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The Voice Season 18 iTunes and Streaming Tracking


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1 minute ago, thecarterfilez said:

guessing it could be because its not on facebook yet.. so all the facebook ppl went to YT to see him 

Thunderstorm had by far the most views the last two weeks, and I don’t expect it to be any different this time. Those numbers are usually whacked until they update.

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5 minutes ago, mjdolorico said:



67 - Chasing Cars

78 - Faithfully

88 - I Can Only Imagine

187 - Purple Rain

200 - What a Wonderful World

I'm just gonna pretend people really like Chasing Cars and had to buy the original to rid themselves of the abomination of Micah's cover.

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1    NEW    
Todd Tilghman - Long Way Home (The Voice Performance)

3    NEW    
Just Sam - Rise Up (Performance Version)

5    NEW    
Florida Georgia Line - Second Guessing (From Songland)

15    NEW    
Toneisha Harris - My Superhero (The Voice Performance)
16    NEW    
Thunderstorm Artis - Sedona (The Voice Performance)

30    NEW    
Cammwess - Save It For Tomorrow (The Voice Performance)

46    NEW    
Todd Tilghman & Blake Shelton - Authority Song (The Voice Performance)

56    NEW    
Micah Iverson - Butterflies (The Voice Performance)

164    NEW    
Thunderstorm Artis & Nick Jonas - You'll Be In My Heart (The Voice Performance)

255    NEW    
Toneisha Harris & Blake Shelton - Don't Stop (The Voice Performance)

289    NEW    
Micah Iverson & Kelly Clarkson - I Run To You (The Voice Performance)

909    NEW    
Cammwess & John Legend - Rocket Man (The Voice Performance)

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Social media stats are kinda confusing rn, especially on YouTube. Averaging out the views of both performances, Micah's doing the worst, followed by Thunderstorm, then Toneisha, Camm, and Todd. Not putting too much stock in that, since Thunderstorm is clearly not placing 4th.


I'm just going to convince myself that Micah wins so that no matter what happens it's better than I expected.


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