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Let’s Dance (German DWTS) General Discussion

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17 minutes ago, Ariel1989 said:

I hope that now Massimo has his second win, he’ll move on or at least get a duffer next year.  

Seems like we're not alone - composed a tweet in German (which I don't speak) via Google Translate saying that Massimo is due a duffer and Robert, Marta and Regina deserve contenders and have got several likes within a few minutes. Someone replied and said that they think he'll be allowed to choose his celeb again.

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What a great series it was though - high standard, very good Top 4 and several who made a journey.


Hopefully they can have an audience in the show next year. Otherwise, my wishes would be:

  • Marta/Regina/Robert - all MUST get ringers and MUST be the top 3 of 2021!
  • Erich/Isabel - both have had enough duds for a lifetime but also had a decent number of chances at doing well over the years and each won twice, middle of the road partners for them IMO.
  • Kathrin/Valentin - had mixed bag of celebs in their time on the show, both had a strong contender each in the last two years so could go either way. Pot luck based on celebs cast.
  • Christian - someone that goes out early, he always lasts until at least 8th place regardless of his partner.
  • Christina/Renata - both were finalist this year and neither have had an older partner so probably due someone 45+.
  • Massimo - octogenarian
  • Nikita - needs to improve ballroom and I'd be happy to see him back.
  • Alona/Andrzej - not seen enough to judge, both deserve another shot.
  • Ekaterina - returns, much missed.
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