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Todd Tilghman Fan Thread

Summer Overby

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10 hours ago, Archanium said:

Just listened to the new single. It's really good omg :wub:


I also listened to it before the American release, and it's SO GREAT!!! He's got a perfect studio voice.


Y'all better check it out on Spotify/Apple Music, or maybe consider buying it on iTunes/Amazon. ❤️


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1 hour ago, Gmm99 said:


NEW SINGLE: "Jesus and You" releases 3/19!




I am very happy that the great reception from his new single In a Heartache encouraged him to drop more singles!

This is one of my personal faves from the originals I heard so far, excited to hear it in its full glory!

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14 minutes ago, VintageVoice said:

Haven't checked in on Todd in a minute - his post-show music, as expected, is excellent. Glad to see Blake's still in his corner, too.


It helps that he's taking advantage of his move to Nashville and collaborating with other artists and musicians to bring his ideas to fruition.


I also appreciate that he really focused on establishing himself through his original music. He could have just coasted on being a cover artist, but he's putting effort on learning to write and produce songs that are truly his own. Mad props and here's to many more new music to come!

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