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The Official Rankdown Off-Topic Thread

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25 minutes ago, Elliott said:

Horror Movies:

Host: Dee

Rankers: Elliott, ~Tom~, Victoria, Megan, Anne

Winner: A Nightmare on Elm Street

Runner-Up: The Silence of the Lambs (I'm not 100% certain, though)

This is accurate.

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Surgery went well and I tested negative for COVID-19. The rest of my family gets tested tomorrow. Thanks for all the well wishes. ‚̧ԳŹ‚̧ԳŹ‚̧ԳŹ‚̧ԳŹ‚̧ԳŹ

My cat just died an hour and a half ago. ūüíĒ He was ran over and I just finished burying him. ūüėĘ I won't be on IDF most likely for the foreseeable future.

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12 minutes ago, Solaris said:

One day we shall have so many rankdowns we will take all the winners and form the ultimate rankdown. 

twist: the write-ups from the cuts must be done by the people that did not participate in the original rankdown :haha:

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Just now, *Diana said:

that should tell you I didn't.

Oh, right. You and Amanda were apart of the public for the second rankdown. :dead:


@Solaris, the second SYTYCD rankdown was this, then:


Host: Megan

Rankers: Andrew, Anne, Chris, Dee, Elliott, Wally and possibly @.Rei (he or Megan will have to confirm)

Winner: Genessy Castillo

Runner-Up: Kathryn McCormick

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3 hours ago, Elliott said:

Yep. Runner-up was Minerva McGonagall.


There were 7 rankers - Alex, Anne, myself, Victoria, Tom, @KelseyW and someone else. Lemme see if I can find their username, but it started with a P and they had their dog as their signature at the time.


3 hours ago, Alex95 said:


Yes, that was me! I tend to be kind of forgettable since I don't really talk a lot. Usually by the time I log on someone else has already said what I would say! And I usually just watch!


2 hours ago, Solaris said:

One day we shall have so many rankdowns we will take all the winners and form the ultimate rankdown. 


That sounds like a cool idea! It also sounds like a lot of work!


I'm glad to see a sub forum for rankdowns! It will make it easier for me to lurk and follow along!¬†ūü§£

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Since the threads are gone, here were the Top 20 of both the Actors & Actresses Rankdown and the Harry Potter rankdown:



1. Ryan Gosling        
2. Emma Stone        
3. Julia Louis-Dreyfus        
4. Marion Cotillard        
5. Emily Blunt        
6. Joaquin Phoenix        
7. Denzel Washington        
8. Mark Ruffalo        
9. Rachel Weisz        
10. Heath Ledger        
11. Tatiana Maslany        
12. Charlize Theron        
13. Marlon Brando        
14. Ben Stiller        
15. Megan Mullally        
16. Saoirse Ronan        
17. Alexander Skarsgård        
18. Daniel Day-Lewis        
19. Matthew Rhys        
20. Mary Elizabeth Winstead        


1. Luna Lovegood        
2. Minerva McGonagall        
3. Nymphadora Tonks        
4. Hermione Granger        
5. Molly Weasley        
6. Rubeus Hagrid        
7. Arthur Weasley        
8. Fleur Delacour         
9. Filius Flitwick        
10. Fred Weasley        
11. Remus Lupin        
12. Sybill Trelawney        
13. Bill Weasley        
14. Viktor Krum        
15. Lord Voldemort        
16. Charlie Weasley        
17. Seamus Finnigan        
18. Kingsley Shacklebolt        
19. Garrick Ollivander        
20. Olympe Maxime        

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2 hours ago, vee_ said:

McGonagall deserved number 1 don't @ me :closedeyes:


2 hours ago, Steven_ said:

Luna's final score was 2.625 and McGonagall's final score was 2.75, so it was very close. 

My deal with Victoria making this happen. :wub:

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