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A Quiet Place

miss denise

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I rewatched the movie last night with tears in my eyes. :broken: Ugh it's so good and that scene near the end just gets all the feels every time. 😢 


In good news, the sequel is now planned for an April 2021 release. :wub:  Sure hope we get to actually see it then! I know it'll be worth the wait.

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2 hours ago, anticoronaperson said:

I'm looking forward to seeing A Quiet Place Part II. I really enjoyed the first A Quiet Place a lot. I tend to be a fan of a lot of horror films, but there are some movies that are horror that I will never see. For example, any of the It movies with Pennywise the Clown.


Yay! I have high hopes for it as well. :wub:  I don't personally watch much horror, but there are some (like this) that I love. :haha: 

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"Leading into Memorial Day, many were saying that $30 million for A Quiet Place Part II this weekend would have been a nice pandemic number for sure; but even that would not be nearly what the industry really needed after the health-induced drought theaters had seen since March 2020. However, after the box office made over $79 million this weekend (the best since the $90.4 million from March 6-8, 2020), with the horror sequel accounting for an estimated $48 million of that (plus another $8-plus million on Monday), we got our dream “Movies Are Back!” headlines." 





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