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Weekly Rank the Survivors: Winners at War


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This was very difficult, because I really like most of them and don't hate any of them:


1. Sandra Diaz-Twine
2. Adam Klein
3. Kim Spradlin
4. Yul Kwon
5. Natalie Anderson
6. Denise Stapley
7. Jeremy Collins
8. Tyson Apostol
9. Danni Boatwright
10. Parvati Shallow
11. Sophie Clarke
12. Nick Wilson
13. Rob Mariano
14. Tony Vlachos
15. Ethan Zohn
16. Sarah Lacina
17. Wendell Holland
18. Michele Fitzgerald
19. Ben Driebergen
20. Amber Mariano

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1. Natalie

2. Sandra

3. Parvati 

4. Tony 

5. Sarah

6. Yul

7. Kim

8. Jeremy

9. Ethan

10. Danni

11. Michele

12. Tyson

13. Denise

14. Adam

15. Nick

16. Wendell

17. Sophie (haven’t finished her season yet)

18. Boston Rob

19. Amber (haven’t seen her seasons yet)

20. Ben (theres no way the 3 women above who idk well enough yet can be worse than him)

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This was actually harder than I expected as I love most of the cast.


01. Parvati

02. Danni

03. Sandra


05. Michelle

06. Adam

07. Yul

08. Ethan

09. Nick

10. Kim

11. Natali

12. Jeremy

13. Denise

14. Tyson

15. Rob

16. Wendell

17. Sarah

18. Amber

19. Ben

20. Tony

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1. Sandra Diaz-Twine

2. Parvati Shallow 

3. Natalie Anderson 

4. Kim Spradlin 

5. Danni Boatwright 

6. Tony Vlachos 

7. Tina Wesson 

7. Yul Kwon 

8. Michele Fitzgerald 

9. Jeremy Collins 

10. Denise Stapley 

11. Adam Klein 

12. Sarah Lacina 

13. Ethan Zohn 

14. Sophie Clarke 

15. Tyson Apostol 

16. Nick Wilson 

17. Wendell Holland 

18. Amber Mariano 

19. Rob Mariano 

20. Ben Driebergen 

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1. Sandra

2. Natalie
3. Yul
4. Parvati 

5. Kim

6. Rob
7. Tony
8. Ethan

9. Jeremy

10. Nick 

11. Denise 

12. Tyson

13. Amber

14. Michelle 

15. Sophie 

16. Adam 
17. Wendell

18. Danni

19. Sarah 

20. Ben

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I was trying to wait for all the preshow content, but my opinions aren't changing all that much and they're not all coming in till like the last possible day.



1. Sophie - My absolute number one favorite human being out there and it's not even close. Probably my favorite human being on Survivor. I listen to every podcast she does, read every interview, obsessively stalk every social media post. I think she's the only constant where I don't see a scenario where she leaves this season and I feel worse about her because I trust her as a person so much. She is so intelligent, so witty, and such a strong player. I'm thrilled to see her back and I'm praying she delivers (and that the editors give her the screentime she deserves)

2. Sandra - She's just 3 for 3 on having absolutely top-tier seasons of Survivor as both a player and a character. She even delivered the best she could on IOI. She's physically incapable of not being entertaining.

3. Parvati - Her stans may get on my nerves because I don't stan her as much as people here do 👀 and yet she's a top 10 Survivor for me lol. Parvati's gotten better each appearance for me so I'm kinda excited to see what a fourth showing brings to the table. She has such a fire in her eyes and she has everyone charmed already in the preshow. My gut's telling me she's doing big things this season and I'm thrilled.

4. Natalie - I still can't believe that crazy ass Twinnie from TAR is a Survivor winner lmao. And one of the most dominant ever on top of that! Her SJDS game was impeccable! She is a natural star on the television screen and I'm confident she will deliver and I think she'll make a deep run (though I was recently reminded of her TAR All-Stars performance and now I'm lowkey worried lol).

5. Tony - Unpopular opinon? Idc Tony just delivers. I love Cagayan so much and a lot of that is to Tony's credit. He had so much fun out there and maybe some of it was a well-crafted character, but I really think that's just really him. Game Changers was kind of a mess, but the fact that he knows that gives me hope. He's gonna be his own goofy self and not some desperate character and I think that's gonna work.

6. Ethan - An angel :wub: . I think he's gonna be wildly underestimated which works to advantage. He played well running the game in Africa, but I think his more exceptional performance is in All-Stars with his back against the wall the whole time. He may drop if he's just boring and does nothing, but as of now I'm very excited about him.

7. Kim - Admittedly I am on the record as not a Kim stan. Her game is the single most impressive game in Survivor history imo, but I found her to be rather dull. I truly think she is a fun person though. She had some good moments during her first season, they were just hidden behind her strong gameplay. I think she's gonna let loose this time around and be a better character.

8. Denise - Despite being very #TeamAbi during their war, I am not anti-Denise. I do understand Denise's frustration with Abi-Maria and don't completely hold it against her. My fear for her is that she will be lost amongst these personalities and players and be a forgettable 16th placer. Hoping for the best though!

9. Danni - I wasn't the biggest fan of her the first time around, but nostalgia is definitely here along with her strong pre-season press content. I fear she'll be invisible but I hope we get a good showing from her!

10. Yul - Unlike Danni, I HATED Yul the first time around. But once again, nostalgia is kinda winning the battle. I'm also starting to understand him a little better and why he is who he is. It still doesn't excuse his condescension, but his self-seriousness in regards to Asian representation. I wanna see him let loose! Have Parvati get him naked in a hot tub again!

11. Wendell - I hate Ghost Island, didn't love Wendell, but he's one of my fave post-show Survivors. His bffmance with King Brice is everything to me and that earns him 11th place on my ranking. I also think he's thirsty to make a name for himself and he's gonna lowkey be a mess :giggle: .

12. Michele - I've never been aboard the #Winchele express. I do like her, but she was more of a background figure in Kaoh Rong for me. I think like Wendell, she's gonna be thirsty to make a name for herself and it'll either go extraordinarily well or terrible.

13. Jeremy - I loved him in SJDS and wasn't crazy about him in Cambodia so we'll see how this goes. He just better protect our girl Natalie.

14. Amber - I've gone through so many reactions to this Amber return. It started with shock over her coming out of hiding to play again. Then confusion over what her intentions are. Then worry because I feared she really just was there as an extra vote for Rob. But her preseason content is winning me over so I am optimistic. And my last taste of Amber was her OTT villainous self in TAR 11 so I'm hoping she still has that mean streak "LYING BITCH!!!!!!!!!"

15. Tyson - Unlike Amber, I was initially more excited for him, but his preseason content has been a disappointment. I did enjoy Tyson as a character, but he does veer into tryhard at times and I think he's leaning into the aspect of himself. I also think he is highly overrating his win.

16. Sarah - There is so much cockiness coming from her right now I will stan if she gives me Sarah from the Cagayan merge. Sarah's game in GC is amazing, but also incredibly boring and I don't need to see it again.

17. Nick - I just don't like him, but he has some potential as a character.

18. Adam - Meanwhile I love him as a person, but I don't see potential in him as a character. Don't see what he can bring to this season, Todd deserved his spot.

19. Rob - Unlike most people I do have many positive memories of Rob. There are a lot of things I like about him. But come on. This is my 8th reality season of Boston Rob. I'm only human.

20. Ben - Doesn't deserve to be here, robbed Chrissy & Devon, nothing positive to say about this and I fear he will hog the airtime.

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I didn’t even realize the premiered was happening next week until yesterday. 😮


1. Parvati Shallow

2. Sandra Diaz-Twine

3. Natalie Anderson

4. Kim Spradlin

5. Ethan Zohn

6. Denise Stapley

7. Jeremy Collins

8. Yul Kwon

9. Danni Boatwright

10. Adam Klein

11. Sophie Clarke

12. Amber Mariano

13. Rob Mariano

14. Michele Fitzgerald

15. Wendell Holland

16. Tony Vlachos

17. Nick Wilson

18. Tyson Apostol

19. Sarah Lacina

20. Ben Driebergen


Gosh this is hard to rank as I really like/love so many of the winners. I also wish I rewatched some of the latter seasons to get a fresher memory on people but oops too late for that. Come to think of this I think I like 17 of the winners (or have on certain seasons).

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On 1/21/2020 at 6:56 PM, Elliott said:

01. Parvati Shallow

02. Nick Wilson

03. Denise Stapley

04. Controverchele Fitzlegend

05. Sophie Clarke

06. Sandra Diaz-Twine

07. Adam Klein

08. Ben Driebergen

09. Natalie Anderson

10. Ethan Zohn

11. Yul Kwon

12. Jeremy Collins

13. Danni Boatwright

14. Tyson Apostol

15. Kim Spradlin-Wolfe

16. Sarah Lacina

17. Amber Mariano

18. Wendell Holland

19. Tony Vlachos

20. Rob Mariano

After rewatching KR and having more pre-season press, I adjusted my rankings. I just swapped Michele & Sandra, and moved Kim up two spots, which then moved Sarah & Amber each down one spot.

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1. Parvati Shallow

2. Sandra Diaz-Twine

3. Michele Fitzgerald

4. Natalie Anderson

5. Amber Mariano

6. Ethan Zohn

7. Jeremy Collins

8. Denise Stapley

9. Yul Kwon

10. Wendell Holland

11. Tyson Apostol

12. Tony Vlachos

13. Danni Boatwright

14. Kim Spradlin

15. Sophie Clarke

16. Adam Klein

17. Nick Wilson

18. Rob Mariano

19. Sarah Lacina

20. Ben Driebergen


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