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49 minutes ago, eidi said:


The difference is that male R&B singers didn't win this show three times like male country singers and they also doesn't end up at least as a runner-up or third place.

Javier, Jermaine, and Chris B. say hi.


I didn’t watch S1 or S2.  I’m not a Chris fan, but he wasn’t as generic as the guys who were on last night, which is a reason he was able to win the show. Coach pimping helps, but that alone isn’t enough to get it done. 

As for the country males, CWB and especially Hoot were generic. Sundance was more of a hybrid. There was some uniqueness there. 

I don’t think it’s a secret that country is the most popular genre with the audience, but I think it’s closely followed by pop, and R&B is probably 3rd. 

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