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Love Is Blind on Netflix


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I was soo addicted to this show! My faves were Lauren and Cameron. Can’t wait for the reunion! 

I was pretty shocked that Kelley and Kenny didn’t end up together cuz they seemed solid for a while but I guess she wasn’t attracted to him enough. 

Jessica was a hot mess. I felt bad for Mark but honestly it’s for the best she said no because she clearly didn’t know what she wanted. 

I also really liked Gigi and Damien and was a bit shocked Damien said no but hoping the rumors are true that they’re back together.

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Just watched the reunion!


solid episode! I’m glad to see that Cameron & Lauren are really great and seem to be very much in loved. 

Loved Giannina & Damien :wub: and I’m glad they are together and seem very much in love too 


poor Mark seems to be still hung up on Jessica :(

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