the DVD and CD standard audio format. 


FLAC encoders typically allow for much higher (192 hz vs 96 hz) sampling rates.   So there's that. 


FLAC is technically capable of fixed point 32 bit but it does not support floating point.   As far as I know, no one ever made a 32 bit FLAC encoder because no one saw a need for that level of precision with FLAC.


In any case, none of this matters to human ears.  The conventional wisdom is 24bit/192hz FLAC and 32bit/96hz WAV is indistinguishable by humans from the original source.  Bats however,  prefer 24bit/192hz FLAC because of it's better resolution above 48,000hz.  LOL. 


What does matter is Allegra's voice challenges my ability to hear.  😍


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Not that it matter much  I highly doubt anybody going to hear a difference but if you convert from 32 bit float to 24 bit flac is technically no longer lossless. There is wavepack which support 32 bit float lossless compression but then there is a very limited number of players that support wavpack playback and then there is capacity of the playback device.


Like I said it doesn't matter much but I'm in covid-19 lockdown with nothing else to do all day :music:

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18 hours ago, Dany said:

She doing a lot of Live almost everyday, most of the time is chat and chill. 

She's extremely active on social media. I like that, she's probably following the Brynn Cartelli strategy book. :haha:


Allegra slayed very popular songs from Sarah Bareilles, Maggie Rogers, Daniel Caesar, among others. Her creativity is mind blowing but she needs to be careful about not deviating too much from mainstream appeal, at least while in the show. A bit of balance between intensity and graciousness might be required as well; less is more sometimes. Her battle round performance is the perfect example of how awesome she can be, and I hope she keeps on slaying like that. 😇

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