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American Idol Season 18 Showcase Round (39 of Top 40)

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51 minutes ago, Carrie_On said:

I think they want a girl winner this season. I’d rather the judges choose the Top 20/24 and then we vote from there. I think voting at Top 40 is too early but Top 14 is too late. 

i think t20/24 would be that "earlier voting" stage, but i don't see them not keeping more girls in general after t40

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Go to this page to see the Showcase performances of Nick Merico, Cyniah Elise, Genavieve Linkowski, Natalie Jane, Jonny West, Shannon Gibbons, Amelia Joyce, Samantha Diaz, and Elyjuh Rene.




Then, once on the page, click playlist which is the third button with the word videos to the left and channels to the right of it and after that you can click on american idol season 18 showcase performances and watch their Top 40 showcase performances on youtube.

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Here’s The Whole Top 20 List


01. Aliana Jester
02. Cyniah Elise
03. Faith Becnel
04. Grace Leer [American Juniors Top 20]
05. Julia Gargano
06. Kimmy Gabriela
07. Lauren Mascitti
08. Lauren Spencer-Smith
09. Makayla Phillips [America's Got Talent Season 13 Top 22]
10. Olivia Ximines
11. Samantha "Sam" Diaz
12. Sophia Wackerman


01. DeWayne Crocker, Jr. [B.E.T.'s Sunday Best: Race To The Stage Winner]
02. Dibesh Pokharel (A.K.A. Arthur Gunn)
03. Dillon James
04. Franklin Boone
05. Jonny West
06. Jovin Webb
07. Louis "Louie" Knight
08. Nick Merico [AI17 Hollywood Week - Withdrew]

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