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Jonny West Fan Thread

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Congrats Jonny on making it through Hollywood! He sang Lewis Capaldi's Someone You Loved.


Much like my other favorite this season Francisco, Jonny was VERY nervous in this performance, but still sounded great. Surprised at the nerves, he was very cool and calm during his audition.Hopefully he shakes it off by Hawaii.

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his version of "Amazing Grace" was MINDBLOWING and gave me CHILLS!   that was a *moment* big time!   Amazing night for Jonny!  

he was incredible i cant wait to see more of him on idol

Here’s Jonny’s cover of Burn. So good. Also could I be added? I love him. 

Hey y'all. Sorry if I wasn't present here the past weeks. I just can't stand watching an entire episode of this show so I vowed to just catch up on YT once Jonny is in the Top 20. And boy what a journey it's been. So happy he made it this far! My favorite performance from him has to be his original Moment during Hollywood week, which I was so happy the show used for his Hawaii performance package. But really, I loved everything he did so far. Excited to see him on the next stage along with Francisco!


I will say his biggest hurdle that he needs to overcome now is his stage presence, which comes off as aloof and detached. If he solves that, he'd be in good shape.

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