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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 12


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1. Crystal Methyd - just something about her that I adore. Her Poppy was not funny but was quite accurate so I’m glad she avoided lip syncing.

2. Heidi N Closet - One of the most likable queens ever, I mean ugh she is so fun to watch

3. Jan - Forgettable this week but overall she deserves to be one of the front runners. It’s a shame the judges don’t give two craps about her

4. Gigi Goode - I agree with Zoey that her runway looks are all very similar and it is getting a little old - however I am very impressed with her confidence and she was absolutely hilarious in Snatch Game

5. Jackie Cox - loved her Snatch Game, did not like her runway this week

6. Jaida Essence Hall - I enjoy her personality and confessionals much more than I enjoy her performances in the challenges, and her runways haven’t really excited me much.

7. Widow Von’Du - Meh

8. Aiden Zhane - Meh

9. Brita - I feel bad for her because she not only is she tanking week after week but she also just comes across as delusional and unlikable. That’s a double whammy in the Drag Race world unfortunately 

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4 minutes ago, *Lily said:

Widow and Heidi continue to keep it real this season. :wub:

I hope the Gigi and Heidi "drama" doesn't overstay its welcome storyline wise since the editors probably need new content for the endgame after Dan Schneider's DQ. The way she worded it probably wasn't the best, but I don't think Gigi's comments were all that bad. :ph34rwave:

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8 minutes ago, Elliott said:

I hope the Gigi and Heidi "drama" doesn't overstay its welcome storyline wise since the editors probably need new content for the endgame after Dan Schneider's DQ. The way she worded it probably wasn't the best, but I don't think Gigi's comments were all that bad. :ph34rwave:


Not Dan Schneider :dead: 


Yeah I don't think Gigi meant badly at all. And also her point was valid. I can also understand Heidi's feelings towards it and how she was probably embarrassed for Gigi to call it out in Untucked.

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They obviously cut the part where Gigi tried to talk and probs apologise to Heidi in Untucked. She was shown going to Heidi but then it cuts off to the sofas or something.


Also, it seems like [redacted] is part of the drama with Widow. I mean it was shown in Untucked but they made it seem more like a Jackie/Widow thing. [Redacted] is really f*cking up everything :dead:

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Just now, Elliott said:

I love Gigi but... the f*ck??? I would’ve given it to Crystal or Jan.


They’re truly trying to criticize Jan for being “too perfect”.


I think Gigi is obviously a front runner, now.


Also loved the moment between AOC and Jackie. And happy with the LSFYL results. 

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Jan deserved the win but I am okay with Gigi winning because it gave us that face crack from Jan :dead: And then the preview for the next episode... I can't :dead: The editors this season are SHADY 🤣 From Brita's spit, to Aiden's wonky contact lenses, to Jan's face crack (and cries next week). :dead:

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01. Crystal - My favourite of the week because it was unexpected. She’s getting the Kameron Michaels edit and I’m living.

02. Jan - A nearly perfect performance. I struggled with her dancing and look as it was quite manly. Her voice and presentation on the runway were great thoughz

03. Widow - She wanted the Bob inspired Power character and she was really good. The runway let it down but I get what she was going

04. Sherry - One of the memorable Michelle’s and a solid performance in the challenge.

05. Heidi - There wasn’t much Madonna but I got more than certain people. The runway look was quite pedestrian.

06. Brita - I quite enjoyed her Madonna performance and runway look. They binned the runway look because of a pair of earrings? Judges are reaching.

07. Jaida - Decent performance as Madonna. I didn’t get any Madonna, though. The runway was something I’d expect from season two or three. I always forget her! 
08. Jackie - By far the worst of the week. Her Madonna was absolutely abysmal and she had one of the easiest ones as everyone knows that Madonna era. I didn’t like her runway either. I’m ready for her to leave now.

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I enjoyed Jan and Crystal more than Gigi, and possibly even Jaida? Nothing against Gigi's performance, she did great, but I thought they were a strong top 4. And I just enjoyed the other girls more. Seeing someone like Jan who's so talented get demoted to just being a filler queen is so frustrating.


1. Jaida - I feel like she's done fairly well the last two weeks but just hasn't been one of the bigger standouts. But I loved her Madonna performance and her runway. Hope she can win another challenge soon.

2. Heidi - there's something extra special about one of the small-town, underestimated queens sending home 'queen of New York' Brita :haha: I don't think she should have lip-synced this episode.

3. Jan - she deserves so much better. She killed it on the runway and in the challenge this week.

4. Widow - spoke nothing but the truth this episode :wub:

5. Gigi - she's still doing great, obvious frontrunner. I really liked the runway inspiration and going for one of Michelle's old videos because it stood out. But then, it was also just a bikini. More could have been done with it.

6. Crystal - a great breakthrough for her this week! I hope this is the start of an underdog/improvement arc.

7. Jackie - not really her episode. She should have been lip-syncing. Still like her but also she went down a little in my rankings with the past Untucked/start of this episode.

8. Brita - I liked her more now she didn't have Aiden to go after (except for that fakeness in the first 10 minutes). She did better this week but happened to be the weakest of a strong bunch.



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2 hours ago, Zoey0069 said:

This is my least favourite season ever. I like a few queens but don’t like or don’t remember the others.


I’m really for all stars.

I don't care for the season but I love a lot of the queens. 

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  1. Jackie - Not her week but she's still my favourite. Yes, I may be bias but everyone is bias when it comes to their favourites 😘 
  2. Jan - should have won. 
  3. Crystal - loving what we are seeing, becoming a fan.
  4. Heidi - she is a star!
  5. Gigi - she is good but becoming repetitive 
  6. Jaida - good but haven't really stood out. 
  7. Widow - sorry, I just can't stand her. ready for her to leave!
  8. Brita - girl bye. 
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I think Gigi did well and embodied Madonna the best, but overall, I preferred Jan, Jaida and even Crystal to her. But Jan has a storyline to come back for All Stars and Gigi was clearly one of their chosen ones alongside Dan Schneider, so the win doesn’t surprise me. Plus I’m here for the drama of Gigi having 3 wins + a top 2 placement already.


However, Jaida slayed her verse and for a moment I was very sexually confused. 🍵 She did THAT.

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