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Here's my wishlist- 




Amanda Bynes- if she were to do this show now, it would be a trainwreck, but perhaps a few years down the line when she's got it together a bit more? I've always loved her and maybe this would be a good, positive show to help her ease back into the industry if she ever feels like she's ready to.


Lauren Conrad- She has implied in past interviews that DWTS doesn't sound too interesting to her, but maybe if they asked her she would reconsider. 


Jennifer Love Hewitt- she has already said in very recent interviews (2018/2019) that she's totally down to do it. Why aren't you jumping on this, DWTS??? 


Andrea Barber- I think she'd be fun and now she might have more availability since Fuller House is over?


Kimora Lee Simmons- I think she'd bring a bunch of sass and flavor to the ballroom. 


Haley Reinhart- we need more AI alums on the show and she's well known enough I think for her to get an offer. Didn't she used to sing with Mark Ballas? I think she'd fit right in.


Fantasia Barrino- again, I want more AI alums on this show. Fantasia has definitely had an interesting life...lots of ups and downs, and I think she'd be fascinating on DWTS. 


Ciara- been wanting her on this show for years and years. She'd kill it.


Alicia Silverstone- we need more 90s It Girls on this show!


Mara Wilson-  I'm pretty sure she specifically stated in a blog or something that she would never ever do this show (she has no interest in being a movie/TV star anymore), but regardless, I'd love to see her do it for nostalgic purposes. 


Brenda Song- I think she would be a very popular contestant. 


Raven-Symone - again, this is another one that has already said she's down to do it. Hellloooo DWTS, why have you not called her?!


Alyssa Milano- this would be a major score for the show.


Jamie Lynn Spears- always wanted her to do this show.


Olivia Jade- you know DWTS LOVES to stir up some controversy. Well...look no further than Olivia Jade! That would certainly make the headlines haha.


Rose McGowan- again, she would be pretty controversial, but I'd love to see what she'd be like on this show haha.




Brian Dunkleman- I'm sure all us AI fans would love to see this haha. 


C. Thomas Howell- come on, can we PLEASE get Ponyboy on this show?! 


Brian Austin Green- we need more 90210 alums on this show. Plus, he's still super hot and he's going through a pretty turbulent time in his personal life (well documented in the tabloids). Let's get him on this show and hear what he has to say!


Chad Michael Murray- he might actually do it.


Tyler Posey- I would DIE.


Macaulay Culkin- come on, this is a no brainer. 


Jesse McCartney- my crush circa 2005. 


Barry Williams- The OG Greg Brady! Let's get him on here. Maureen McCormick and Florence Henderson already did it! You're next, buddy!


RJ Mitte- DWTS has never had a Breaking Bad actor on this show before, so let's get him on here. Plus, him living with cerebral palsy might make for a compelling personal story. 


Ross Butler- there has been a severe lack of Asian men on this show. Let's change that. 


Corey Feldman- this would be gold.


William Zabka- still looks good for his age, and he's relevant again with Cobra Kai being super popular right now. Ralph Macchio already did the show, now let's get Johnny on here!




Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. - listing them together since this show loves the married couples gimmick. Anyways, I'd love to see both of them on this show. SMG was actually in the negotiating stages for a recent season but had to drop out because of a scheduling conflict. Well, clear that schedule up! Ask her again, DWTS!!! Ask them both!

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