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Allegra Miles Fan Thread

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Allegra Miles Website

c9DZomq.pngiWw0JED.png | ozmn3ei.pngtr8I5uO.jpg?3 | SOVq2js.png?1



Facebook Fan Group on Facebook








Original Single

Fan List

1. Dany

2. Dalton Eduardo

3. QueenMae16

4. Agenator333

5. jamescasaki

6. echoap

7. thevoicefan

8. FlowerEagle

9. jarmon

10. Starman1

11. istersay

12. FloorWax

13. kclarkson1323

14. ATX29

15. MatthewPalermo

16. VoiceFan1

17. Spurrious

18. Niki

19. Archanium

20. mercfan3

21. ashwinner

23. David68

24. Maxwell

25. randomgirl


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We can’t forget to vote as hard as  we can next week


Allegra's farewell post... Its sad that its ended, but this isn't the end of her music career that she can try at! It wasn't in her blood to back down despite what TPTB threw at her! congrat

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