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Toneisha Harris fan thread

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Calm down. I was making a joke about your improper use of grammar due to the fact you picked at someone’s spelling. The OP is likeliest the nicest user on the board, and do you ever think maybe Englis

She is finale material for sure. Listen to this!!      

whatever you say lazy flop  Its actually Tosha tbh, Toneisha is her stage name cause reasons.

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With what was left at the end, the 5 or the 3, personally, forced to pick would have gone with Tonisha; did not care for any of the others.  Would be curious to know the percentage each received.  Blake, STILL, would have won with Tonisha.

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5 hours ago, Archanium said:

Congratulations Tonisha :clap:if they don't announce the 2nd and 3rd spots, let's just say that she tied with Tstorm for the 2nd spot


Hey that works 👍👍  But of the 3 or 5, I really would have preferred it had been she (winning).

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