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Decided to check this out. It was pretty decent for the most part.   I was happy to see Shannon win it all after gambling on the Stylist because it certainly wouldn't have been a great first

don't think anyone will care if it's in here   I'm excited for both shows this week

From what I saw, there were only two good singers this time around. At least Alex decided not to gamble, and it was nice to see she made the right decision after what happened to the previous contestant. I was off on the Supermarket Clerk but had a feeling the Yogi was a good singer.


The best part of the night was a double dose of Nicole Scherzinger between The Masked Singer and this. 😍 :haha: Alex was a looker as well. 👍

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LOL I am just obsessed with this show and am so glad it was back tonight. :wub:   Wow, it wasn't looking too good for that contestant, but at least she didn't risk her money and still left with something. The only good news about ending with a bad singer. :haha: But Nicole! "This is a lot to take in" :dead: 


I also thought I saw Bee Girl on a promo for the show where she was a bad singer.... not sure why they'd show actual spoilers, but she almost convinced me otherwise during the show. :haha: 

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