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Feb 22nd American Music Theater ~ Lancaster ~ PA


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1 hour ago, drdeb said:

Carol thanks so much for taking so many awesome videos of Scotty's performance last night.  And Sandy, thanks so much for posting them (hope your daughter is doing well!)! :clap:❤️


 Thanks Deb,....  and yes Thanks to Carol for keeping us informed with good clips and pics.


My daughter is doing OK for the most part.they found 3 main things from the Angiogram...her body is not making enough oxygen which may account for some of the things she has been experiencing including why her toes keep tuning blue,just to name 1.Some minor plaque, and definate confirmation she did have a heart attack and 2 minors. Also discovered she has Congenital Valve Disorder which she may have been born with and has not shown up til now(apparently not  a rare occurence)..but again contributing to her issues. We have a follow up with her cardiologist and I guess they will explain the results to her and go from there. Now if we can get all  the other issues under control we might get to making her feel better physically and mentally.We just keep taking one day at a time.....Thanks for the well-wishes.



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Some further thoughts on last night's show.


Venue:  still in good shape, with a very friendly staff.  Acoustics are excellent.  Usually, the base has to be adjusted after a few songs (way too strong).  Not this time...fine from the start.


I did not get a m&g,,,,but plenty of people did.  I suspect the Harrisburg country station gave some away, as well as supporters of the AMT were offered some.


Sold out.


Tenille Arts - very good opener.  Distinctive voice which she knows how to use to enhance her songs.  No screaming or excess drama.  I do think she needs to vary the tempo of her music a bit more.  She does talk about her songs...giving the history of each.   It was informative and just enough details.


Scotty - smiling from the git-go.  He does love the theater...and it showed last night.  Because the audience skews towards the older demographic....the oldies are always a hit there.  However, there were plenty of young singles and couples all singing along.  For me the highlights are always, 5MM, Still and This It....and all of them were beautifully done.


Side note:  apparently not everyone in the audience knew Scotty had grown the goatee.  I could see the puzzled looks when he first came out.  The two women to my left wee among the surprised.  I explained it was a recent addition.


It's a shame that the American Music Theater has the strict no-standing policy...because, otherwise, it's a fantastic venue.


ETA:  Merch table was hopping...with a surprising number of people buying the expensive sweatshirts, his book, and CD.



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