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Hunter Hayes Fan Thread

miss denise

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It's past time to create a new thread for my favorite country boy. :wub: 




Hunter Hayes is a country singer-songwriter signed to Warner Music Nashville. He released his self-titled debut album with Atlantic Nashville in 2011 that went on to sell over 1.1 million copies. Hunter not only sang and wrote every song on his debut, but played every instrument on all the songs. He is proficient in over 30 instruments and has released a total of four studio albums (plus a re-release of the debut and a compilation album) and two EPs since signing a record deal. He also independently released five albums during his childhood. 


Hunter has opened on tours for Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts, Lady Antebellum, and more, as well as headlined several of his own tours. In 2014, he broke the Guinness World Record for the most concerts played in multiple cities in 24 hours. 


He has been nominated for many awards, including at the Academy of Country Music Awards, American Country Awards, Grammy Awards, CMT Music Awards, Teen Choice Awards, BMI Awards, American Music Awards, People's Choice Awards, and more.  Some of his most notable wins include the dual win for "Wanted" at the American Country Awards for both Single by a New Artist and Music Video by a New Artist, Choice Male Country Artist at the Teen Choice Awards three years in a row, New Artist of the Year at the Country Music Association Awards, and Favorite Male Country Artist at the People's Choice Awards.


Social Media

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hunterhayes
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hunterhayes/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/hunterhayes
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hunterhayes/

Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@hunterhayes


Fans can text to connect with Hunter: 



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Through My Eyes

Released October 3, 2000



Track Listing:

1. "Six Years Old"
2. "Saturday Night Special"
3. "Jambalaya"
4. "Allons à Lafayette"
5. "Valse de Calcasieu"
6. "Rockin' Flames"
7. "Lafayette Waltz"
8. "La Porte d'en Arrière" (The Back Door)
9. "Un Autre Soir Ennuyant" (Another Lonely Night)
10. "Zydeco Boogaloo"
11. "Jolie Blonde"
12. "Amede Two Step"
13. "J'ai Passé Devant ta Porte"
14. "Malfunction"


Make a Wish
Released November 6, 2001



Track Listing:

1. "Make a Wish"
2. "The Clock"
3. "Quarter at the Bottom of the Jukebox"
4. "Dreaming"
5. "The Grass Will Be Greener"
6. "Freight Train"
7. "Hold Her Till She's Older"
8. "I Feel Good"
9. "Deep in the Night"
10. "No Fair Falling in Love"
11. "Mon ami"
12. "Allons danser"
13. "Attention c'est mon coeur va asser"


Holidays with Hunter
Released November 2003



Track Listing: 

1. "Winter Wonderland"
2. "More Than A Child"
3. "Baby Jesus"
4. "Please Come Home For Christmas"
5. "The Christmas Song"
6. "Joy to the World/Jingle Bells/Rudolph Medley (Accordion)"
7. "Jingle Bell Rock"
8. "Louisiana Christmas Day"
9. "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"
10. "Silent Night"
11. "Hunter Hayes Christmas Message"


Honoring Our French Heritage 
Released 2006



Track Listing:

1. "La Special De Scott"
2. "Mon Ami"
3. "La Special De La Triangle Club"
4. "La Valse De Calcasieu"
5. "La Porte D'eu Arriere"
6. "Les Flammes d'Enfer"
7. "Allons Danser"
8. "Attention, C'Est Mon Coeur Va Ca"
9. "La Valse De Bayon Teche"
10. "Cadien De Church Point"
11. "Zydeco Est Pas Sale"


Songs About Nothing
Released October 20, 2008



Track Listing:

1. "Love Song"
2. "Ain't Love Sweet"
3. "What You Gonna Do"
4. "Not"
5. "That's What I Get"
6. "Empty Arms"
7. "Undefined"
8. "What I Wouldn't Do"
9. "Stand By Me"
10. "Fallen"
11. "Where Love Grows"
12. "America The Beautiful"


Hunter Hayes

Released October 11, 2011



Track Listing:

1. "Storm Warning"

2. "Wanted"

3. "If You Told Me To"

4. "Love Makes Me"

5. "Faith to Fall Back On"

6. Somebody's Heartbreak"

7. "Rainy Season"

8. "Cry With You"

9. "Everybody's Got Somebody But Me"

10. "What You Gonna Do"

11. "More Than I Should"

12. "All You Ever"


"Storm Warning"

Released May 16, 2011



Released March 5, 2012


"Somebody's Heartbreak"

Released October 22, 2012


Hunter Hayes Live

Released October 16, 2012



Track Listing:

1. "Love Makes Me"
2. "Storm Warning"    
3. "Wanted"
4. "Somebody's Heartbreak"    
5. "Rainy Season"    
6. "Everybody's Got Somebody But Me"    
7. "More Than I Should"    
8. " Cry With You"


Hunter Hayes (Encore)

Released June 18, 2013



Track Listing:

1. "Storm Warning"

2. "Wanted"

3. "If You Told Me To"

4. "Love Makes Me"

5. "Faith to Fall Back On"

6. Somebody's Heartbreak"

7. "Rainy Season"

8. "Cry With You"

9. "Everybody's Got Somebody But Me" (featuring Jason Mraz)

10. "What You Gonna Do" (with Ashley Monroe)

11. "More Than I Should" (re-recorded)

12. "All You Ever"

13. "In a Song"

14. "I Want Crazy"

15. "A Thing About You"

16. "Better Than This"

17. "Light Me Up"


"I Want Crazy" 

Released April 7, 2013


"Everybody's Got Somebody But Me" (featuring Jason Mraz)

September 3, 2013




Released May 6, 2014

Storyline album by Hunter Hayes.jpg


Track Listing:

1. "Wild Card"
2. "Storyline"
3. "Still Fallin'"
4. "Tattoo"
5. "Invisible"
6. "...interlude"
7. "You Think You Know Somebody"
8. "Flashlight"
9. "When Did You Stop Loving Me"
10. "...like I was saying (jam)"
11. "Secret Love"
12. "Nothing Like Starting Over"
13. "If It's Just Me"
14. "Love Too Much"



Released January 26, 2014



Released June 16, 2014


I Want Crazy

Released April 3, 2015



"Light Me Up"

Released March 13, 2015


21 - EP

Released August 7, 2015



Track Listing:

1. "21"
2. "Where It All Begins" (featuring Lady Antebellum)
3. "Young and in Love"
4. "Someday Girl"
5. "Saint or a Sinner"
6. "The Trouble with Love"



Released May 21, 2015


The 21 Project

Released November 5, 2015

The 21 Project.png


Track Listing:

Disc 1
1. "21"
2. "Young and in Love"
3. "Saint or a Sinner"
4. "Where It All Begins" (featuring Lady Antebellum)
5. "Suitcase"
6. "The Trouble with Love"
7. "I Mean You"
Disc 2
1. "21" (Acoustic)
2. "Young and in Love" (Acoustic)
3. "Saint or a Sinner" (Acoustic)
4. "Where It All Begins" (Acoustic)
5. "Suitcase" (Acoustic)
6. "The Trouble with Love" (Acoustic)
7. "I Mean You" (Acoustic)
Disc 3
1. "21" (Live - Wheels Up 2015 Tour)
2. "Young and in Love" (Live - Wheels Up 2015 Tour)
3. "Saint or a Sinner" (Live - Wheels Up 2015 Tour)
4. "Where It All Begins" (Live - Wheels Up 2015 Tour)
5. "Suitcase" (Live - Wheels Up 2015 Tour)
6. "The Trouble with Love" (Live - Wheels Up 2015 Tour)
7. "I Mean You" (Live - Wheels Up 2015 Tour)


"Yesterday's Song" 

Released October 24, 2016



Released 2016


"Young Blood"

Released 2016



Released 2017



"You Should Be Loved" (featuring The Shadowboxers) - Part 1 of "Pictures" Trilogy

Released 2017


"More" - Part 2 of "Pictures" Trilogy

Released 2017


"This Girl" - Part 3 of "Pictures" Trilogy

Released 2018


"Dear God"    

Released 2018


"One Shot"    

Released 2018




Wild Blue (Part I)

Released August 16, 2019

Wild Blue Part1.jpg


Track Listing:

1. "Madness" 
2. "Wild Blue"
3. "Heartbreak"
4. "One Good Reason"
5. "Dear God"
6. "Loving You"
7. "My Song Too"
8. "One Shot"
9. "Night and Day"
10. "Still"



Released March 25, 2019


"One Good Reason"

Released 2019


"Night and Day"

Released 2020


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 And lastly.... new music video premiered today! It's currently unlisted, but he texted it to his fans early. ❤️



 :omg: I am shook and never even expected Night and Day as a single (but knew it was coming recently from the hints and very happy since it's one of my favorites!)


Wow, the video is perfection! Perfect for Valentine's Day (besides you know, a song about mixed signals :dead: But it has a sensual vibe and Hunter dancing. ❤️ Even though he told me he couldn't dance when I met him and I'll forever bring this up whenever he does it in any form. The red and blue lighting is so fitting for the mood and meaning of the song too. Amazing. ❤️ Here's an interview about it. https://people.com/music/hunter-hayes-night-day-music-video-premiere/


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Yes! I was going to post that he was on The Bachelor tonight! :w00tbounce:  So awesome and great exposure for him.  And LOL Peter randomly being a huge Hunter fan and knowing all the words. :wub: I have to stan. :wub: 



Hunter was also a guest on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast. There's some quotes from it here:  https://bachelornation.com/2020/02/14/hunter-hayes-peter-weber-victoria-hometown-date-concert-chemistry/


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Some quotes from this article... https://www.etonline.com/the-bachelor-season-24-episode-8-hometown-dates-peter-weber-2020-02-17-live-updates




6:16 PM: 

Hunter Hayes is here -- and it doesn't look like Victoria dated him




6:17 PM: 

Peter is on cloud nine, singing Hunter Hayes and how he doesn't want easy -- he wants CRAZY




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On 3/11/2020 at 9:29 PM, miss denise said:

I suppose it's time for me to now start analyzing the Astronaut for the obvious. :haha:  



Apart from this clue package, I want to mention a few things:  Nick said how there is a Guinness World Record holder among the group, which I know Hunter is for playing the most live shows in a 24-hour time span. :wub: He also mentioned gold records, so obviously he can fall into that too.


The panel when he came on stage... "He's not that tall", "Yeah, he's real small"  HEY. :dead:  But yes, we know he is short.  


- "Dreamnt of flying high" - as I mentioned before, he loves flying and always wanted to get his pilot's license. Space/gravity/flying mentions... the title track of the latest album is filled with these kind of references. 

- "A bit crazy" = "I Want Crazy" 

- Foot bone...  he did a song "Almost Paradise" for Footloose. Seems a bit out there of a clue, but hmm?

- A legit storm warning :wub: Referencing "Storm Warning", of course.

- "Get my heart throbbing"  He wouldn't call himself a heartthrob, but maybe they told him to say this line :haha: 

- "Code blue"  WILD BLUE. Latest album. :wub: 


And then clearly the voice. :wub: That is sooo a song Hunter would choose too. Ah, he seemed so nervous, but that was so his voice and heart on stage. :wub:  NICOLE having no idea who he is after she guessed him a few weeks ago. :dead:   And I now see some people online are guessing Jesse is the Astronaut. This madness must stop. :dead: Oh, and there went the expected Lance guess from the panel.


"Did the panel's guesses have you screaming 'astro-not'?" YES THEY DID NICK CANNON. :dead:  Okay I'm done now.


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He just finished the live YouTube concert. :wub:  



Love that he did this. Even with no audience, he gives his heart and soul. ❤️  Love the prayer at the start of the video. ❤️ 


I kept track of the set list...




One Shot

Wild Blue

Night and Day

One Good Reason

Everybody's Got Somebody but Me

Dear God

Wanted (with stripped down Heartbreak intro ❤️ )


I Want Crazy


Not sure why he didn't sing Heartbreak in full, but loved that slowed down snippet. :omg: Love everything. Thank you, Hunter. ❤️ 

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On 3/18/2020 at 9:38 PM, miss denise said:

It's that time again... :teeheewave:



- Starting off with a storm warning in the video again :haha: 

- "foothold" Is this really supposed to be a reference to him doing a song for Footloose? So random. :haha: 

- I guess the Disney references are to act as red herrings, although he's been on Radio Disney, performed at Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings, etc. 

- Orion's Belt - I wouldn't have known, but someone pointed out this is in the Hunter constellation 😮 

- Talking about his career when he was young - well he did start young, appearing on America's Most Talked Kid and other shows as a child prodigy

- "isolated and lonely" 😢 makes me think of songs such as Invisible and Everybody's Got Somebody But Me... and more on this in a minute.

- The hologram! It's like when he did a hologram band performance on Jimmy Kimmel

- "in the wild" - Wild Blue album... and he's talked about the struggles he had in between albums and stuff, so makes sense with him talking about "being burned" and then finding resolution "in the wild"

- French horn - he plays a million instruments, but also started out singing in French

- "sing a song from a dear friend" - yes, Stevie Wonder is a big influence of his and a friend. They've performed together before.

A few other things... all the technology stuff (like at the start of the performance) are very him. lol him shouting in the middle of the performance! :wub:  I hear that voice. The yearbook quote! Ugh, can't find video of the exact quote, but lol the WAY he said the last part of it was in such a way that Hunter says things. :dead: And it was something about an organized crime family, which I wasn't sure of, but someone on Twitter said it could refer to MuzikMafia founded by Big & Rich. I don't know. But then he mentioned being familiar with flying again, which I've said from the start. :haha:  Yayy Nicole saying he's her favorite of the group. ❤️ 



One more week. Please bless me with Turtle and Astronaut on the same stage. It's all I need in life. :wub::wub: 🐢 👨‍🚀


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The Billboard live stream. ❤️  Video is choppy, but still watchable. Love that he took so many song requests. :wub: He sang Dear God, Cry For You, Port in the Storm, Thing About You, Still, Heartbreak, Wanted, and Still Fallin'.



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